Odion Ighalo wants English Premier League return

Former Watford striker Odion Ighalo has revealed he wants to leave Chanchung Yatai and return to the English Premier League this month.

Odion Ighalo wants English Premier League return lailasnews

However, Chinese club Changchun Yatai, are willing to sell him unless they recoup the £20m they spent to sign him from Watford in January 2017.

Ighalo has scored 36 goals in 55 games for Chanchung Yatai.

Shortly after he signed with the Chinese club, Ighalo stated that his preference was with EPL.

Speaking to Skysports, he said at the time Crystal Palace and West Brom were interested, but the demands from Watford were too high.

The Nigerian is expected in the UK this week to discuss his future.

The Nigerian joined Watford in 2014 and scored 16 goals in 55 appearances in the Premier League for the Hornets, forming a successful partnership with Troy Deeney.


  1. Ighalo has a big dream of joining the English premier league …I wish him all the best when he get there

  2. He has doe well for the Chinese club. At this pont let decide on what will make him happy and fulfilled.

  3. Ighalo has dreams he can only achieve in the EPL
    But coming back means he has to struggle all over again
    Maybe Mikel will join the crew soon enough lol

  4. Me too, I want this English premier league to come back, if not a player but we the fans welcome the idea, it really makes us happy and we do enjoy it.

  5. Best choice. Come and try who knows. He may play well in the EPL more than the Chinese club. Wish you the best

  6. I wonder why the Chinese thinks they can hold him back until they recoup what they spent on buying him.
    It’s his future after all, if he thinks EPL is the best for him now, why not
    All the best to him

  7. I wish he gets a club to sign him on time. He shouldn’t have gone in the first place anyway all the best to him.

  8. if he thinks he can play in the league, I see no reason of denying him the opportunity. Let him try and see

  9. Chelsea football club that needs a striker, over to you, at least Odion Jude Ighalo is better than Morata, sign him now

  10. Ighalo is really good at what he does and has a big dream and future. I wish him well in whatever decision he takes and move he makes

  11. I was surprised to see him leave for China though he went for the money. Good to know he want back to the EPL

  12. Come and join the English premier league show your self to them and try to be the top scorer so that you will be listed among the scorers too and make your country proud

  13. If he wants to return to premier league, good for him but he should know that it’s a big step to his career and that he will struggle all over again

  14. Another manageable substitute for Morata! Chelsea FC don’t be slow in signing him when he finally comes back

  15. Ighalo has a big dream of joining the English premier league and It is a good step in his career. I think we really need it.

  16. He has doe well for the Chinese club. At this pont let decide on what will make him happy and fulfilled.

  17. Wow, he wants to join the premier league is a s
    Very good thing, but those people will miss him, success .

  18. Wish you had not gone to China but here we are looking for another epl club. Hope you got what you want.

  19. He really needs to get back to form, it will be a good move. He needs a club where he can get playing time too.

  20. Wish him all the best,but our players should learn to go for were they will play football not money at a younger age

  21. That will be very good decision to join English Premier League I wish him all the best and I can’t wait to watch him perform in the Premier League games.

  22. Acttually you have did allot of great job for your chinese club, but i pray that your wish to join epl we come to reality

  23. When he was at the EPL he scored less goals than when in Chinese. But since he wants to come back, I hope it won’t be like when yhu were in Watford again. Wish yhu all the best dear

  24. That means he loves to play in the premier league, i guess he might make his move with any given opportunity

  25. Our very own Orion, that is great dream to join English premiers league. Keep pushing it will come through for you. Congratulations on your achievements so far.

  26. There comes a point in a man’s life where he is expected to make decisions and this is surely one of it.wishing you the best

  27. He really needs to move back a competitive league like premier league if he wants to keep his place in the National team.

  28. Ighalo coming back to EPL is a welcome development. He should come and join the like of salah ,mane and others so that he will win African best come 2020

  29. Congrat. God lead you to your big dreams in life. Wish you the best of all. Put God first in all you do.

  30. It will be good for him and our national team, because the EPL is a competitive league and Ighalo has been there before, so that will be an added advantage for the team that signs him.

  31. You went to China for money, now your club is relegated you want to return to england. I wish you all the best

  32. Really wish you the very best of it.success your way as you determine to join the English premier league

  33. You have to improve your in yourself and be focus, you will surely get to English premiere league

  34. now he has realize his mistake and planning to come back were he is going make it well i wish him happy return if the china club decides to even sell him

  35. Wishing him all the best I hope his heart desired his granted he shouldn’t have left Watford in the first place

  36. I wish you all the best Odion ighalo, that’s is a great plan for yourself and a great dream, how I wish I know how to play football

  37. If he wishes to come back to premier league, he is always welcome, because that is where he can get more viewer of what he can still do.

  38. If that is your final decision to join English premier then I wish you the very best in your endeavors

  39. That would be good for him, never knew why he left in the first place. He needs to be in a more competitive league to be in real form. We’re waiting for the good news.

  40. Good Move, wish you all the best but don’t let it stay long you’ve be miss already In premeria league

  41. Definitely the difference between the English league and the Chinese league is quite wide. Serious minded people will always prefer the former.

  42. i thought he went there for the money or the money is not forthcoming anymore,players should make the right decision concerning their life and their future

  43. well as a Nigerian player, it will be a good thing. at least they will see someone to call as their blood.. nice work ighalo

  44. Igalo want other country higher than Nigeria you are there for rating your contry but rating other pele

  45. People just go to the Chinese league to chop money, The EPL is d real deal ,Ighalo realises that

  46. If he really want to return to English Premier league let him return the £20m they spent to sign him from Watford in January 2017, if possible

  47. it’s a good thing to consider, because Premier league is where good football is being played, good to see you back in England. wish you good-luck in any football club in Premiership you wish to join.

  48. We are all humans and we have that which we want to accomplish… I wish u success in your dream and I wish myself success in my own dreams

  49. Odion Ighalo wants English premier league return, wow,he score so good for China club,I hope he do something that will make him more happier

  50. The decision is yours, most of you go to China because of money, I wish you all the best as you come back to England.

  51. Hmm… It is good to have a focus and a target, if that is his Case, he could come to English league

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