Number of unemployed Nigerians rises from 17.6m to 20.9m in 9 months – NBS

Data made available by the National Bureau of Statistics have shown that the number of unemployed Nigerians has risen to 20.9 million from 17.6 million.

The report, which was released on Wednesday, contained the employment trends from Q4 2017 to Q3 2018.

Number of unemployed Nigerians rises from 17.6m to 20.9m in 9 months - NBS lailasnews 2
Number of unemployed Nigerians rises from 17.6m to 20.9m in 9 months – NBS

According to the report, the working-age population (people between 15 – 64 years) increased from 111.1 million to 115.5 million.

“The total number of people in employment (i.e with jobs) increased from 68.4 million in Q3 2015 to 68.72 million in Q3 2016, to 69.09 million in Q3 2017 and 69.54 million in Q3 2018,” the report read.

“The total number of people in full-time employment (at least 40 hours a week) increased from 51.1 million in Q3 2017 to 51.3 million in Q3, 2018.

“The total number of people in part-time employment (or underemployment) decreased from 13.20 million in Q3 2015 to 11.19 million in Q3 2016 but increased to 18.02 million in Q3 2017 and to 18.21 million in Q3 2018.

“The total number of people classified as unemployed, which means they did nothing at all or worked too few hours (under 20 hours a week) to be classified as employed increased from 17.6 million in Q4 2017 to 20.9 million in Q3 2018.”

Of the 20.9 million people who were unemployed, the report said 8.77 million of them were first-time job seekers, 0.93 million people were unemployed because they lost their jobs and 11.1 people were working for less than 20 hours a week.


  1. Government should look for ways to reduce the rising rate of unemployment in the country. Youths are not lazy o

  2. With Buhari Nigeria has no future, this government is so clueless that nothing good can ever come out of it.

  3. Nna eh unemployment every where. pls Nigeria youths should learn some skills o to reduce Dis drastic increase in unemployed people

  4. The government should do something about the situation of unemployment in this country by making more jobs available for the youths come next year.

  5. It’s a pitiable situation that a country like Nigeria which is richly blessed with natural resources can have this number of unemployed people. Our government should sort this out before we are tamed lazy

  6. What do you expect, the rate at which people are giving birth is making it worse. Even a blind begger is getting pregnant every year. Unemployment will do same

  7. That shows that the government of Nigeria doesn’t care about the youth all they are after is their selfish purpose

  8. What is happening in our country, government should retire older worker and employ new work it will reduce the rate

  9. And they said they will create more job opportunities for the citizens…. Buhari government has failed us all

  10. If the rate of unemployment increases automatically the rate of crime will be on the increase too. But Nigerian youths its high time we become self employed. This country has alot to offer.

  11. It is now evident why crime rate is on the rise, however… We should not always depend on the government.. We should learn a trade…

  12. FG government should please do something about this unemployment issue,it’s getting too much,by so doing the level of criminals will stop

  13. The rate is becoming higher and higher the government should create job for people so that the rate of this yahoo be guys will drop down

  14. The amount of graduates been produced yearly is at increase rate, entrepreneurship should be focused on to reduce unemployment and increase employment through the entrepreneurs

  15. In Nigeria, people are retiring every month, yet from 17.6 million to 20.9 million , unemployment is really trending.

  16. Are they classifying people who has no white collar job as unemployed. Some are self employed working fewer hours and making good money

  17. This unemployment issues is just getting worst each day please the government shud try and find solutions to this the youth are getting frustrated

  18. This is alarming the government should do something regarding the increased in the rate of unemployment in the nation.

  19. Government should find a way to create more job opportunities for Nigerian youths, because unemployment increases the rate of crime in our dear country Nigeria. And create funds to support the youths who has acquired one or two skills, to start up something.

  20. FG should endeavour to create more jobs for the citizens…the figure will still increase .May God help us in this country .

