Ogun F-SARS detained my brother illegally for 2 months – Man alleges

A man identified as Biola Olopade, has accused the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Magbon, Abeokuta, Ogun F-SARS of arresting his brother, Aliyu Olopade, unlawfully and detaining him for two months without allowing him to see his family members.

Ogun F-SARS detained my brother illegally for 2 months - Man alleges lailasnews 3
Ogun F-SARS detained my brother illegally for 2 months – Man alleges

Biola, who made the accusation before the Presidential Panel set up to hear and investigate complaints against the F-SARS, said his brother, was wrongfully arrested for murder, adding that the person who allegedly committed the crime was walking freely in the community, The Punch reports.

Narrating his brother’s ordeal to the panel, Biola claimed that the F-SARS officers had refused to arrest the culprit.

He said,:

“I was in Ibadan when one of our relations who stay with my brother in Igbesa called to tell me that my brother had been arrested by policemen during a raid and had been in detention for some days, noting that all efforts to get him out had proved abortive. He told me that other people arrested with my brother had been released.

“I came down to the F-SARS office in Abeokuta; when I got there, I saw some policemen at the gate and I told them that my brother was among the people arrested, but I was sent back on the grounds that it was late in the day. I went back there the following day in the morning; I was still not allowed to see him; I was told to go and look for the Investigative Police Officer in charge of the case to ascertain if my brother was among the people arrested.

“I was told that a fight broke out in Igbesa and in the process, someone was killed. The police came for a raid and my brother was among the people arrested. The two people that caused the fight ran away, and when one of them came back to the community, I went to report at the SARS office, but I was rebuffed.

“I called the OC SARS to tell him that the culprit called ‘Ijoba’ was back in town walking freely and that they should come and arrest him, but he only told me that he heard what I said.”

According to Biola, he did not report at the police station in Igbesa, because of the possibility that Ijoba’s friend would bail him and that since it was the officers in Abeokuta who arrested his brother, they should be the one to arrest Ijoba.

The IPO in charge of the case, Segun Omolegbe, however, denied the claim that Aliyu was not allowed to see his family members while in detention.

He said:

“I was called from the gate that someone was looking for Olopade Aliyu, I told them to allow him in and when I met him, I told him that I was the IPO in charge of the case before taking him to my boss. Aliyu was allowed to see Biola and he explained the incident to him.

“The following day, Biola and his father came to the office; I directed them to the OC and he instructed me to bring Aliyu; when I brought him out, my OC said he should explain everything that happened to his father and after explaining, his father left without saying a word. We did not see any family member after that day till the matter was charged to court.”

When the Chairman of the panel, Tony Ojukwu, called the OC SARS, Uba Adams, to ask why Ijoba had not been arrested, Adams said the unit had been trying to apprehend him.

“We are tracking his number; he is conscious of what he has done but we are trying to get him and we will,” Adams added.

When the chairman asked him why he did not seek the assistance of policemen from Igbesa to arrest the suspect, the OC said no one could be trusted, but assured the panel that Ijoba would be brought to book.


  1. SARS sometimes over do something that are not suppose to be,they just have to investigate before taking any step

  2. Why will they just conclude without investigating I think there is need for government to train all this so called SARS so as to improve their skills cause I can see they lack some task to be taken, why will you detained suspect and leave the criminal walking freely… It is well o. Nigeria is full of drama

  3. They should always follow due process b4 taking any action…nobody prays to enter trouble with SARS oh…

  4. Thats our security personnel for you. They like it easy, just arrest anyone one you see around their and say he is the one. May God help this country

  5. I advice that proper investigation should be done because we don’t even know who to believe, well let’s hope justice will be done. F-sars should by be upgraded as expected.

  6. I advice that proper investigation should be done because we don’t even know who to believe, well let’s hope justice will be done. F-sars should by be upgraded as expected.

  7. That’s the problem they will just arrest someone without proper investigation and keep him in custody for that long, c’mon that’s in itself so wrong of them, 2months isn’t 2days Hana, if he’s a suspect I suggest they rather have the law am sure with evidence if he’s not guilty it will be known not keeping him just like that’s for so long

  8. The FSARS should properly investigate before they are arrest someone, andthey should allow that person to visit or to see their family members at least to explain to them what happened.

  9. I find it hard to understand why the police act like this. If you do not have any proof for arresting someone, why must you keep him or her for more than 24 hours?

