No party other than APC will rule in South-West – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu who stormed Osun State for Gboyega Oyetola’s inauguration alongside other APC chieftains, stated that no party other than APC will rule in South-West.

No party other than APC will rule in South-West – Tinubu lailasnews

Tinubu who maintained that Nigeria will not return to the era of greed and selfishness, also took a swipe the PDP who he said did nothing in 16 years they were in power. He said;

 “I congratulate Rauf, he had a progressives’ mandate and did it well and renewed mandate and for eight years he successfully handled the administration and today he handed over to another progressives’ governor.

“Thank God for working the path. I want to say we have come together and want to say no shaking and no going back to the era of greed and selfishness that had held us back.

“We are not going back to the old foxes, scavengers. If they had done anything won’t President Muhammadu Buhari continue it? Look back to the 16 years and tell us what they have done.

“Oyetola, we salute you, and we want you to embark on the same path that has brought you. We are solidly with you; just give us a call and we will be with you. No any other party will rule here in the South-West.”

Oba Olowu of Iwoland suspended for six months


  1. God God God Tinubu, The Bible says in the book of Lamentation 3vs37, please read. The will of almighty God will only prevail come rain come shine in NIGERIA. S/W, S/S, S/E,N/C,N/E,N/S.God almighty parties shall reign in the JUDEA of this nation.

  2. But wait are you God?? You can’t say that. What if pdp wins in the next election?? What will happen then. 2019 should come fast fast

  3. Quick question Mr Tinu,
    Is it that you are God or what do mean by that?
    Abeg let’s hear word.
    The country is under chaos, you all are busy doing and talking rubbish

  4. PDP has done the same before with their power then is your time APC I know another will soon come to overthrow you

  5. l know you want to turn the whole Nigeria to one party system, but God. will fight the battle for us in Jesus name because I don’t know why you are saying that kind of thing when you are not God.

  6. Tinubu himself.. Jagaba gbo gbobgbo.. Much love sir.. You remain one of the Nigerian household politician..

  7. Amazing, hear who is talking. Nigerian politicians are shameless lot. If you keep on acquiring wealth all over what are you, philanthropist? No you are greedy and selfish. Watch your back.

  8. Are you the owner of Lagos state, anyway it doesn’t matter who rule,so far they are doing the right in Lagos, in terms of development

  9. The end of his political reign is near. He is just an entity and can’t at all time decide for the people of Lagos.

  10. Tinubu enough of all these talks and much bragging about APC, we want to see more performance and not too much talk.

  11. that is for the southwest not for the southeast, because i know that APC will not even get anything from the southeast

  12. The most important thing is that visible developments and basic amenities should be provided by the party for those that put them there!

  13. They only care about their party and power and not the view or the whereabouts of the citizens…Only the will of God will prevail…if it be the will of God then let APC rule but if not Tinubu cannot determine the leadership in Nigeria.

  14. God has the final say in this country concerning the Leaders come 2019,all we have to do is to pray for the perfect will of God simple

  15. I dont blame you afterall you children are no in the country to witness the hardship your so call APC has brought upon us.

  16. He’s so bold to announce that no other party can win,that means he’s sure of their method of winning. What we need in this country are good leaders no matter the party they came out from.

  17. Political statements. Tomorrow he may change party and the statements will change. These people shouldn’t be taken serious

  18. Politicians you people have a very difficult way, so if not APC no other party again in the south west, which means that you people are to rig the election again anyway what we need is only the good leaders that’s all.

  19. Tinubu talks as if he’s the people’s choice. Only a rigged election will make his claim come to being

  20. Well he can say that, since they know how to rig elections in their favour, so he can proudly say such a thing.

  21. Sir with all due respect and all protocol observed…you are not God to declear such but only a grandmaster to the party and your authority has limit and boundaries.God knows the political party that our president would emerge from.

  22. Apc owns Lagos…and they a doing quite a good job over there.. They Just failed totally in the presidential aspect

  23. You’re not God,never can tell.nobody knows tomorrow.they should do good in which ever state they are ruling

  24. This entails that elections in Nigeria is never free and fair like it was porpoted , He should not have said such if there will be elections since he is not God

  25. Since he said southwest, I can agree with him on that but not Nigeria as a whole. Because honestly I have not seen any positive achievement that APC lead government had brought to Nigeria.

  26. It baffles me that very old men like this are still in the power tussle. Isn’t it just wise to resign and make peace with God and man before death comes since God has granted one long life? Na wa!

  27. It one man that is above all that can say a thing and it will come to pass that’s GOD. If GOD said so fine.

  28. If PDP’s era is the era of greed and selfishness, then APC era is something worse than greed and selfishness. APC does not own South West, you can not decide which party will rule the region.

  29. You can’t say that. What if pdp wins in the next election?? What will happen then. 2019 should come fast fast

  30. Shouldn’t we be particular about the person who best fits the post and not the party that fits the post . We don’t care about the party but the person

  31. Well, it’s an opportunity for you to do it well and better not to give us words that are bossy. We the citizens want you to treat us good because we voted you there

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