  21. If there is increase rate on unemployment definitely there will be increase rate of crime. But Nigerian youths its high time we become self employed, they are not lazy. This country has alot to offer.

  22. Am not surprised seeing the number of unemployed rising after the 2015 election. This is still Nigeria. The rise never start

  23. There’s no job for graduates in this country, and that’s what federal government shoukd focus on in 2019 to create job opportunities for potential graduates in the country

  24. It will keep rising now when all our politician think of his stealing for their generation not to established industries

  25. That is the main problem we hv in our country and i hope in the year 2019 there will be a changes , it must come to an end only if we vote for right person i no the story will change, May the lord lead us right to vote for the right person.

  26. Government should create job opportunities by endorsement of enterpreneural skill…we can’t do best if we keep depending on white collar jobs.

  27. And absolutely nothing is being done about it, soon they will blame Goodluck’s administration for the high rate of unemployment.

  28. If there is increase rate of unemployment definite there will be increase rate of crime too. But Nigerian youths its high time we become self employed as their is high rate in the number of graduates produces every year. This country has alot to offer.

  29. The rate of unemployment rise in Nigeria is really alerming,,,,,even when you mange to get employed, your salary not gonna be up to 50k…looking at this …it discourages our youth …that’s why there’s more increase in fraud nowadays

  30. Promise failed.. Mr President, You promised the citizens during 2015 campaign that there will be
    Job creations, instead of that to happen, the unemployment rate rises from 17.6million to 20.9million in just nine months.. And these increases the crime rate in the country. God help us with these our leaders

  31. Why are all this coming now that election is at the corner. And why is it that everyone is waiting to be employed when PMB have given us means to be employers of labour.

  32. The statistics is enough to tell us we are not moving forward economically. I pray for an absolute turn around for the country.

  33. This shouldn’t be a surprise,of course it was the change we asked of and we were promised…how long will keep fooling us…it calls for an alarm but lets alarm God first

  34. Pls oo help us find solution to it oo unemployment is too much oo nd don’t accuse buhari oo is not is fault oo is all Jonathan fault

  35. The number of unemployed people is just too much. I want to suggest that the government look seriously into this employment issue and put an end to this unemployment saga.

  36. After NYSC, what does the nation have to offer to its graduates.. The number will only keep increasing till yahoo yahoo becomes a job

  37. Unemployment have be a problem in Nigeria to day is very bad, the government should do some thing about that also Nigerian youth are in pain what kind of country is this

  38. Am not surprised… This country is turning into something else, I think we need a change of government

  39. With such number of unemployed people, what is then the number of the employed people and the total number of the people in the country? Buhari! Buhari!! Buhari!!! There is God ooo.

  40. This is really appalling, the government should something about this. The youths should also learn skills to enable self reliance, because the population is growing tremendously and the government can not employ everyone.

  41. It outh to raise because every year students graduates from Universities,still yet to work this buhari regime is not helping at all

  42. The real challenge, to me, is the fact that nothing in the brew shows that enough is being done to ameliorate the trend.

  43. The amount of unemployed workers is increasing day by day. Pls government should do sumtin. To avoid hardship in the country

  44. Among all the president that have come and gone, president Muhammed buhari is worst in terms of unemployment and in every self

  45. well to me it’s more than that o because every year many students are graduating all over Nigeria institutions

  46. This Nigeria is sumtin else,its not only PMB’s fault even his co workers all the ppl at the top,imagine someone is working at the of 60-70 who dose that.and his child is jobless

  47. No employment nd u want to stop corruption? Graduates are on the street nd u think if they see quick way to make money they won’t grab the opportunity?? Pls Government should work on this issue

  48. This is the worst administration Nigeria has ever had, everything is getting worst as day passes by in this PMB administration.

