Nigerians react to President Buhari’s response to question asked at the UN general meeting

President Buhari’s response to a question asked by the panelist at the United Nations, UN general meeting currently ongoing has immediately gone viral since it hit the internet this morning.

With world leaders seated for the UN general meeting, the panelist asked the president of Nigeria about the young population of the country and what the resilient future would be like, Buhari’s response which was not in line with the question has now gotten Nigerians talking.

Nigerians react to President Buhari's response to question asked at the UN general meeting

Buhari instead of sharing plans of the government for the young population in Nigeria, was heard reading a speech about climate change and the country’s commitment to joining the world to make a difference.

The video has now gone viral on the internet. Here are some of the reactions of Nigerians to Buhari’s response to the question.

Maybe the young population will create a pathway for a resilient future by fighting climate change or whatnot. After all, are we not resilient enough facing the first tenure of this clown’s government? How resilient could we not be? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 – @_OshaRay

I stopped on 21 seconds. This is so appalling🤢🤢🤢 – @OlaAkindeji

Can’t expect much from someone without a proper education. – @adekpemo

An international embarrassment. – @Dinnydavinci

The people who say this man is the best for Nigeria are cursed  @mikkybanga

Instead of his aids to get him educated they went on handing him a prepared note. Man can’t kill himself on what he knows not so he kuku read from the note not minding the question.🤣🤣 – @SaviourChika

Maybe I’m the one missing it y’all help me…Pathway for resilient future, doesn’t it include climate change? – @agnes_arong

This is actually sad!!! A lot of educated Nigerians been led by BUBU😩😩 – @mschinweigweh

This is so embarrassing. God must be punishing. That’s the only explanation for this kind of embarrassment – @dollings_

Not surprised anymore…not the first time it’s happened. Behold the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, the leader of a country filled with intelligent,smart, overachievers…what’s the strategy behind the dufus leading the Rufus? I dare you Nigeria, move forward! – @_RandomBlackBoy

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    Viral video of President Buhari answering a question at the UN general Assembly

    Viral video of President Buhari answering a question at the UN general Assembly

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