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I cannot act nude in a movie even if offered $5million – Yvonne Nelson

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Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she cannot act nude in a movie even if offered $5million. She made this known in an interview with Asempa FM where she further disclosed that she disagrees with people who think money is everything in life.

I cannot act nude in a movie even if offered $5million - Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson:

“Oh no I won’t. This time it is even crazier because I have a child. I will never act nude because I want to serve a good example. The money is cool but no. The act is going to be there forever and I wouldn’t want to do that,” she revealed.

Yvonne Nelson is the baby mama of British photographer Jamie Roberts, They both have a daughter named Ryan Roberts. The actress recently opened up on her relationship status stating hat she has broken up with her baby and now in search of a new relationship.

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  1. I disagree with her as well because even if she has a child anything can happen words can be provocational sometimes

  2. Please help me ask her, what of the ones she had acted before now because i can remember she acted some when Ghanaian movies are just gaining ground

  3. except is not the Yvonne that I know, she is just talking for talking sake she will collect the money and do the acting after all what is left that we have not seen so far.

  4. My dear, one does not need to be naked before the whole know that she is pretty.
    Go on with your instinct.

  5. That is a good choice,acting nudes does not help at all, it will only ruins everything you have lived for,let’s learn to stick to our words

  6. wow i love that decision that she made. i know people will not like her but u know the right thing for your self my sister. and that’s the point. you will be rated in heaven for this. heaven is glad because of you.

  7. Hmmmmmmn….Yvonne are you sure,i can see some evidences of maturity but it was because of the Ghanian movie broke even thereby outsmarting Nollywood

  8. she said no she wont do it. well i dont know what on her mind..
    it is her decision
    but many will go for it. i know

  9. Nice one Yvonne Nelson. No matter the money involved, one shouldn’t throw caution to the wind and just put herself nude in front of the camera. And she is a mother. She has to be responsible and set a good example for her daughter.

  10. That very good of you for you not to act nude for them giving you money but but for those who acted nude is not the problem is because of poverty is property that cause it

  11. You are beautiful. Thank God you know that motherhood places some restrictions on u. Be a perfect example to your child

  12. Story for gods what more nudes did she want I have see her nakedness .abeg decieve people u can not me nonsense.

  13. I hope you meant what you are saying not for talking sake and make sure you really set a good example for ur daughter.

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