  49. This is the reason for the increase in crime rate in this country, jobless people with an ideal mind, we need God.

  50. You see now, das the reason why some People’s involved them self in such kind of things like yahoo, thief, and kidnarpper

  51. Their is no surprise there. What do we expect when the number of graduates are increasing every year without any employment opportunity

  52. Buhari Nigeria has no future, this government is so clueless that nothing good can ever come out of it.

  53. This is a very poor report and it has really shown how worst his administration is so far. May God help us

  54. please what do you expect, when there is no job, no means of employment and we have a lot of graduates and also fresh graduates, so no way. please let us find something to do, our government and individuals

  55. Unemployment has been our nations problem. I’ll urge Nigerians especially the graduates to try and get a handwork. If we’re all self employed, then our problem is less. I’ll also plead to the government to employ more graduates to work areas that need more workers e.g banks.

  56. If you are still looking for job in Nigeria, to me u not man enough because job can’ never give u want u desire to be in future…lol

  57. Go to government Schools in lagos, they lack teachers in the primary level, still they unemployment…. The government has really failed, there is need for employment yet they are not recruiting, the ones on the seat are not even ready to leave it for the younger generation. Sometimes i wonder where d witchcraft was made from. My people its well.

  58. The rate of unemployment is really high.. That’s why some people engaged themselves in illegal act just to earn a living. .

  59. Naso nah, mos keke drivers na graduate, person go finish school go back to square one. Na only BaBa GOd go help us

  60. Many first class holders ride bikes and trunks and we say we have a Government who cares about the people

  61. Am not suprised at this result,this is more reason why many youths have been non challant about education.

  62. Anyway, aside the NPower platform created by Buhari regime I don’t know any other job created so far and working class people are increasing.

  63. What we need is companies, industries and many others. Not all the time road road. Many a graduating but no work

  64. Nigeria really needs a solution and not all these APC liars. The increased unemployment level is so alarming

  65. Weldon to buhari government, always thinking of one budget or the other yet he can’t create job opportunities for youth

  66. If only our government has been helpful in the aspect of unemployment, it would have been better. Imagine waiting endlessly after paying for forms to enter civil services and waiting for list like no tomorrow

  67. This unemployment issue is one issue that needs to be tackled seriously, some times people are even discouraged to go to school these days

  68. We should not just wait for the Government ,we should try to engage ourselves with some skills .it will really help .

  69. Nigeria!! If there’s anything like another world, I won’t wish to be a Nigerian. A country where a graduate get 15000 as salary…

  70. This is not a good news at all. Are we making progress or we are retrogressing in this country. May God help us

  71. And somebody will open his mouth and say he should be given more time. Before 2023,the number of unemployed would have risen to 50million… Ok

  72. Government should do something about this, this is too much we have so much graduate in this country but employment opportunity is low, God is watching.

  73. This issue of unemployment is serious o, NBS should not only base its statistics on white collar job but also on agriculture

  74. But this government will never accept it. This is part of the reason why Youths are engaging in social vices because they have nothing to do.

  75. Federal government should please stand up to their responsible and create Job opportunities, the rate of unemployment is too much.

  76. Am not surprised about this… Because when the economy is down and our Government are not helping matter, this is kind of results will we continue to have in this country.

  77. that is very bad. this administration has brought a lot of down fall and calamities on people. this unemployed record is very poor and bad

  78. Government should look for ways to reduce the rising rate of unemployment in the country. This government is not favourable.

  79. If government is not creating jobs create one for urself that is why ur parent paid ur school fees, govt can’t do it alone.

  80. because there is no infrastructure in place to provide employment for those in need of a means of livelihood.Also everyone wants a white collar job…God help us

  81. I thought I read some time ago that Buhari’s government provided 12million jobs, could this be true with the alarming rate of unemployment?

  82. Government should also do something tangible to reduce the increase of unemployment in Nigeria, Nigerian youths are also working out their legal ways, government should also support the citizens

  83. Are we going front or back in this country the unemployment rate suppose to decrees inserts it is increasing, where are we going in nigeria?

