Not everyone is bound to be married – Adeniyi Johnson

Nigerian actor, Adeniyi Johnson has said not everyone is bound to be married, as he said happiness is key in everyone’s life.

Not everyone is bound to be married - Adeniyi Johnson lailasnews

Adeniyi Johnson was previously married to colleague Toyin Abraham who in August 2015, filed for divorce on the grounds of infidelity, though Adeniyi begged for forgiveness, the two finally went their separate ways with both parties claiming to be innocent and calling each other out over infidelity.

Johnson has now taken to his Instagram page to talk about marriage and happiness. He wrote;

I’m not cut out for internet happiness and smiles… if its not working it’s not working… not everyone is bound to be married…good night

To hell with what people will say…if its not working its now…happiness is key

See post below;

Not everyone is bound to be married - Adeniyi Johnson lailasnews 1

Not everyone is bound to be married - Adeniyi Johnson lailasnews 2


  1. What a true brother not everyone is bound to be married because marriage is not something to just jump into you need a mature sense of marriage

  2. He has actually spoken well but in Many ways u can consider marriage because happiness can be contagious.

  3. Infidelity is one destructive thing that ladies hate most in marriage….they prefer been single than sharing their lover with another lady that is why men need to be very careful with ladies and their socalizism the moment they put a ring in a lady finger……

  4. Just do what ever that makes you happy. If it’s being single so be it but you sound heart broken sha

  5. This is a very worrisome generation where divorce is like a trend that is taking its number one spot.

  6. but you can’t do that forever, we heard you that not every one is bound to marry, but you just have to make it workout

  7. Well, I quite agree with him. Marriage is not really a purpose. It could terminate or boost one’s purpose in life. Watch it. Good morning.

  8. He is right by saying that happiness is the key to life but not everyone is bound to marry i dont suport that

  9. Simply the truth. Not everyone can cope with the responsibility of marriage and it’s not a sin not to be married.

  10. But you are you married, then why did God make woman, if you are not a priest and not a Rv sister and you are not married why are you then here on earth, If you parent had not married will you be here

  11. This is why one needs to prepare his/herself before involving on marriage because it is a lifetime union

  12. That too bad even God says we need a partner for man to have a full happiness he need a female partner in his life

  13. That’s very sure, not everybody must marry but if you know you can’t control you urge,please get married

  14. Absolutely right,there is a time and purpose for someone to get married.dnt rush in getting married without any reason.

  15. You still hav to work towards making it work..then happiness will come naturally..nobody is not good for a man to be alone.hence the” help meet” created for him by God.

  16. Is true when u look in to it in details, women bring alots of trouble in your home, but wait, are u gay?

  17. You maybe right, bur I no gree with you. Truly marriage is not something you rush into or else, you will crash out. Still don’t know the reason why celebrities find it difficult to be in relationship.

  18. Marriage is an added happiness on earth but not the sole key to joy, some spouses are just too difficult make marriage work no matter how you try. Just be happy dear

  19. Marriage is a nice one, a man or a woman without marriage is incomplete, it is hell when you can not maintain it

  20. This is true but it also depends on the persons involved because you can also try to make your marriage work.

  21. Marriage does not make anyone happy. If you cannot make yourself happy. how are you sure marriage will? Happiness is a personal decision.

  22. I guess he is a living witness to that . Marriage is not for everyone . The earlier we realize this , the better and happier for some people

  23. He’s right,it’s the happiness that matters,don’t keep enduring just to be seen as married man or woman,walk away if it doesn’t work.

  24. Food for thought. This is a wise speech.marriage is not a do or die affair. People see marriage as what makes you complete but this same marriage can break and destroy you. Marriage is not a bed of roses and is is sacred but not anymore and that’s why we see so many divorce. We should be careful non our decision when we decide to marry and make sure your partner is compatible.

  25. My dear one of the basic key to successeful marriage is trust, faithfulness and happiness, when you see a happy marriage, you know is necessary for everyone to get marry unless you’re a rev gentlemen

  26. you are right brother. married is for matured persons in sence and order wise not for a play boy and girl

  27. I disagree with dat bcoz even the bible and Quran said we should reproduce and multiply so y disobeying God

  28. Even if he decides to marry another wife he might end up being divorced again, so he should settle the quarrel

  29. You making the wrong decision does not mean that marriage is not made for everyone..

    You made the wrong decision bro..
    U need God in ur matter

  30. Marrige is like holding fire in your hands, sometime misunderstand occur but with wisom you can overcome them

  31. I hope you are not having another issue with I am shai ooooo brother even if I partially succumb to your saying try work on yourself it matters

  32. That is your believe about marriage, what you believe is what works for you, Marriage was instituted by God to bring a man and woman as one, their is joy in marriage

  33. Marriage is not what we should rush into rather is better you fall in love and learn each other’s character and decide whether to stay with the person or not

  34. This is true but is only allowed if you want to serve the Lord or for medical reasons..apart from that.. please marriage is good… Remember the Holy book says…it is not good for man to be alone.

