No love exists in the music industry – Chinko Ekun

Chinko Ekun in a new interview talked about his fellow acts and his career, as he further maintained that no love exists in the music industry.

No love exists in the music industry – Chinko Ekun lailasnews

Chinko Ekun who also talked about what he has learnt so far on his journey to stardom, stated that one must never give up, no matter how hard it seems. The ‘Able God’ crooner;

Sadly, I have learnt that there is no love in this industry. When you are an artiste who is struggling to make a name, people act like you don’t exist; and it’s awful because it is people you don’t expect such from that are guilty of that act.

When you succeed and your name is everywhere, everybody suddenly recognizes your existence. That is not love.

But on a brighter note, the greatest lesson I have learnt is that you must never give up, no matter how hard it seems. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

What you need to do is push until you make it and succeed. One day, you’ll make it, regardless of the struggles and challenges.


  1. That’s a very nice quote from you and it’s also inspiring keep it up bro as you said it will also work from you

  2. Yes you are right, acttually that habit is not good at all but no matter how it was, never give up in life

  3. I like your comment even though I didn’t know the angle of love you re referring to. But honestly, I get tired each time I heard of celebrities divorcing. It really shoes that love is not existing in the music industry.

  4. It’s not only in the Music Industry. It’s every where. The truth is that people must talk even when you do good or bad

  5. That’s what life is all about they won’t recognized you when you’ve nothing but the moment you make it they’re the one to praise you

  6. Bro, you’re right …… One thing I like about you is that you never give up, keep on keeping on, the sky is your beginning

  7. Hmmm.. It is well bro.. It is better to know that there’s no love than to think there’s is love whereby getting disappointed when u find out the real truth.

  8. What he said is correct and it applies to every part of life. People ignore you but when you make it they suddenly love you

  9. Tell me where the love is?
    Even in church there’s no love
    May God have mercy upon us for violating his greatest commandment

  10. You don’t look for love that You can fine, unfortunately love is usually not found in and industry where there is so much competition, where Alot of people wants to out do the other to Stand ouyout.

  11. Competition everywhere, God love is the best, man’s love can’t make you sow higher, believe in God’s love and forget man’s own

  12. And this is the same industry that our youths nowadays are pushing into, abandoning school and that’s y when they get there and are disappointed they indulge in evil acts.

  13. It happens like this more often because of the competition in the industry. Ots only God that has got our backs not man.

  14. There is love in the music industry, the only thing is that you need to be among the right people and try to work hard. But he should also understand that its a competition no one will let go for him to pass them.

  15. Just do your thing…
    Focus on making good quality hit making songs..
    Forget about their love
    Focus on the cash…
    Oluwa bless your hustle

  16. That the spirit.. No going back. Keep up the zeal to move forward. Make the name and be careful with all. All the best in the struggles..

  17. Love does not exist unless being inspire by God. Bro remain focus and continue in ur hard work, God will lead u right

  18. Hmm….
    I learnt a great lesson here, we should never give up and also we should look up to God

  19. That’s life for you if you don’t have, nobody know you but if you have, everybody is your friend.

  20. Not only in music industry, it all the same in all industries.. You have to work hard and focus on ur goal to win

  21. It is not only in the music industry but in all areas in is only success that have family members.just do and continue to do your best and one day you will hit the star target

  22. Music industry is all man for himself, it is only your achievements that brings people to you. It’s true, one have to push up and never give up. No pain no gain.

  23. Life generally is a battle, fight for it, don’t expect everyone to like you especially when you are succeeding in what you are doing.keep fighting.

  24. In music industry there’s always a when Ure at the top don’t expect everybody to like you..

  25. Is true celebrities alwys jump from one love to another so it does’nt exit but only God love is permanent

  26. What do you expect my dear, everyone is trying to make it and will not accept any setback. I wish you success on your road to stardom

  27. That actuality depends on what you define music to be. Because if it is what I know, then God that ushered you into the Music Industry knows what you need to survive.

  28. Which is very bad indeed, there suppose to be love in all industry because they work together, see each other every day so what is the beefing for

  29. That’s well spoken work hard to make it because when you do everybody will love you and will want to get in contact with you.

  30. Music industry is all about competition, ralvry, in your own way work hard and pray to God to bless your hustle.

  31. My dear that how this world is.. It is not only happening in the music industry but in every way. People wait to see if you will make it and throughout the time you are struggling, you are just on your own until you arrived then they will want to have things to do with you.. One should never give up no matter how difficult its seems

  32. Yes I get that feelings and is not always funny especially when people you look up to treat you less never mind all things will work together for you good just believe don’t forget to love yourself more and also love more especially those who cared less it will earn you a lucky coin good luck

  33. Be yourself and make yourself grow. If u have not been shown love then it means it ought to strive hard

  34. My dear,that is it.No body know you when you don’t have money,but you just have to be focus and determine to make it.

