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Here is a list of ALL the NSFAS status and their meanings. To check your NSFAS Application Status, the status of your 2018 – 2019 NSFAS application, you need to visit the NSFAS website –

Click on MyNSFAS account and login with your ID and the password you created during your application. See below the meaning of any NSFAS application status you see on your account.

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PLEASE NOTE: Contact NSFAS HERE for all outcomes of your application, as NSFAS is responsible for the application process.

2019 NSFAS applications are currently on hold until further notice.

NSFAS status says Successfully funded

Means: Application successfully processed and funding process has been completed.

What you need to do: Register and attend Classes.

NSFAS Application Status says Application Submitted

Your application was submitted successfully

NSFAS status says Awaiting Academic Eligibility Check

NSFAS have not yet checked if you qualify academically or not.

NSFAS Application Status says Academic Eligibility Evaluated

This is the step between ranking and funding.

Application has gone through ranking and needs to be finalised to either Provisionally Funded or Awaiting. So NSFAS have now checked if you qualify academically or not.

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NSFAS status says Eligible for funding but, awaiting confirmation of academic admission

Means: Applicant qualifies for funding, but we have not yet received admission confirmation from an institution. Until such time as admission has been confirmed, funding will not be approved.

What you need to do: Inform institution’s Financial Aid Office.

NSFAS Application Status says Verifying the household income with third party sources

Means: We are still verifying the student’s household income with credit bureaus to confirm that the income declared is under the R350 000 threshold.

What you need to do: Wait. No action required.A message will be sent if funding is approved and academic admission is confirmed.

NSFAS status says Awaiting evaluation

Means: The application has been received and needs to be assessed by a case worker at NSFAS to ensure that all information on the application has been correctly captured.

What you need to do: Wait. No action required. A message will be sent if funding is approved and academic admission is confirmed.

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NSFAS Application Status says Application unsuccessful

Means: Applicant’s household income is above the R350 000 threshold and therefore rejected. Or applicant has previous qualification and does not qualify for NSFAS. Or applicant has not been admitted to a university or TVET College.

What you need to do: No Action.

NSFAS status says Application Withdrawn

Student has withdrawn the application. This means NSFAS will no longer consider your application.

However, if your status is withdrawn but you did not withdraw it; don’t panic. It can be due to technical errors.

In case you mistakenly clicked the “withdraw” button make sure you call NSFAS as soon as possible for application reversal on 0860067327 .

NSFAS Application Status says Awaiting Evaluation

Application is submitted and waiting to be evaluated. This means that that NSFAS has received your application but they have not yet checked it.

NSFAS status says Awaiting Evaluation Escalation

Application is escalated to team leader for resolving.

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NSFAS Application Status says Awaiting financial eligibility check

NSFAS have not yet checked if you qualify to get funds or not. So you wait.

NSFAS status says Financial Eligibility Evaluated

Application is evaluated and awaiting ranking.

Meaning that NSFAS have checked if you qualify to be funded or not.

NSFAS Application Status says Provisionally Funded

Application is ranked and provisionally funded. Your application is successful, you can go to the institution and do your registration. If the status of your application is “Provisionally Funded”, please contact Unisa’s Division: Student Funding (DSF) here.

NSFAS status says Waiting Availability of Funds

Application qualifies for funding and is awaiting funds. So your application is successful; but no funds are available. With this application status you can register at the institution.

NSFAS Application Status says Application Rejected

If you were previously funded by NSFAS South Africa they can’t fund you again.

NSFAS status says Not Funded

This means you do not qualify.

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