Nigerians blast lady who says N30,000 is ‘chicken change’

A Nigerian lady is currently under fire on Twitter after she stated that N30,000 is chicken change and everyone should have it in their account.

The lady identified as Chichi was responding to a tweet on how difficult it is for some people to have an entire saving of N30,000 in their many account. In her response, she mentioned that N30,000 should be the least anyone should have in case of emergencies.

Nigerians blast lady who says N30,000 is ‘chicken change’

Her statement however did not go well with most Nigerians on the social media platform who argued that many Nigerian youths cannot even boast of what to eat much less having cash in their account.

See her post:

Being dashed 30k sounds amazing. But this one nor enter o, how can you have less than 30k in your account? What if there is an emergency?

If you feel attacked, you should probably save and make safe investments

DISCLAIMER: I am not talking about people in war, or camps or less privileged. I’m talking about people like me and you that are business owners or that earn money . I am also aware life can happen. Which is why I feel we should all have atleast that in savings or investment


See reactions:

*** Have managed to walk around and see the number of unemployed youths? People are talking about saving culture, how can you save when you’re trying to survive? When you don’t know were your next meal is coming from? Some don’t even have who to call.

*** Lol, I don’t think you live in Nigeria, and if you do then you’re either joking or being blatantly ignorant, and you’re too pretty for the latter

*** I’ve had less than 30k in my account lots of times. I’ve even had nothing in my account , like an empty bank account. If emergency comes , we will be looking at each other . I cannot come and go and kill my self

And while a follower reminded her that there are lots of poor people in the country, she replied saying:

Well I’m talking to the people online here. Not to those ones. If you can afford 1500 data every three day’s to be on Twitter, having less than 30k is irresponsible.

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