Nipsey mural vandalized by Savage Kay Kay | Her post on Facebook

Nipsey mural got vandalized by Savage Kay Kay, a teen girl allegedly mad at her boyfriend. The incident happened in Hartford, Connecticut.

Nipsey mural vandalized by Savage Kay Kay lailasnews

Kay tagged Nipsey Hussle’s mural with several derogatory symbols and figures. Also, she posed for selfies while continuing her vandalism.

Nipsey mural vandalized by Savage Kay Kay

Press play below to watch Nipsey Hussle mural get vandalized by Kay Kay.

According to the Shade Room, Kay defaced Nipsey’s mural possibly due to a disagreement with her boyfriend.

Instead of stopping the teen during the act, eyewitnesses pulled out their phones, recorded the act while providing commentary.

According to the camerawoman, Kay claimed that “n***as were trying to b***h her.”

“Who’s a b***h?! Not I. No disrespect to Corey [sic] y’all was coming out y’all mouths way too much so I did what I did.”

Savage Kay Kay facebook lailasnews (1)


  • From Haileigh:

soooo all those people are gonna stand there and LET HER disrespect him ?? what the hell kinda crack they smoking, if i was there her ass woulda got rocked, simple.

  • From TheFrappeMafia:

Who ever recorded this did the right thing. That white girl bold like that; cuz all she was going to do if she got her azz beat, was call the pd. Then the black chic would’ve gotten arrested or murdered over a mural. Her face out there. It’ll get settled

  • From DoItLikeMeezy:

Aye she need her ass beat. Not even for the fact that it’s Nipsey but more so because she’s defacing someone’s art work that they devoted their time to & were passionate in creating. If she was that mad she could’ve done something else. She did this for clout. Corny asf.

  • From Final4:

Yo who in Connecticut is gonna fight her over a Nipsey Hussle Moral? No disrespect to the mans legacy but they’re niggas who’ve never heard a Nipsey song until he died, especially in Connecticut

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