“No difference between butt implants and fixing nails” – Actress Uche Elendu

Popular Nigerian actress Uche Elendu, says there’s no difference between those undergoing surgery journey and those who did make hair.

According to Uche, people are quick to judge and criticize those who went under the knife to enhance their body but refused to acknowledge that all fixes are the same.

The actress revealed that she sees no difference between those that fix their nails and those that take further steps to get a body enhancement don

Here’s what she wrote;

“There’s absolutely no difference between a lady that fixes her nails, lashes, makeup, etc and a lady that got a nose job, the body works done without implants, they are all body fixes and have potential risks and of course benefits. Hey!!! just make more money and gather liver and stop hating on someone’s choice to use her money to remain comfortable in her body.

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