Odion Ighalo’s new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekki (Photos)

Super Eagles striker, Odion Ighalo has moved into his new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekki, and here her some lovely snaps of the masterpiece.

Odion Ighalo's new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekki (Photos) lailasnews

The former Watford striker who currently plays for Chinese club Changchun Yatai took to Instagram this morning to show off the new mansion and it’s breathtaking.

Clearly excited, Odion Jude Ighalo encouraged his Instagram followers not to ever give up, saying they would one day augh at their problems. He wrote;

One day you will laugh at the problems you have today DONT GIVE UP🙏🏾

See photos of his new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekki below;

Odion Ighalo's new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekk lailasnews 6

Odion Ighalo's new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekk lailasnews 3

Odion Ighalo's new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekk lailasnews 4

Odion Ighalo's new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekk lailasnews 2

Odion Ighalo's new multi-million Naira mansion in Lekk lailasnews 1


  1. Dis guy had really make allot of money in football, kudos to you guy for your achivement in life, I pray that almight god we bless every one of us too

  2. Yes ooooooo, one day I will laugh so hard at all the challenges and problem of my today. Congrats bro. Hard work pays. Nice house.

  3. Wow!!!!! Am short of words…this is really magnificent… What an adorable structure… I tap into your blessing oo…congrat

  4. Yes you are right. If you don’t give up you will one day enjoy the benefit of your tenacity and dedication. Am happy for you

  5. I love that. Some players will lay till they retire. They have nothing to show. Most of them will investing in liabilities instead of asset and as soon as they retire, their money finish. Ighalo, thanks for also encouraging your fans.

  6. Yes,you don’t have to give up,anything can happen,our God is a God of impossibility. You might be poor today and tomorrow you will be rich,congrats ighalo,a nice house

  7. Footballers are chopping money sha.. If they just learn how to invest, their lives would be spectacular

  8. The house is very beautiful and. More blessings and achievements in the coming year. Thanks for the word of encouragement

  9. Instead of investing your money on profitable business. Learn from Asamoah Gyan. Anyways it’s your money. Enjoy.

  10. I say Yes to that…One day all the problems that seems big would become a laughing stock. Congratulations are in order on your new house my brother.

  11. Congratulations. I will one day look behind me and laugh at my problems because I see a brighter day ahead.

  12. This is very nice, it would be good if he gets other investments too. let not all the money he has, go into fun, some days could be hard even for the rich sometimes

  13. I’m happy for you For this great archivement brother more success to you and more money to your bank account,,, may God answered my prayers too soon

  14. Wow! this is a lovely mansion abeg .My brother congratulations i rejoice with you,, GOd bless me so that i will have that too.

  15. Great congratulation to you odion ighala for your great achievement so far God has bless you with football

  16. Beautiful home. When you have worked hard, it is only natural that you reward yourself somehow. The guy has done well for himself.

  17. Congrats bro don’t mind all those fools that will not go and hustle they will be looking for who to use and do ritual.

  18. ow this is great nice building with taste…go and play more well and make more money…God is your strength bro..hustle more money

  19. God punish poverty… We must all make it in this life.. In olamides voice “poverty die die, poverty die.

  20. Yes it’s really breathtaking, what a beautiful edifice, congratulations odion, You deserve it, keep eating the fruit of your labor.

  21. What a beautiful mansion there,a hardworking man should acquire a good things and that is an example above.

  22. This is good news,good for him,congratulations to him,I hope he is fulfilled with joy,money controls

  23. This is good news,good for him,congratulations to him,I hope he is fulfilled with joy,money controls,this is good news

  24. Wow, am happy for you, beautiful mansion you have got there, and nice speech, no giving up now. I will make it.

  25. This mansion is so beautiful, good one from Ighalo. Footballers are really doing great when it comes to assets.

  26. True talk. One day you will laugh over the problems of today but when the problem is eating you its like tomorrow will never come. Congrats bro

  27. Hardwork pays..You reap the fruit of your labour.. Thanks for the motivational message

  28. I tell parents to allow their children follow their football now see an example. Odion congratulations

  29. The mansion is sure a master piece ,indeed we’ll all laugh at our problems we have today some day ,nice one ighalo.

  30. When u work for more eyes u spend it, thT was great one and great achievement, there is nothing more than having your own rest home.

