No sex or kissing in 2019 – Ifu Ennada

As part of her New Year resolution, former Big Brother Naija housemate and Nollywood actress, Ifu Ennada, has said there is no sex or kissing in 2019, for her.

The BBN 2018 star disclosed she will be taking part in a new challenge dubbed ‘No Intimacy Challenge’.

No sex or kissing in 2019 – Ifu Ennada lailasnews 3
No sex or kissing in 2019 – Ifu Ennada

This means the actress will neither kiss nor engage in sexual intercourse during the one year period.

“Aside growing my personal and corporate brand,” Miss Ennada told Inside Nollywood, “I plan starting up a No Intimacy Challenge. This means there would be no form of Intimacy in 2019, not even kissing.

“I need to stay focused to be all I can be this year. So, help me God,” she prayed.”

Also speaking about the man of her dreams, the Abia State script interpreter, said

“I like a man who gets me. I like a strong man, someone who inspires me to be better and supports me (not with money) to achieve my dreams.

“I like a man who has a strong personality. I don’t want a man with low self-esteem. I almost got involved with someone last year, but he’s very insecure. I don’t want to be with a weak man, because I am an Alpha-female. I like someone who cares about humanity, who has a beautiful soul.”



  1. How is that possible for someone like you not to kiss or have sex this year its not possible at all

  2. Dats nice, but it only takes the grace of God. Cos sometimes,the heart is willing but d flesh is weak.

  3. That’s a nice step. It will aid your privacy and concentration. Rock your single fruitful and fulfilled time

  4. Good resolution. And also a good show too. No intimacy challenge… Wish that’s how we all will take take great step until one marries. My beautiful If, good to know your doing fab

  5. I pray u get ur desired kind of man, men are generally unsecured when they are dealing with a lady of high class and mind,

  6. Nice new year resolution, I wish it will be possible na here I go dey when e go hit internet ifu ennanda falls pregnant.just minding my business

  7. Well I pray you succeed in your new resolution, its really not hard to stay away from intimacy, I believe you can do it so help you God

  8. She’s talking about an impossible future tense, how can u stay without even a kiss for a whole year??
    Staying without sex is understandable but not without a kiss

  9. She’s talking about the future impossible tense, how can u stay without even a kiss for a whole year?
    Talking about weak men, the fact that u meet a man the way he is doesn’t make him weakling, everyone has their own time and pace, u can’t achieve anything when ur time has not come

  10. She think the sex toll can perform like real man. Why even public that oh you want to call attention right. The way you look you can’t live with sex for three days

  11. LOL, it’s a matter of time and she’ll fall into temptation again. I doubt if she could ever achieve such feat.

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