  35. He is right by saying that happiness is the key to life but not everyone is bound to marry i dont suport that at all.

  36. I disagree with you, because it is written in the Bible that man should find a companion and multiply, so we are all made to be engaged with the opposite sex in one way or another

  37. Brother Johnson thank you for your words of wisdom. There’s nothing worth more than one’s happiness. Fake love everywhere on social media.

  38. We have to know that marriage is not a bed of roses, it has its ups and downs and all we have to do is to pray for the ability to carryout its negativities and learn how to forgive our partners where they have gone wrong because nobody is perfect.

  39. Marriage is sweet, when you marry ur own and learn 2 make it work. No body is perfect but you can make ur home d type you want it 2 be.

  40. It’s good to be married, so far you married the right person, you will surely enjoy every bit of your marriage

  41. Yes, he is ryt. Though his ex marriage didn’t work for him but that doesn’t mean that he can’t remarry and be happy.

  42. What you should understand it that marriage requires alot of sacrifice, paticent , endurance, hardwork etc when you apply this rightly it must work,

  43. Those words are just self defence
    I sense denial in them
    She’s using it to comfort herself due to her failed marriage
    In our society, believe it or not
    Marriage is a goal
    It might be or not be important to sum and that’s why so many divorce are seen today
    But it doesn’t change its status or the joy it brings if there’s compatibility

  44. Marriage is not a do or die affair,if it’s not working for you stay clear and nobody has tge right to badmouth others for not been abke to stay married

  45. Instead of being hold down with woman you don’t love, then can go ahead an remained alone is your life make good use of it pls

  46. I agree with you. Not everyone is born to be married. Marriage is not by force. If is not working its working

  47. well thats for you as a celebrity that lives to please the public not themselves well thats for ur own opinion

  48. You made a great point He has actually but in most ways marriage is the source true unionism and source of companion.

  49. Yes he is very correct even though Bible says so. But sometimes we need to put in more effort to make what we want or seek for work. And it’s about one’s decision and determination

  50. guess he is a living witness to that . Marriage is not for everyone . The earlier we realize this , the better and happier for some people

  51. Today’s marriages, people just jump in without being sure if it’s the right person. No wonder they never last

  52. You just don’t give up early on it, but, if it continues unfruitful you ain’t gat no choice than to leave and let go of it

  53. Not everyone understands what it takes to be married and stay married and it’s not a must to get married I’ve many people think.

  54. That’s right ooh not everyone are bound to get married or even time’s i feel like am unfit for any human relationships also

  55. Don’t you know 60% marriage in Nigeria are not in happy mood.. No home is ever perfect!! But you’ve got to work on it yourself

  56. I totally agree with him because some people end up jumping from one marriage to another which is very unhealthy

  57. Happiness is the key to a steady marriage life,you need to be happy and the two partners have to make it work.

  58. That is a wonderful perception you have about marriage . But no marriage is always a bed of roses there has to ne a better understanding for it to work . But only if you can’t handle whay comes with marriage , then stay single and happy

  59. True talk, if it’s not working it’s not working.
    Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not to be endured. Happiness is paramount.

  60. It’s true that not everyone is bound to be married but marriage is all about can decide to be married and another can also decide not to be married,but happiness can also be found in some marriage,though is rare and hard to get

  61. Agree but sometimes we just have to try our best to make sure it work in a such a way people will admire it. and learn from us

  62. you spoke well my brother,you don’t own anybody explanation before you can be happy…your happiness is in your hand…

  63. Marriage of a truth is a beautiful thing, but not everyone is bound to be happy. Happiness is a personal effort, u don’t need anyone to make u realize that. if the relationship is not working, walk away from it and get happiness else where

  64. To me as an African man or woman you are bound to get married …because when you are married you earn respect from people and wen you earn respect from people u will be happy

