No life lost as 100 houses razed at Abule Egba pipeline explosion – Report

At the Abule Egba pipeline explosion yesterday in Lagos, buildings, vehicles and other property running into millions of naira were burnt to ashes, The Guardian reports.

The early morning inferno is reported to have affected residents of Awori, Abule-Egba, Oja-Oba, and Abattoir area of Oko-Oba.

Over 50 vehicles, 100 houses razed at Abule Egba pipeline explosion - Report lailasnews 5
Over 50 vehicles, 100 houses razed at Abule Egba pipeline explosion – Report

Many of the residents in their thousands have gone to bed on Tuesday night counting down to a merry Christmas and a brand new year 12 days away.

All hopes of having a memorable yuletide went up in flames that roused them from sleep in the early hours of yesterday.

By the time the dust settled, over 50 vehicles, including 19 parked in a car port belonging to a dealer, Usman Hamzat, as well as about 100 houses and shops were completely razed in the pipeline explosion that stretched from Abule Egba to Abbatoir in Agege.

Though there was no record of any life lost as at 12 noon, it was learnt that the explosion, which started at about 3:00a.m. was as a result of activities of bunkerers from the Awori end, which triggered fire from an ignitable source at the abattoir end.

It was learnt at the scene of the incident that based on the activities of the bunkerers, the pipeline at the spot burst and the petrol flowed through the drainage, which passed through the affected areas to the abattoir end.

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So, when a fire erupted, it raced through the drainage in a blaze, burning everything in sight.

This incident is coming 12 years after a similar incident happened in the area, which killed over 260 people, with several homes and property destroyed.

The December 26, 2006 incident will for a long time remain indelible in the minds of the people in the area, especially survivors, who escaped by sheer luck, and watched helplessly as relatives and loved ones were burnt alive.

When The Guardian visited the scene yesterday, it was a sorry sight as victims in their thousands mourned their losses. Many of them could not salvage any of their belongings as they lost all to the fire.

Surprisingly, two churches were not affected despite the force of the fire. It was only a celestial church that had its fence lightly torched by the fire.

Auto mechanics operating in a workshop in Wamon Street, were inconsolable as 10 vehicles, including those they were repairing and others meant for sale, were completely razed.

When approached, one of the distraught mechanics, Mr. John Ishola, who was still in a state of shock, said three of the vehicles belonged to an individual.

He appealed to the government to assist him and other victims.

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The Guardian learnt that but for the prompt response of officials of Justrite, a mega store, the fire would have consumed the mall and a petrol station nearby, as night guards used their fire extinguishers to avert what would have being a big loss.

But the car dealer beside the mall was not so lucky as the fire gutted all the 13 cars displayed beside the road.

It was gathered that when the dealer, Adeosun James, heard about the extent of the inferno, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital to be stabilized.

The manager of Pillar Automobile, Usman Hamzat, said the loss was too much for the company to bear.

“We lost many cars and most of them are expensive ones like 2017 model Honda Accord worth N9 million, Mercedes Benz worth N12 million among others,” he said amid tears.

The Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, who was at the scene, blamed residents for not doing the needful by reporting illegal activities of bunkerers to the police.

He also faulted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the area, H.E. Ndubuisi, for not paying attention to the pipeline communities that needed adequate security.

The fire began in front of a private school at 4, Segun Akinola Street, opposite Tipper Garage, near Awori bus-stop. It was gathered that about five persons including a widow, Ruth Joseph, and her son, Samuel sustained severe burns.

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Narrating how she was burnt, the widow said they were sleeping when she heard a loud sound and people screaming.

“I woke up and saw fire inside my home with plenty heat. The first thing that came to my mind was to rescue my children. I was able to get the other two out unhurt but when I went for Samuel, the fire caught up with us.”

According to residents, the vandals who dug a hole to connect their hose to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipelines had dropped the hose inside the gutter without shutting the valves.

The PMS was said to have circulated through the gutter to Abbatoir where it sparked fire apparently as a result of activities of early morning butchers.

What followed was sounds of explosions with fire gutting every property along the path the PMS traversed.

Areas affected by the inferno included Arowolo Street, Shogbawole, Adefegba, Katonwi, Santos, Taiwo Adewole, Wamon Taofeek, Owode, and Akinlere streets. It passed through Justrite Shopping mall, Samar Filling Station to the canal near Agege Abbattoir.

