OAP Destiny Amaka: “Poverty birthed the likes of Bob and James Brown”

OAP Destiny Amaka has stated that poverty in Nigeria birthed the likes of Bobrisky and James Brown

The two are well known crossdressers in Nigeria.

Amaka shared this opinion in a piece she wrote to appreciate young men who are striving to make a living in a country like Nigeria.

In her piece, she stated that Nigerian men are by far the hardest working men in the world. She averred that if given opportunities other young men abroad have, Nigerian men would do better because they work hard.

She wrote;

Poverty or riches is not measured by hard work biko! If your a young man trying to make ends meet in this jungle called Nigeria biko pat yourself on the back! Poverty here has birthed the likes of Bob and James brown! Check am! Anyhoo! Men I pray you never lose hope or courage! I pray you meet your Destiny helpers and I pray you are prepared to lift other young men up when you get there. I love you

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