  65. I agree and disagree with u, if u know u can stay alone fine baby permits that , but when not married yet to engage in sex with any lady iu see it is a sin, the word of God condem it, if not get married to the one u love and be faithful

  66. If you are not a priest and not a Rv sister and you are not married why are you then here on earth, If you parent had not married will you be here

  67. Is true everyone is not bound to marriage ….you can be single and still be the happiest person on earth

  68. True but my own advice is if you are a man and you know you don’t want to get married don’t go about chasing woman or women chasing men, being in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex should be with marriage in view of it works, not playing with people’s emotion

  69. Finally you made a point there, marriage is not for everybody. Most marriages crash because the people involved in their various unions did so because others are doing it not necessarily based on the fact that they are compatible. We have a lot to learn from other people’s marriages before settling down.

  70. All I know is one should try to give one’s best in marriage. If it doesn’t work then, one can let go.

  71. There’s absolutely no need to fake a happy marriage if you are truly not happy …..Take it to the lord in prayer

  72. Happiness is the main thing truly, what’s the essence of being married and both parties are not happy..nice word from him

  73. Every body in this world has his or her own life partner, you can only have issue when you marry another person’s own. Yes you are right happiness is the main key, i pray we don’t make mistake of another.

  74. My take on this is if you ‘re not ready to work to make a marriage work, then there’s no point getting married.

  75. My dear you need to make it work,there is no harm in trying,atleast do your best and leave the rest for God.

  76. Marriage is for better for worst always preach by our clerics.i love that word Adeniyi tweet happiness is key in every one’s life.mostly when you are married is jus the beginning of a new life is better to go their separate ways to avoid harming each other.

  77. Adeniyi is in a place in his life where he has to take a step back, enjoy his work and other aspects of his life and pray to find happiness

  78. Why toyin what happened you guy are good match why you celebrities always brake up in a middle of relationship

  79. Yes dats true marriage is a vocation, n not every one has d calling.dats y doz hu force derselves into it enda up regretting

  80. Ah really….its a self decision ,ifvu want to marry carry on if you don’t stay alone and enjoy loneliness….and dont hope for young species of your kind …because sex outside marriage is sin,though some don’t understand

  81. U said it all o…it is not easy though…am glad he is still happy after all he went through

  82. True talk not everyone is meant to marry but in your case, It’s infidelity that made u say this. I don’t think it’s from your heart

  83. Actually she is right, but it is the destiny of some people to have their life partner why because that is the key to a happy and a successful family. Without marriage life will be bored

  84. You may be right to your own opinion Mr man, but it is necessary to get married so you can fulfil the part of the scripture that says replenish the earth by multiplying therefore..

  85. U said it all o…it is not easy though…am glad he is still happy after all he went through True talk not everyone is meant to marry but in your case, It’s infidelity that made u say this. I don’t think it’s from your heart

  86. Actually i believe him, But can’t you make it work? Is infidelity that make you say this i guess, guy settle your home

  87. Abegi joor, marriage is sweet oooo, you don’t need to rush into it, sometimes is even better not be married than to marry and remain single.

  88. Indeed not everybody is bound to marry, for even those who rushed in to it are looking for a way out

  89. It is true that not everyone would be married that’s if they’re not yet married not when you are but can’t wok what you have to be what you want,its not a bed of roses. Misunderstanding in marriage brings us to a point of understanding as we disagree to agree. Her refusal to sign the dissolution could mean she still wants the marriage back but just wants to give time to heal.

  90. He’s actually right there, but I hope he’s not speaking in parables to his new found love, because this statement is heavy.

  91. If someone doesn’t want to marry is a personal decision not general, marriage is not by force is by choice simple

  92. Yes oooo
    They re some that doesn’t want to get married even though their spouse is disturbing

  93. Truly everyone must not be married, but why go into marriage when you won’t be willing to stay and make it work by all means, jumping in and out is not ok at all.

  94. Sure marriage is not a do or die but at least they should do something about it if their marriage is not working

  95. Most people don’t see marriage as sacred and that is why they are just taken it as trivial and treat it with levity. With such an approach to marriage, such marriage can’t survive.

  96. But the present world will render u useless for not getting married but it never good to fish into it

  97. Hmmm those that ate having successful marriages have sacrificed a lot to make it work do you can do same

  98. I believe marriage is a thing of love and a lot of sacrifices without it marriages cannot succeed so probably that’s your thinking that not everyone to bound to marry

  99. Marriage is one’s complete happiness, so don’t say this because God has given the steps of marriage in the Bible

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