OAP Adenike blasts people who congratulated her after her wedding

OAP Adenike Oyetunde has called out people who congratulated her after her wedding over the weekend.

OAP Adenike blasts people who congratulated her after her wedding

The OAP in her post specifically mentioned people who sent her messages with mixed intonations and warned them to desist from such ‘wickedness’

Citing an example, Adenike Oyetunde said that one expressed delight that her husband agreed to marry her.

She wrote: “Dear humans, STOP IT!!!

Unsend that message now

That I even have to put this up is so SAD,

but hey

How many people do you possibly think I alone know?

So, imagine fitting you all in my living


That you’d send a congratulatory message and still mix it with ‘but why wasn’t i invited or why didn’t you even mention it’ is damn too early. Too early. Just even pretend to allow 24 hours pass If I haven’t opened or replied it, just unsend it now, please.

If its a measure of my love to you and I failed, its very okay to do whatever you deem fit, I’d respect your decision and I mean it.

So, please, don’t repeat this blunder EVER again to another person, be it for wedding, child dedication, house warming, graduation… you get.

Pretend, pretend to be indeed DEEPLY excited for people without your knowing or your participation, it is possible!!! (because it is giving a completely different vibe).

Then to those who aren’t sure with the appropriate words, hmmm. I guess, we must all learn!!!

You send me a message and somewhere in

there you include something about thanking God ‘Yele agreed to marry me? I’m lost, completely. Haba now.


Wait, because I have one leg. Oluwa o. I guess you’d be shocked for a long time o. i know its all joy and happiness and all, sugbon, o gao.

One leg, one hand, no leg, no hand is a crime? Hmmm.

If you’re ever never sure what to say, don’t bother talking at all. I’m so not upset at this category, its just unlearning that needs to happen.”

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