Avoid nurses & teachers if you aren’t good in bed – Counsellor Lutterodt

Counsellor Lutterodt has stated that men who are not sexually strong should stay away from Nurses, Teachers and female worship leaders.

Avoid nurses & teachers if you aren't good in bed - Counsellor Lutterodt

In an interview with GHOne TV, the controversial Ghanaian relationship expert stated that such women are very strong and extremely good in bed and can only be satisfied by strong men.

“Nurses are good in the bedroom so are the teachers. Men who want to marry them must be strong in order to satisfy them well. The same applies to female worship leaders, they are too good and can send a man to another realm”, Counsellor Lutterodt said.

This is not the first time Counsellor Lutterodt would be dishing out relationship opinions that are wild .Few weeks ago, he advised ladies to buy a gift for the man who broke their virginity.

“If any man breaks your virginity, buy him a gift because he has given you an eye-opening experience.”



  1. Am extremely disappointed in this man…is he not a clergy man encouraging fornication. Which one is female worship singers too good and can send a man to…. Becareful Mr Man especially with your nonsense advice to give a gift to the man who disvirgined one. Instead of asking them to break soul ties. God still flogs, don’t allow him to start flogging you.

  2. Just hearing this for d first time that teachers, nurses and gospel singers are sexholics.If that is d case then some other people are not supposed to be married now.Anyone of other professions or ordinary people can still be sexually active depends on how they are handled by their men.

  3. Is a lie there are many other women who are not in that proffession mentioned above, but they’re more romantic and sexy in the other room….

  4. I beg to disagree with this man. I think everything should be done moderately. And his generalization is not potent.

  5. This is really interesting and one of its kind. I concur with her, but is this really true? Am a teacher. Well, I have not had sex before so I wouldn’t know

  6. This is just his own foolish way of thinking. Maybe he slept with one of the categories and enjoyed the moment that is why he is foolishly talking. Mumu counselor

  7. He is talking from experience. He has probably slept with all the ladies in that category. As par buying gifts for the guy that broke a lady’s virginity that’s crazy if u ask me

  8. How true is this and what research did he take to tell us that? All i believe in is that there are so many Ladies outside the carriers he mentioned who can do better than what he opined…. In every carrier, there are strong women and weak ones as well

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