‘I have no political ambitions’ -Paddy Adenuga

Billionaire son, Paddy Adenuga, who subjected to attacks by critics who claimed he became vocal recently because he is looking forward to contest in the 2019 general elections, has replied his critics.

'I have no political ambitions' -Paddy Adenuga lailasnews

According to Paddy Adenuga, he has no political ambition at all and his only interest is to move the human race forward in all areas of life, be a good brother and a good example to all Nigerians. He tweeted;

I have no political ambitions at all moving the human race forward in the areas of science, astronomy – astrophysics, space travel, robotics, & global poverty alleviation are my interests but above all is to be a brother and a good example for my fellow Nigerians

'I have no political ambitions' -Paddy Adenuga lailasnews 1

Recall that Paddy Adenuga was also in the news recently to correct an impression about, following the publication by African business journal, Quartz Africa, who linked his coming close to buying Chevron’s facility in Netherland but eventually losing the bid, to his Father, Mike Adenuga’s debt to AMCON.

Excerpt from the journal’s publication read;

‘The best thing about Paddy Adenuga’s story is that he did not win the bid. Indeed, Adenuga senior was revealed to be a debtor to AMCON, among others, by a newspaper a couple of years ago. The last time AMCON published a list of its top 100 debtors, the top three were all oil and gas companies with close to $1 billion outstanding among them. All of them taken out in the heady days of $100 oil and aggressive assumptions about how much money it was possible to make’.

However reacting to this, Paddy Adenuga tweeted;

The @qzafrica article’s attempt to tie my chevron NL acquisition with AMCON is dangerous, ill-informed, and a case of poor journalism. i’d never use Nigeria’s tax payer money for a private European deal – NEVER! i’m open to criticism – i am just not open to lies and falsehoods’.


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