Others include Charity Road Junction opposite Oko Oba Market and parts of Ile-Epo.



  1. wow what a day! thank God no life was lost because when there’s life there’s hope to acquire those material things lost

  2. It is a thing of joy that no life was lost. People who live on pipeline installations area should vacate with immediate effect.

  3. Thanks to God almighty.the last time this kind of thing happened in Lagos,alot of lives was involve

  4. Once there is life, there is hope. I hope this serves as a lesson to people in that area to always report suspicious movement. So as to apprehend perpetrators before they commit such harm in the environment.

  5. Many have been rendered homeless especially where accommodation is an hot cake because of the greediness of few individual . There is God.

  6. This is a good news. As at
    Yester day many people were carrying rumour that five people died. May God console the ones that lost their properties and heal Those with injuries

  7. This is a miracle and only God can did this. It’s quite a pity that properties were lost but remember that with your life you can buy those things again. So don’t cry for the things you lost but be grateful to God for life

  8. But I wonder how such room will be in abulegba n no one noticed it till it got to this, the security agencies need to do something with regard to that.

  9. What a disaster, but its a good thing no life was lost. Its actually a great loss to property owners, may God replenish their loss miraculously.

  10. Such a disastrous situation. Thank God no life was lost but the government should compensate the victims for their lists.

  11. We really appreciate God for no life was lost everything the people living around there should try and vacate the premises

  12. Thank God that nobody die in the incident.. for those that lost their properties may God bless you to regain your lost.

  13. Thank God o now that the year is running out that devil want to waste their life. Thank God for protection

  14. This is a good news. As no llife was lost but this sign of poverty,… skipping fuel inflammables, this is the only country where it’s done. May God console the ones that lost their properties and heal their wounds

  15. It’s unfortunate how the activities of some can be disastrous to others. The government should deal with this unscrupulous elements called “bunkerers.” Well, thank God no life was lost.

  16. What a tragedy, that’s is very bad story. But all the same we have to thank God because no life was lost, our life is more important than than properties all the same thing is a very big lost to the affected people.

  17. Thank God no life was lost, although it was very painful seeing all you laboured for burnt to ashes God knows the best since there is life there also hope.

  18. thank God for saving the lives of people but People who live on pipeline installations area should vacate with immediate effect.

  19. It is so dishearten to hear news about explosion at the time of the year when everything is getting rapped off

  20. We thank God for life…..although property lost but all the same we thank God bcos when there’s life there’s hope

  21. At this period, this is real lost, but thankGod there were no lost of life, although it will Mai people start from the scratch, but there is still hope when there is life.

  22. That’s a good news to know no life was lost, but is anything done to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

  23. Similar incident had happened there before where lots of people lost their lives, but nothing was done to curb the activities of the bunkerers that led to another of such incident.. This is not a good sign at all, and it shows we are not really serious in terms of human welfare and security l.. I pray God heal all the people this evil act has affected, I just wonder how their lives will be after this weekend incident.. Its just too sad

  24. Thank God ooooo… This would have been a big lost. Properties can be recovered in the future but life? No.

  25. Thanks be to God no life was lost, it is a privilege, the government should fine solution to dis problem

  26. The Lord speared them for a reason…
    If the are wise enough they know what to do next…
    The Lord Is Great.

  27. Thank God no life was lost in the incidence,God will provide for those that loose their properties

  28. This is nonsense.We lack security in this country and besides this is one of the reasons you shouldn’t build your houses or close to a pipe line area. Anything can happen…. It’s never safe. People won’t work but will go after government pipelines to steal imagine the mess they have caused

  29. To God be the glory no life was lost..thank God you have life and you still have hope that you’ll get more than those properties that was burnt, just be thankful to God for your lives

  30. Thank God that no life was lost, may His name be praise for ever. Please the government should help this people.

  31. thank God no life where lost in this incident, and government should help those people that fall victim.

