Nuns speak out about sex abuse by Catholic clergy

Nuns are speaking up about sex abuse by Catholic clergy as they are inspired by the trending #MeToo campaign.

The catholic nuns are speaking out in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia after years of inaction by church leaders.

Nuns speak out about sex abuse by Catholic clergy lailasnews

One Sister who had kept quiet for decades has accused an Italian priest of attacking her.

At the time of the alleged abuse, she told only her provincial superior and spiritual director because of the church’s culture of secrecy, her vows of obedience and her fear, repulsion and shame.

A nun in India has also recently filed a police complaint accusing a bishop of rape.

A Vatican official said it is up to local church leaders to sanction priests who­­­ sexually abuse nuns.

The official added that the church has focused much of its attention on protecting children from abuse but said vulnerable adults also deserve the same level of protection.

The #MeToo movement has grown worldwide following sex claims against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and since then many women have come up to reveal their ordeal in the hands of sex predators.

The Pope yesterday accepted the resignation of ex-Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, following claims of sex attacks on boys and men.

He is the first cardinal in living memory to lose his title.

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