Obasanjo and Juwon his son in warm embrace after a game of squash

A photo making rounds on social media, captures former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Juwon his son in warm embrace after a game of squash.

Obasanjo and Juwon his son in warm embrace after a game of squash lailasnews

While it is yet to be known if the photo was taken recently, however it should be noted that the duo are supporting different candidates in the 2019 Presidential elections. While Obasanjo has endorsed PDP’s Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar and was even at his birthday party in Yola today, his son Juwon has been on President Buhari’s side and was even elected President of Buhari Youth Organization.

Following his emergence as president of BYO, Olajuwon reportedly unveiled the BYO Next Level T-shirt to mark the launch of 2019 presidential campaign for President Buhari.

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  1. That’s family bond.they are having good time as we can see from rhe picture.ono matter the difference in their political parties or preferences..

  2. Whatever differences they have should be within the walls of politics and shouldn’t extend to their family relationship. Nice one, that’s maturity

  3. Nice one. Our people are here fighting on election while they are enjoying despite their political difference

  4. It’s politics, the son has the right to support any candidate he choose, he must not follow his father.

  5. Comment*This is nice o, as they did not allow the Nigeria politics to come in between them, they are politician they may be playing us too

  6. Well politics is a state of mind to support whatever you like that dosen’t mean they cant associate like father and son

  7. Of course blood is thicker than water. And being supporters of different parties should not cause a row between them. You have the right to support a party of your choice.

  8. You see what it means to be a in different party and some people will be killing themselves because of politics

  9. If he can convince himself that Yusuf can do same against Buhari for Obasanjo then he is justified. Until then he is still just a lazy son feeding off of his father’s status as the only thing he is is Obasanjo’s son. Call me when he achieves anything worth discussing for and by himself. How a roaring lion like Obj births a bleating goat like This IS still beyond me. #DNA testing#

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