  84. When will life ever be easy for an average Nigerian? We struggle through school with unavoidable strikes and after all these challenges no employment to compensate us, it’s really bad the FG should look into the issue of unemployment and proffer an immediate solution.

  85. NBS is right and it is also to challenge nigeria government in the area where they lag behind and its also as a result of refusal of private investor or company that usually insist on giving job to the experienced alone and forgetting the fact that if their former employer did not hire them they won’t working experience.

  86. D rate at which d figures are increasing is alarming.if u depend on ur certificate to be rich, u are on ur own oh.

  87. FG should endeavour to create more jobs for the citizens…the figure will still increase .May God help us in this country .

  88. D rate at which d figures are increasing is alarming, if you depend on ur certificate Now, u r on ur own oh.
    God help us in dis country

  89. Concerted efforts should be made by the government in order to create more employment for school leavers. This can be achieve through re investment.

  90. Guys pray God to give you an idea so you make a living with it forget Nigeria government tanks

  91. Hop Mr president saw this?this is one of the major problems we are having in Nigeria, while the leader of this country is doing nothing concerning this issue of unemployment in Nigeria.he can’t create job for his people ,is how to call them lazy Nigeria youth he knows how to do.

  92. Government should look for ways to reduce the rising rate of unemployment in the country. The government is not try for the youths at all

  93. Being educated and not having a job is like wastage of money nd time going to school.. Our government should pls do something abt the unemployment rate in nigeria

  94. What a contrast! While this agency of governemnt insists that the rate of unemployment is on the rise, government itself is insisting that it has dropped. Whom do we believe.

  95. That’s an outrageous figure and am sure that’s not even all… May God help us from the issue of unemployment in this country. When will frustration not lead some to do Yahoo?

  96. That’s a very huge figure and am sure that’s not even all… May God help us from the issue of unemployment in this country. When will frustration not lead some to do Yahoo?

  97. Governments should please provide job for them because without job creations they will engage in an ilegal things

  98. Pmb should look into the unemployment level its really affecting our youth leading them into excruciating pain of hunger and making most to do unimaginable things

  99. Nigerian youths should stop depending on the government, that’s why the need for entrepreneurship. Let every body think of better ways to make money and stop looking at what the government will do because they already have problems on their own side.

  100. So touching, this unemployment rate is getting higher everyday, please Nigeria should tackle this come 2019, is too bad.

  101. All these problems are signs of last days. We need a kingdom ruled from heaven to help us out of all this problem. Na God kingdom sure pass

  102. So incredible neither the figure is true or not federal government please interfere with this ooo chai! This is too much may God help us in this country

  103. This is a shame to our country, and I hope we get solution for this? If not rate of crime and rituals will increase in this country.

  104. This Nigeria has turned to a corruption leading country. No food,no money,no job for the youth. All what I see is the one in power taking everything that belongs to the poor

  105. This will continue to rise no matter what government is in power…Technology and other man made issues will continue to contribute to unemployment in Nigeria, like the recent merger of Access bank with Diamond bank and the youths not willing to become self employed. How many youths have taken advantage of the slash of fees of business name registration offered by the government till the end of December 2018 cos all they are after is a white collar job…

  106. If not more than that number self,Buhari regime is nothing to writ home about.And he still ask us to give him more time.I don’t even trust Akiku self,only God that will country in this country.

  107. Am not surprise if you calculate the rate at which students are graduating every you will know they are right. We students should just think of what we can do to better our lives since government refuse creating job for us.

  108. The government should do something about the situation of unemployment in this country by making more jobs available for the youths come next year.

  109. This unemployment figure is indeed much. Government is not doing enough in delivering employment.

  110. I thought he claimed that his government has created millions of job opportunities in the Agricultural sector, why this alarming rate of unemployment?

  111. The problem of unemployment is increasing day by day please the government should try and do something about it, I just pray that after this up coming 2019 election there will be a change.

