Notorious Twitter fraudster Pablo Ayodeji lands in fresh scandal

Nigerian Twitter user, Pablo Ayodeji made headlines last year when he was caught and shamed for being a con artist and swindling scores of unsuspecting Nigerian users of the social media platform.

Just look at the fresh suicide scandal he’s landed in yet again!

nigerian twitter fraudster pablo ayodeji lailasnews

Earlier yesterday, Pablo Ayodeji made suicidal tweets that read:

I am dying tomorrow . So this is goodbye
This is my final tweet.
After 22 years on earth I’ve decided to call it quit. I can’t keep living this way ,I’ve been strong for so long and I’ve reached my breaking point . I realize now that dying is easy and living is hard. And I’ve chosen the easy way out. Goodbye

I’ve made my decision already . Nothing anyone says is going to change mind. So you can all stop pretending you care. Thanks.

pablo ayodeji suicide tweets lailasnews

Someone then reached out to him, begged him not to commit suicide and promised to give him N500K.

Just checkout Pablo’s response!

Pablo sent this man bank account details & was chatting with the tweep that he’s yet to see alert.

Nigerian Twitter fraudster Pablo Ayodeji in fresh suicide scam scandal lailasnews Nigerian Twitter fraudster Pablo Ayodeji in fresh suicide scam scandal lailasnews 2

pablo ayodeji scam lailasnews 4

Pablo Ayodeji sparked outrage online when his chat with this guy was made public and another Twitter user came forward with hi own chat with Pablo where he asked for money.

pablo ayodeji scam lailasnews 4a

pablo ayodeji scam lailasnews pablo ayodeji scam lailasnews 2

Reacting to the outrage his latest act has generated, Pablo Ayodeji defended himself, saying:

pablo ayodeji suicide tweets lailasnews 2

I was broke and suicidal and someone offered me money making me reconsider and now I’m a scammer cause of that ??

So I should have turned down money I needed or what?? The things y’all do for a couple of retweets I didn’t message anyone for money they messaged me offering money

Biography of Pablo Adedeji

Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji is a Nigerian famous tweep known by the name Pablo Ayodeji (@Pabloayodeji). He is from Ibadan and an undergraduate of University of Ibadan.

Ayodeji Adeniji first drew social media attention on March 30, 2017 when a lady he took out on a date refunded expenses he had incurred while on the date.

Ore Oyebola, the 5kbae, returned N5,000 to Mr. Adeniji who spent N3,800 and asked him to keep the change after he openly ranted about how he took her out and she failed to accept his advances. Read here if you missed the story.

Few months later, Pablo came out to discuss about how he almost committed suicide.

Then, on the 11th of December 2017, Pablo used an account @nuellaa_ag to scam tweeps after claiming his oyinbo sister was suffering from cancer. The picture was later identified to be for another user who was never related to Pablo. Pablo then switched to another picture which he successfully used in duping more Twitter users.

A Twitter history check will later expose Pablo Ayodeji and he was forced to confess and promised to return all the money he got from his victims. Read here if you missed the story.

Fast forward to yesterday, he made his suicidal tweets which have now landed him in fresh trouble!


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