  10. Nigeria police should be free to people seeing this guys is not a crime, they should be a point of settlement between them and the victim see foreign countries

  11. I advice they carry out proper investigation to avoid incurring evil on themselves by punishing an innocent man of a crime he didn’t commit. SARS be more sensitive, please.

  12. This SARS people and their wahala I don’t know why those guys are still in service . They will not even want to know about anything before taking action

  13. Mr olopade sorry for the inconvenience,the forces in Nigeria are somehow, that is why the white countries are successful in all aspect, how will SAR someone for over 2month with out proper investigation,it not good enough….the government should please see to that.

  14. I thought since the SARS being under FED would reduce their unnecessary and reckless behaviour , reckless arrest and torture . This thing should be investigated

  15. If it is a real criminal now they will not arrest the person our security should pls make thorough investigation before they punish innocent

  16. SARS should employ intelligent people to work.they ve dealt with innocent people without proper investigation.

  17. I think there is need for government to train all this so called SARS so as to improve their skills cause I can see they lack some task to be taken

  18. This is one of the challenges we have in this country where innocent people are detained without any reason, being detained for so long. It’s really not fair at all.

  19. I think sometimes social media is a better place to say your mind after some authorities have been reached .we should all condemn this F-SARS bad act towards civilians

  20. In a nutshell it simply means they know who perpetrated the evil and detained an innocent person….. SARS will always be evil

  21. This F-ARS people do misuse the power given to them, while we they go about arresting someone that is innocent

  22. This issue of federal SARS is booming up again, they don’t interrogate issues before jumping to conclusion.

  23. They should have done thorough investigation, the person that committed the crime is walking about freely while an innocent person is held.

  24. I think the federal government should dissolve this sars, so that all this illegal harrassing of innocent citizens by sars will stop

  25. Lack of professionalism in the security personnel. Investigation is rigorous and time consuming therefore they take the easy way out, arresting innocent people.

  26. Let this be investigated and appropriately judge according to the law.This is outrageous the upgraded from SARS to F-SARS.

  27. we are praying for Nigeria to get better but we don”t respect the right of the citizens God will not answer us. F-sars you have become a thorn in the flesh of Nigerians.

  28. Nigeria police can Cook lies just to implicate anyone and to deny the wrong they have done..May we not be around when they want to perform their evil acts.

  29. Why should F-SARS detained an innocent citizen that is a violation of his fundamental human right how I wish this country was fair enough this idiot supposed to be in jail

  30. So odd, making conclusion without investigate, I think there is need for government to train all this so called SARS so as to improve their skills cause I can see they lack some task to be taken

  31. I hate SARS sometimes they take law into their hands punishing innocent people without proper investigation,

  32. This country self!! One will commit a crime and he will be moving freely while the innocent ones suffer on his behave

  33. This idea of mass arrest is really unacceptable. Instead of detaining them for a long time, charge them to court and if found guilty, they should be prosecuted.

  34. I don’t know what to say. Police,no proper investigation, SARS no proper investigation. Who then do we go to for proper investigation to be conducted

  35. The security people should please do torrough investigation before taking actions to avoid wrong prosecutions

  36. This raiding our police always does is not good at all, others countries are not doing like that but at end they will got the culprit

  37. I don’t understand why they don’t want to grant him bailed are they sure is just because of this incident or have they been trying to track him down before this case arises.

  38. That’s the plight of Nigerians, the authorities that are supposed to protect lives are the ones destroying

  39. Fsars,should try and investigate any offence very well,before they start detaining people, I thought they have change

  40. SARS are just detaining people without enough evidence, it shouldn’t be so because they end up arresting the wrong person.

  41. It is very wrong to detain someone in the cell without giving him access to see his family or friends and it is wrong to detain someone without proper investigation. What the Police suppose to do is even if they get bad information about someone and they detain that person they will commence investigation immediately then if such person is found guilty that person should go to jail for his/her crimes

  42. The SARS officers are more worst than the police officers they don’t investigate matter’s properly before taking action.

  43. this is is act of injustice in this country and all these SARS are very wicked… Everybody have the act of free hearing

  44. This country is a mess. An innocent person is detained yet Iyabo or what ever is his name is walking freely. Even when the police heard he is in town, they dint make move. They are looking for brine before they will do their own job. #tufiakwa

  45. Are they afraid to arrest the criminal? If it is to go an arrest innocent people they fast at it. F-SAS should be scaped indefinitely

  46. I don’t believe Adam of SARS. SARS has a reputation of being rough and unreasonable. I hope justice will be served

  47. How can you arrest someone for months and don’t allow him to see his family. Someone that is not even guilty. SARS una de try o

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