Nigerians react as Sydney Talker skit promotes alleged sexual harassment (Video)

Nigerians on social media have taken to various platforms to berate skit maker Sydney Talker for allegedly promoting sexual harassment in his latest comedy skit.

In the skit, Sydney Talker, was seen with 2 guys when a lady walked pass them. While they debated on who would get the lady, one of them rushed to her and grabbed her bum bum.

Nigerians react as Sydney Talker skit promotes alleged sexual harassment

He later introduced himself as a security agent with the pass to assess her.

Later, Sydney Talker and Craze Clown, who also featured in the skit, came to the lady as ‘ministry of health officials’ to conduct ‘inner search’ on her.

Their actions however sparked outrage online as opinions are divided. While many are condemning the skit for promoting sexual harassment, others are arguing that it’s just a skit and shouldn’t be taken seriously despite the sexual harassment theme.



See reactions:

*** It’ll be hypocritical of me to say that that Sydney Talker‘s skit promotes sexual harassment, same way it’ll be absurd to say a movie like ‘king of boys’ promotes organised Crime. Sometimes, it’s best to treat things as the items of entertainment that they are. Nothing more.

*** How come we are more woke on twitter? Funny thing is Sydney Talker would post that video on Instagram and you won’t see anyone complain but twitter is a different case

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