Nigerians accuse Ekocab of stealing Uber’s idea; start campaign to give app 1 star rating and worst reviews

The social media assault on Ekocab is still ongoing, as many Nigerians are taking to Playstore to give them 1 star rating and poor reviews.

Ekocab gets 1 star rating and poor reviews

The Lagos state government had yesterday announced the launch of the cab-hailing service in partnership with Ekocab.

Most Lagosians are of the opinion this was the reason the government had a clampdown on other cab-hailing service providers in Lagos and they are sparing no time in calling them out on social media.

Soem even accused the company of stealing Uber’s idea.

See some reactions on Twitter:

*** Lmao! Don’t allow him confuse you with the unnecessary length of this thread. I will break it down in simpler words guys: -• He stole the Uber idea, -• Used his connection with the Lagos state government to ban other means of transportation. -• Then came up with ‘EkoCab’” a user reacts to EkoCab CEO statement on Twitter

*** Ekocab launched in Lagos yesterday and I spoke to the company’s CEO about a couple of concerns. -The company has no functional website or SM pages -They also propose giving govt mobility data, raising privacy concerns

*** I Just looked up the ekocab app and as a UX designer, the onboarding tells me that I don’t have to use the app to know that it will be an awful ride experience. What the fuck is…. “A lot can happen, on our ride”. Tell me what you fucking do! Don’t stress me pls! Lagos, Flee!

*** So the plan to “enable the Association bridge the gap created by the Okada/Tricycle restrictions” is to digitize the yellow taxis? You think people who could only afford Bikes to their inner streets will suddenly be able to order Ekocab to carry Ugwu???

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