No money in circulation – Laura Ikeji blasts government

Popular Instagram influencer and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji has said there is no money in circulation in the country and this is making a lot of people depressed.

No money in circulation - Laura Ikeji blasts government lailasnews

Laura Ikeji who said the government should bury their head in shame, went further to decry the invasion of privacy by security officials, bad roads across the country and poor electricity supply

The obviously angered socialite posted an image where she expressed her frustration about the abnormalities going on in the country.

She then captioned the image:

“Government officials I mean. There was a country indeed.”

And this is coming after another celebrity Omotola Jalade blasted the government for doing nothing over the extra-judicial killings of innocent Nigerians by security operatives.



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  1. So how do you, as a Nigerian, physically or mentally help the government to improve the situation.By constantly posting stretch- marked body, bleached face with that bubble gum nose is never going to be the solution.Constantly whinning about the gov’t,without at least bringing up any suggestions or ideas on how to help the gov’t solve some of the problems you mentioned is nothing more than a stupid publicity stunt of a dimwit!. Nigeria is a beautiful land mass, a physical entity for all of us to operate on. If Nigeria is bad today, it is because of all Nigerians, not just the gov’t !!!!!!!!!

  2. Iam a Nigerian patriot based in the USA. I have met many black people from across the world and judging from their thought processes, Nigerians are the only potential hope if ever we want to redeem the Black race. This will not happen with self-serving publicity stunts and thoughtless write-ups.

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