  32. Thank God no life was lost. But investigation needs to be launch the people behind this needs to be put behind bars

  33. Thank God no life was lost, I just pity those people that Lost their properties from the fire accident. Government should please compensate them for the Lost

  34. What matters most is that no life was lost , and I just wish those that are affected can be compensated by the Lagos government

  35. I sympathize with those who lost their property in the incident. All glory to God that no life was lost

  36. What is expensive car to compare life we should be happy there is no lose life instead of complaining that there is a lot of lose of expensive car, no amount of car can buy life

  37. Chai!! Wat a great loss to the car dealer and those affected. pls this bunkers should stop putting life’s and properties people in danger.

  38. wow
    thank God for saving the lives of people oooo
    For the property another one will come
    Once there is life all hope is not lost

  39. Thank God for there was no life lost, some are talking about expensive cars that got burnt what is car compared to life.

  40. Thank God that no life was lost but the citizenry needs to curtail their senseless acts that has led to this outbreak. Only God knows the worth of properties claimed by this inferno

  41. Thank God no life was lost. May God grant healing to the widow, Ruth Joseph and her son, Samuel who sustain burns and also fortified those whose vehicles were ablased

  42. Thank God for this. I think government should provide solution to this problem. Is either the re-dig about 100feets for all the pipe or station security to the place.

  43. Oh my God….sorry about d loss…Samuel I pray for u…u shall survive this pain in Jesus name

  44. In all we have something to be tahnkful for thank God there is no life lost as for the mechanic, Samuel it is well God we help u cover the debt

  45. Thank God no life was lost but they where still loss of properties which is not a good thing. I wonder where those that lost so much will survive.

  46. Thank jah for that, but goverment should pls consider does people’s involved in that accident, by providing dem money to build there house back

  47. Glory be to God o no live was lost its only God that can save us from these dangerous beings called bunkerers

  48. Glory be to God no life was lost, fire accident is something else….I can only imagine what those people are going through

  49. It must have been a terrible experience for the residents of these areas, thank God no life was lost, I hope the government does something to compensate these people, cos this Christmas us definitely a black one for them.

  50. This news of no recorded loss of life makes me extremely happy. Properties can always be replaced but a life once lost is gone forever

  51. Though life was not lost but how about those that are rendered homeless, some persons may end up like that. I still thank God for life though but with our economy today is an ugly experience.

  52. Thank God, but all these could be controlled, to avoid lost of property and other economic resources, please their should be security on this areas, and their should be investigation to find out those involve in this act.

  53. All glory be to God that no life was lost. But, the level of properties damage is quite alarming and disturbing. Where will the owners start from again and governmental assistance is not sure. So sad.

  54. hmm to hilarious , may god spear the injured lives, and i think there should be adequate security to check the pipe line area at least once in a while for sure protection of live and properties

  55. Good to hear that.. Thank God
    But the nnpc need to do something fast about this pipeline stuff

  56. How can the churches be affected? Do u know the prayers it took to start them up? Nothing is bringing them down.. Thank God no lives were lost too

  57. I hope this serves as a lesson to people in that area to always report suspicious movement. So as to apprehend perpetrators before they commit such harm in the environment.

  58. This is sad and disheartening but we have to thank God as no life were lost in the inferno but those vandalizers must be apprehended.

  59. We give all the glory to God if not we could have record another sad story this Christmas again. But those that lost their properties God will make a way for you all

  60. Praise thy Lord!!!! Now am happy, because life is much more important than any other thing. When there’s life; there’s hope. You people will recover all you have lost in 100 folds.. Amen!

  61. No life lost, thank God for that but the affected has nothing to fall back on.
    Government should intervene and take as important.

  62. The fire indeed caused so much damages to the environment but I thank God that there was no loss of lives. I plead with the government to help these people that suffered much loss.

  63. Thank God for the gift of life every morning you wake up bcos you have no idea of what other people are passing through! Thank God no life was lost

  64. Just question keeps bordering me. Who gets to pay for all the losses? Ain’t this a big loss too insurance companies too for car owners with insurances. All those house.. Wao! That’s pretty much

  65. First things first, we all thank God that no life was lost not minding the properties and every other thing. God allows some things happen for a reason

  66. Comme
    thank God for life bt something should b done to help those victims. may God comfort them and bring them helpers. let the government also do something to help

  67. The activities of bunkerers from the Awori should be controlled so that lifes and tangible properties of the civilians will be safe. Thank God no life was lost.