  112. I hope the concern authorities are aware of this. Is this a pass mark for the government or an abysmal failure. I wish the whole executive can just resign because they’ve got nothing to offer. They promised change but what we see noe is a negative change.

  113. Unemployment every where and we keep on producing more graduates every year, please government should do something Abt it

  114. That’s over 4million rise in the rate if unemployment
    The government is working but they ain’t doing enough yet as the population is rising more opportunities should be made available

  115. How will it not rise. When every year students are graduating and join the unemployed youths already on ground

  116. Over 4million rise in unemployment but I don’t see it reducing any time soon. Rather it will increase because the government isn’t ready to do anything

  117. Even with the 500 youth that was employed via npower we still have more unemployed.. God help us

  118. Nawa oh. But then I think at this time oh unemployment is as a result of lack of ideas. You can be your own boss. As for me oh I’m not waiting to be employed by anybody I can’t come n die.

  119. Imagine a country with crude oil, agriculture, mining and all have such high unemployment level…we don’t even see the Job Buhari kept talking about when yearly our youths are graduating in numbers without job… Making life miserable and unbearable… Things ought to be done… We can’t keep on living this way

  120. The present government has really destroyed the nation , youths are now unemployed which causes social vices

  121. It’s a wonder the president asked the statisticians to alter the unemployment figures. God save us from these heartless leaders.

  122. I have an Objections about this post by NbS,
    If u ar in Nigeria and u ar looking toward government to be employed,
    U are just waking to fetch water with basked

  123. As a result of the unemployment in this country, people especially the youth have resorted to criminal activities. We appeal to the government to make provision for employment as soon as possible

  124. This is seriously unfortunate. May God save and bless my country Nigeria. Nigeria let’s arise and be creative.

  125. Will be glad if government create execess job opportunity for our youths.youths are jobless especially graduates.

  126. Mr President, please find ways of reducing the unemployment level in Nigeria. You promised to provide job for the youths during your campaigns in 2015 .

  127. federal government please interfere with this ooo chai! This is too much may God help us in this country. I wish the whole executive can just resign because they’ve got nothing to offer.

  128. So sad. Something meaningful must be done concerning the unemployment issue. I urge the government to address this issue. And I also urge Nigerians to despise laziness and engage themselves in self-emoloyed businesses and other skill acquisition. These will help decrease unemployment.

  129. The politicians themselves will tell us there was a decrease and now this people are telling us there is an increase . The government should tackle the issue

  130. I think the federal government and the elite should try to do something about this matter for it is really important

  131. It is in this same country with high level of unemployment that you see a politician worth Billions of dollars. It is well

  132. Later they will be shouting yahoo boys everywhere meanwhile common work with good pay they cannot give the youths in the country and buhari will now bring 2019 budget of over 8. Trillion…. May God help us

  133. Mr President, please find ways of reducing the unemployment level in our country Nigeria. You promised to provide job for the youths during your campaigns but now they are not fulfilled. May God help Nigeria.

  134. Our University graduates are only trained to be depended on white collar jobs instead of training them to be job creators

  135. God have mercy on Nigeria. Unemployment is rising day by day and this is making youth involve them selves in crimes in other to get money

  136. What do you expect from a government that has no vision for the nation. Looking at the figures, you find out nothing has been achieved by this government at all but rather set backward. No sector of this country can boost of development or improvement. Government that have been governing with lies and propaganda. We all get our PVC and vote this government out. Enough is enough.

  137. The figure should be higher than that just check out all the NYSC Batches year and see how many people in need of job

  138. Nigeria is a country who don’t value it human resources, they only care for mineral resources that is why there is high level of unemployment.

  139. This calls for alarming
    Older workers are been laid off,but newer ones are not been allowed to take the position
    They are keeping the seat for their children’s children

  140. I thought President Buhari promised to tackle unemployment from the onset. With this figure stated it is disheartening.

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