  35. How can their be love when everybody is struggling.. This is an industry wer jealously is rule your world .

  36. My dear you are so right on that period when you are struggling to be someone everyone tend to look low at you but when you finally get there everyone wants to come close to you that’s life

  37. That’s a very nice quote from you and it’s also inspiring keep it up bro as you said it will also work from you

  38. Na today? Is always all man by himself, if you succeed, ur recognised if not, my brother oyo is your case. Nevertheless one must not give up

  39. My dear is everywhere…..when you are nothing they all run from you but when you are something you are now of importance.

  40. Its true that when your struggling you should not give up regardless of your your struggle or challenges when you try to make name after you have succeed every body will recognise thats true

  41. There’s always no love in the industry because every wants to be a star… I believe his time is going to come

  42. Off course, no one will want to support you because they see success coming your way. Just have to encourage yourself.

  43. Yes o you have to keep pushing, pushing and pushing until you get there . Face your work, respect people , serve God and do your best God will help you.

  44. When you expect to receive love from people you will be disappointed but when you give love you find fulfilment

  45. It’s not only in the music industry, it’s everywhere when you are poor nobody knows you they disregard you but the moment you hit it big you see them coming close to you all of a sudden

  46. Competition and ego is what exists in all working sector worldwide..
    But like you said persistence is important and giving up should be an option..

  47. The world only recognise the rich. Strive hard too to make a name, that’s how to create your own association

  48. Very nice words, but mind you nobody ready to help talkless of loving to whom it may concern let tight our bet with aims and continue to push it.

  49. You just spoke the truth about the real situation in the music industry.. Fake love that is what is shown to fellow artist but in real life no true love..

  50. Its not restricted to the music industry alone.. Even actors, footballers.. Most have hatred between themselves

  51. Guy just leave haters let them kip on hating, just hustle hard my broda, Able God is on your side…

  52. Yes, no love exist in the music industry truly. I believe Chinko Ekun talked by his experience in the industry so far.
    Just love yourself

  53. I think the most important thing is to be loved by God. lack of love is restricted to music industry alone. is everywhere.

  54. Not only in music industry but also in real life. This is a world where is survival of the fittest with so much competitions and hate. And is becoming a norm in the world of celebrity life too. Is always said, you know your real friends in time of need not when in rich. That’s exactly what he meant and that’s it. Is a big lesson and encouragement to us all to emulate him and keep fighting for survival no matter how hard life may be. Is not about how many punches you take and fall but how you still take those punches and stand firm. He’s so good at what he does and he believed in himself, today he’s made it. Wish him well all the way.

  55. True talk is every where but if you don’t see challenges you may not have the zeal too work hard , keep it up Able God is a Dobe

  56. If you are focused there is no need to look on other people, face where you are going

  57. That is his own opinion, i don’t know but i still feel, no matter where you find your self just try to be the best

  58. there is light at the end of every tunnel
    people that loves you will still love you no matter your status


  60. Hey one thing you most know is that when a man is struggling to make it or make a name no body no you,and when you get there every body no you every one wanna be you love and everyone wanna be a friend

  61. What people don’t know is thank whatever plan God has on someone no amount of talk can stop such a person not to make it in life leave what people say about and continue pushing one day u will get there

  62. If no love exist in the industry, and he’s there now, he should change that. Let him introduce whatever he feels the industry is lacking, and he will never be forgotten for that

  63. My dear the world that we are into now only recognizes the rich and not the poor and they believe that when you have money you have surname but when you don’t forget it that’s why the rate of crime increases and killing everywhere and the love is gone.

  64. It’s a competitive terrain, little wonder the attitude. Just keeping at it and being focused brings results

  65. You are right bro, struggle for yourself, no one is ready to help until you make a name for yourself

  66. Well…. Hardwork pays allot…… Just work hard and pray… God will surely bless you one day….. The people around you won’t..

  67. Chinko is very right, love doesn’t exist in the music industry, when you haven’t made a name, you won’t be looked at as a human being but when you make a name, they will try to pull you down by all means. There is need for love in the industry so that everyone can progress because the sky is big enough for everyone to fly.

  68. No love exist in this country. Your colleagues want you to fail so they will be above you.

    We just dey go church and mosque for nothing

  69. That is just the fact. An example is Ighalo the footballer. Who knows him before? Immediately he opened his mansion some celebrities started playing football with him which they never did before.

  70. That is life for you. Every man for himself. Just focus on your music and forget about who loves you or doesn’t.

  71. I think he’s right,although you can’t be loved by everyone, that’s why there are haters and enemies

  72. God is not man. Pray and he will guide you to meet the right person . keep doing what you doing and love yourself for it

  73. That’s the reality of life. When you are coming up, those at the top see it as when they help you that you will be greater than them. But when you struggle to get there, they relate with you as though they have been a source of help to your rising

  74. Does love exist in the world sef,just do your thing and as long as Gods got your back you don’t need anyone’s approval ,God will let the right people notice you

  75. That is the problem we have in Nigeria we don’t see our friends succeeding that is when you recognize some people true colour

  76. He’s very right
    The music industry is also filled with back stabbers who criticize every little thing you do

  77. That’s a very nice quote from you and it’s also inspiring keep it up bro as you said it will also work from you

  78. Celebrities and their problem how can they love when everyone is claiming he is above the other God should just help them