  31. This man has madly blow, see mansimansion,i wish myself long life and prosperity to do as he did even more than him

  32. What a house!!! Everyone who looks for a greener pastures and dosent relent will surely make it. Congratulations bro

  33. Good one. Congratulations to ighalo. Wishing him more blessings ahead. And kudos for the nice encouraging words to fans

  34. They say that who ever works well should have time for leisure.keep winning bro..
    More achievement all the way

  35. wow, nice building, real mansion, i guess he also should see this as his christmas gift, congratulations man, am sure of mine in JESUS NAME AMEN

  36. A very big congratulations to you, it’s not easy to have such a fine mansion. God please bless me because I deserve this kind of thing. There is really big money in playing football.

  37. His closing remark is quite motivational. I will never give up and hold on to my dreams so that one day my story will be heard.

  38. These Nigeria footballers,they have alot of money so they can use it to buy whatever they need .Such a lovely mansion congratulations to him.

  39. Mehn
    When money speaks bulls hit works
    Look at the luxury house he bought
    Very nice
    Congratulations to you bro
    Greater height you go

  40. Wom congratulation if you have the money nothing will be difficult in this world yes keeping our hope alive is like getting archiving

  41. Oh! The house is so beautiful and lghalo good should continue to play and the Almighty God continue to bless and enlarge your coast amen

  42. OMG! This is magnificent. Congratulations Mr Ighalo. My house will be sure bigger and more magnificent than yours. Amen

  43. Congratulations to him. I hope to be like him some day. Indeed, there’s always a reward in hard work.

  44. Lol if my son no play football wetin I gain.. Nice one Ighalo I like your mansion my brother nothing do you. Good fortune comes to those who diligently and give all honor to baba God

  45. The billionaires club, money spender,congratulation man, more achievement, that same God that did it for you will do it for us all.

  46. Once you didn’t give up on your dreams, you will make it, congratulations on your new house, it’s very beautiful

  47. Yes oo, no condition is permanent.
    No matter what we are facing today, just keep hoping for a better future

  48. Congratulations to Ighalo. I cherish the way he has invested his money in that house. May Almighty God grant him long live to enjoy it.

  49. Wow! Am salivating,o God please bless me this type house in Jesus name. Congratulations to Ighalo may God continue to crown your efforts with success.

  50. Amen ooooo one day I will surely laugh at my problems. It’s definitely a beautiful house worth millions of naira. Congrats Odion. God Bless your hardwork

  51. Good things happen to those who have persevere. Thanks Odion for the words of encouragement. Lovely house too

  52. Wonderful Striker, to play in china is not beans at all, Money flowing down like rain. All Glory to God for bringing him this far.

  53. If we no make this money wetin we gain… Congratulations Ighalo, One day am going to own a mansion stronger than that

  54. This is a very mighty mansion!
    Congrats Ighalo, mine is next and it’s gonna be mightier than this in Jesus mighty name, Amen

  55. Oh! This is an edifice, congratulations man, I love this edifice, this house is gigantic, I beg God for this type of favour

  56. Wow its beautiful thank God for your life and keep up the good work and show love to those you do not have……………

  57. Wonderful, this is real money talking, I can say he really has a taste because this house is extremely beautiful.

  58. To be great in life, there are prices to pay. When you don’t give up u will surely smile last. Congratulations hard work pays

  59. Great brother, happy for u, this means there’s success in what u do. I wish u more grace more strength more elevation.

  60. the Lord has done it again. I am so happy God has bless u and I knw God that giveth will also prove me my own time congratulation brother

  61. Wow congratulation to him.that is what talent can do, he discovered it and made good use of it and Gods grace was enough for him

  62. Waoo, see mansion for just kicking the ball, infact you are wonderfully made to ur family. Congratulations to you my man.

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