‘Nigerians don’t need a President who can’t travel to America like Buhari’ – Lauretta Onochie

President Buhari’s media aide, Lauretta Onochie, in a statement issued on Sunday, fired back at those who has been criticizing her President Buhari’s frequent visit to the United States of America, (USA).

'Nigerians don’t need a President who can't travel to America like Buhari' – Lauretta Onochie lailasnews

Lauretta Onochie who in her statement stated that Buhari travels to discuss issues of paramount and mutual benefit for the country, not for merry making, also added that ‘Nigeria’ will not have a president who cannot travel to America.

Here is her statement below;

“President Barack Obama, an African American was pained as the President of America. He could not embrace the rotten, morbidly corrupt government in place in Nigeria at the time. He was excited when Nigerians kicked out Fortunato Looter King.

“President Obama publicly announced President Buhari as doing a great job in Nigeria. Now, President Buhari is in America on a state visit to discuss issues of mutual benefits with America’s President Donald Trump.

“Here he arrives and is received by Nigerians who are obviously happy to see their hard-working leader.

“Nigerians will not have a President who cannot go to America, the home of the United Nations. There are more Nigerians in America than in many cities in Nigeria. We can’t afford to have a President they can’t meet. God forbid.”

One of Buhari’s known critic and Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, who tweeted about President Buhari’s meeting with President Donald Trump today, delivered a humorous reaction to scheduled meeting.

Fayose, in a tweet on Sunday, advised that the president should be given a speech so as not to have a repeat of his earlier gaffe where he said Nigerian youths were ‘Lazy’.

He tweeted;

This one that President Buhari is going to meet President Trump tomorrow, they should write a speech for him so that he won’t go and say Nigerian youths are lazy again.”


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