  79. As much as that is true, you can change it by loving the up coming artist bcos love is reciprocal, start bring up artist the are struggling don’t kooj at what you pass through. God bless Nigeria

  80. It’s everywhere, they will be pretending to show concern when they see that the person have beat their expectations

  81. I really concur with you, there is no atom of love
    Just keep on hustling dear..and trust the lord..the lord will really bless you

  82. God will always turn the nobody somebody without consulting anybody. The successful ones should learn humility.

  83. I love what chikun Ekun says there’s no love in this world not only music industry but entire of the world.just pray God will give you his glory

  84. Love or no Love, one should focus on achieving one’s dream and believe in God bcos with him nothing is impossible.

  85. Yeah that is true but the are some people out there who have some love for u, so keep pushing on until u see the light at the end of the tunnel

  86. Preach it to them and hope they will listen. Love lost exist in most places not just the music Industry

  87. There is God love in existence for all human beings . This is not the first time an artiste is coming out to say this same statement . You just have to hustle your way by yourself

  88. Yeah, in life we don’t have to give up. Today may be hard but tomorrow is gonna be okay, shinko ekun you are really right on your statement.

  89. The struggle is real bro. No love since everyone sees it as a competition and you as a threat to their feat. More grace bro. You will get there soon

  90. my dear you don’t need their Love because he who God bless is blessed indeed.Their love is fake love

  91. Yea that’s true… We have to get up and make a move people others wouldn’t see us until we have starting succeeding… Show them the real you, give them what you got… Don’t let anyone know ur weakness

  92. This guy just nailed it gbammm! But whatever the struggle there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

  93. My dear forget human love and search for the love of God your creator which is the most important and save. It is a struggling place for we Nigerians, so no one is smiling at you not even your family.

  94. Chia! God’s love for his children is always the best n the most satisfying one

  95. U dont need man’s love the only love u need to worry About is God love, so keep working hard u will get there

  96. That’s because everyone body is trying to be the best. But you might still see some small show of care

  97. It is everywhere dear, not just in the music industry. There is no love lost. Selfishness everywhere.

  98. You are just saying this because you have not found love yet in the Music does exist…just wait and learn how to love

  99. There is no way you can expect love from people if you don’t have that love towards them,so guy focus on your carrier and make name for yourself

  100. when you are nothing they all run from you but when you are something they show you love, which I called fake love.

  101. Well I don’t know of how true it could be. The fact that no one helped u doesn’t mean people are not being helped sha. Maybe it’s just u

  102. There love everywhere, only that its hidden deeper in some places than in others. The phenomenon of people not noticing you when you’re nothing is a norm here in we country.

  103. People will appreciate you for the impact you are able to make in a society , society celebrate celebrity who have made name.

  104. Chinko Ekun has a point and he spoke from his personal experience. I quite agree with DAVIDO’s we rise by lifting others.

  105. Not just the industry,but everywhere. Keeping pushing bro, never give up. They that neglected will still be the ones looking up to you some day. Never give up

  106. Yes o. Basically it is all man for himself. Love doesn’t exist for real in the industry. It’s all the beefing and hate

  107. Men do not recon with the poor, that’s why true love is hard to find once you become rich and famous

  108. just focus that’s all I’ll tell you,if you waiting for love you are just wasting your time work hard and let your name be heard

  109. That’s one of the things in life, people will act as if they love you when you are successful and when things get though, they acts otherwise. Don’t try giving up my dear.

  110. I totally agree with you and such is not only happening in music industry alone but everywhere. People only recognize you when you become somebody in life.

  111. My guy never you expect anything from anyone If you don’t want to be disappointed. Cause you are sounding like you are disappointed.

  112. That is one reality above started from the bible in the generation of Jacob.Never give up bro,nothing good comes easy.You will conquer but love them even if they hate you so that you can excel

  113. But honestly, I get tired each time I heard of celebrities divorcing. It really shoes that love is not existing in the music industry.

  114. To become a great musician a lot needs to be done ..when is your time to shine, you must shine..people don’t really care till you make it.

  115. Their is no love in this world again self, talk more of Music Industry. One should just focus on his hustle and believe in God

  116. You couldn’t be so ignorant to know that, that’s the way of the world… No one recognizes a non entity.

  117. You do not need anyone’s love to become in life , you need GOD if God is with you then the sky is your starting point.

  118. My guy, it’s everywhere, when you’re famous, nobody treats you like shit in your own anus.

  119. Maybe it depending what he has going true this artist that why is saying so and is true that Nigeria musicians are not united

  120. No one want you to make it above them, you need God’s love not man. You have said it all, you just need to keep pushing

  121. What he as said isnt something we can just trash..he as a point there..everyone shadowing each other

  122. Only the music industry evenin offices in churches and and the country at large the country at large there is no love.

  123. It’s not the music industry only but in every spheres of life. As you tightly said one needs to be focused

  124. Yeah true. They are just biffing one another. One mans happiness and progress should be celebrated by the rest too

  125. Does he expect motherly love from fellow artistes? Brother, the street is red… Thank God your hustle paid you

  126. You are right dear, the struggle is real and especially anything industry in this nigeria they aren’t keeping it real.

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