‘Do not have sex for free this year’ – Two Nigeria ladies advise fellow ladies

A Nigerian Lady is currently trending online, for making a video with her friend, urging fellow ladies not to sleep with a man for free this year.

'Do not have sex for free this year' - Two Nigeria ladies advise fellow ladies Lailasnews

In the video, she advised ladies not to “f**k for free”, as this is 2018. Her friend also can be clearly seen in the video saying, she’d cop the latest range rover soon.

The video is currently trending on social media. Watch below…

Nigerian ladies are now boldly coming out to say how they feel about what they do with their body.

Recall that in December last year, A Nigerian lady, Enderline Chinenyenwa Ambrose, took to her Facebook to advice fellow ladies to never underestimate their vagina because according to her, it can actually buy them a mansion.

She wrote; “Don’t underestimate your pussy, it can buy you a mansion”.

Also, a Nigerian Muslim lady adviced women to ‘encourage’ their husbands to marry side chics rather than commit sin. She tweeted;

“Instead of starting a fight with ur husband’s girlfriend and telling her to leave ur husband, why not talk to him like,

‘habibi, if you love her, make her your wife, this dating thing might lead you to committing a sin, why not make it halal’

Help your husband, don’t let him go astray!”

Another young Nigerian woman came under fire after she advised women to handle cheating boyfriends by putting menstruation blood in their food.

The young lady identified as Sophia Gold on Facebook who gave the new advise, said cheating boyfriends should not be allowed to go scot-free.

Many people have found that talk to be very repulsive.

Some have advocated leaving such a relationship instead of resorting to such an unhealthy and evil venture.

However, the backlash she got from her Facebook friends forced her to delete the post on her page.


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  1. Rapist are so disgusting set of animals. Why not visit a brotel or seek the service of a runs girl if u are that desperate. Getting justice in this nation is like pursuing a Canadian visa, even Canadian visa may come quicker. It can also be attributed to the proverbial camel passing through the eyes of a needle than justice to be easily gotten in the judicial system of Nigeria. Or have u quickly forgotten that even the President disobeyed court orders.

  2. Mad children, please while you guys go about jumping from one bed to another, remember that time waits for no one, make good use of it now that sex dolls are everywhere claiming what they are not, soon, very soon they may decide to start proposing to guys.

    The world is in its extra time.

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