See wedding Photos of nigerian man who married two wives at once

A Nigerian man and his two brides/wives have put themselves in the limelight after their wedding picture surfaced online.

See wedding Photos of nigerian man who marries two wives at once Lailasnews

The young man was recently joined in marriage with the two ladies on the same day, according to a report shared by an internet user. The location of the couple or their wedding was not disclosed. Congratulations to them.

Recall that, A Nigerian man by the name Agusi Oyeintari from Bayelsa state, has showed off his two wives on the internet in a bid to show a polygamous man can live ‘in peace’.

The handsome man and father-of four children shared pictures of his wives classifying them as the women who own his heart.

The man who actually looks happy and delighted to flaunt his family on the internet, has different phrases to qualify each wife. And from the photos it looks as if the women are living together in harmony.

See more pictures of the lovely couple.

Nigerian man shows off his two wives living peacefully Lailasnews 3



The discussion about the legality of polygamy has lingered in Nigeria for a long time and a lot of people will want to know how the marriage act stands, according to the law of the Nigerian state.

The first question to ask is what is polygamy?

Polygamy is a state of marriage to many spouses. It involves marriage with more than one spouse. When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, it is called polygamy. When a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry.

In civil law, Nigeria meets the right of men to have polygamous marriages. These polygamy laws work in such northern states: Gombe, Kaduna, Jigawa, Bauchi, Borno, Kano, Niger, Sokoto, Yobe, Katsina, Kebbi and Zamfara).

Polygamy marriage is totally equivalent to monogamous marriage there. The reason is that these twelve states recognise the Sharia law. It allows men to marry more than one woman. Zamfara had become the first state, which decided to legislate polygamy on 7th of January, 2000. Gombe legalized polygamy on 14th of December, 2001 and became the last of the 12 Nigerian states which took this law.

Although it is not permitted in some parts of Nigeria. For instance in Lagos state, Polygamous marriages are not permitted.

Attempts to introduce Sharia law in Lagos State, thereby legalizing polygamy, have been made since early 2002, after a dozen of Nigeria’s northern states established Sharia as the governing form of law for Muslims, but not non-Muslims, in these states.


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