  68. Thank God that there was no life lost. And this is another opportunity for the security operatives to look in deep to fish out and checkmate those hoodlums that put the society in such dangers. While government looks for means to create jobs to reduce the idea of people taken up criminal acts as way out.

  69. There are plenty reasons to be grateful and thankful to God . No life lost in such a wide fire . God is indeed the greatest

  70. that was a terrible and a devastating incident and thanks to God that no one lost his or her life in the incidence

  71. Thank God no life is lost. May God strengthen those who lost their properties and make provisions for them.

  72. I think this is the first pipeline explosion that I will hear that no life was lost. Thanks to God.
    So sorry to those who lost their houses and cars. Also sorry to the car dealer for his 13 cars…

  73. security operatives to look in deep to fish out and checkmate those hoodlums that put the society in such dangers. Government should try to compensate those that lost their buildings and belongings.

  74. Thank God no life was lost,because when there is life there is hope,people who are living close to pipeline should vacate immediately

  75. Well thankgod it ended that way without a life,property can be replaced at anytime bt life can never be replaced

  76. What a great disaster on the properties of Lagos citizens, thank God no life was lost according to sources, that car dealer has lost a worth amount of car, that’s not good atall

  77. Security operatives should step up and maintain close surveillance of oil pipelines especially PMS that crossed populated areas. Proactive Insurance culture should be cultivated too to absorb the unplanned like this one.

  78. That’s a huge loss on houses and properties of Lagos, thank God no live was lost according to sources, such occurrence should be avoided from re-occurrence

  79. thank God no life was lost, the government should compensate those who lost their property in one way or the other

  80. Just look at how people property are being burn to ashes may greatest happiness is that no life was lost because life is worth more than wealth.

  81. So bad,that’s a great loss of properties. I sympathize with families that were rendered homeless.. Please the government of Lagos should come to their aid.

  82. So sad
    These bunkers they never learn
    Just imagine the extent of damage done
    And I think the commissioner of police is very right
    The community must be aware of the bunkery and failed to report possibly cos their members are benefiting

    This is why those walking in a market place shouldn’t throw stones cos it might get to hit one of their own

  83. This is so much to take in all at once. While we thank God no life was lost, we plead to the government to compensate those who lost properties in that fire.

  84. I thank God for no life was lost because in this kind of tragedy many deaths do occur. Is all but Gods miracle. But I support the comment made by the commissioner of police too. The local communities are also to be blamed for not reporting such crime knowing the danger of bunkering not forgetting what happened in 2006 december. They are accomplices to this crime too also the failure of the security forces to watch and secure this pipelines against vandalism. Hope the government come in assistance to help all the victims that lost there properties and businesses in a way to encourage and give them hope to live again.

  85. This is too much! All because of bunkering. Now what are the people affected to do? Thank God no life was lost but it’s still a great blow. I just hope that the government will rise to assist this people including the car dealer

  86. These bunkerers dont hear. They want a repeat of the ugly incident in 2006 but God wont let them. Thank God no life was lost. I hope they learn from this. Look at the kind of pain they’ve caused those families affected. It’s well

  87. What an unfortunate incident. I sympathise with the victims that lost properties and valuables in the inferno. This is a wake up call for the government to show concern and provide security in areas where necessary.

  88. Thank God no life lost but they are now homeless, may God help them all n provide for them,the government should do something o.

  89. Thank God no life was lost but the owners of those properties destroy will be so heart broken and depressed. God should have mercy on them and replenish their losses

  90. Thank God no life was lost… This is serious oo… See what little mistake has cost….government should please come to their rescue.. Chai this Christmas period..

  91. Its saddened that some few greedy people could have done this to innocent peoples. I wish the woman that has a severe burnt quick recovery, the sate government should at assist them a bit if not all

  92. The fire destroyed much cars and houses but God did not allow it to kill anyone, and that is good news. The vandals should be arrested.

  93. Oh! Thank God no life was lost. I pray for quick recovery for the injured persons and for those dat lost their properties, may God console and provide helpers for dem

  94. This is a big disaster, thank God no life was lost. Property damaged or consume by d accident can be restore and i pray God provide for d owners of the property.

  95. This is really a great disaster
    people houses burnt down to ashes all because of carelessness
    thank God no life was lost sha


  97. Thank God for there was no life lost, some are talking about expensive cars that got burnt what is car compared to life.

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