Nigerians reacts after man said he takes permission from wife to go out

A Nigerian man has courted to much attention on Twitter after he posted that he takes permission from wife before he sets to go out.

In his post, he argued that he is not living as a single entity and definitely accountable to someone, which is his wife.

Nigerians reacts after man said he takes permission from wife to go out

The man identified as Kenna wrote:

Find it hilarious when people take offense when I say I have to ask my wife for permission before I commit to going out. Lol I’m not a freestyling single living organism . I’m not a paramecium , I’m accountable to someone.


Then just as expected, Nigerian trooped into the thread to give their reactions.

One @Kenooof wrote that he isn’t surprised that the ladies in the thread are revering the man and that it would have been a different expression if it was a lady that wrote that she needs permission from her husband to leave the home.
“That’s good. Ladies are shout King in the comment but if its a lady that tweeted this now, they will be the one asking her if she is a prisoner in her marriage. This marriage thingy has no formular” he wrote
In his reaction, @aribadoa wrote that most women are brought up to believe that men are naturally wired to oppress women:
“I met a lady who always thought most men are wired to oppress a lady, They are mere reflection of nature to dominate, due to her growing up in a split home, It took me time and patience to explain we are different we just have to find what suit our plate”

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