Video: Nigerian woman selling spare parts in Ghana attacked by Ghanaians

A Nigerian woman selling spare parts in Ghana has been attacked by some Ghanaian men who wanted her to leave their country.

In the video now going viral on social media, the woman could be heard asking the men what her crime was and they were only victimizing her because she is in their country.

Video Nigerian woman selling spare part in Ghana attacked by Ghanaians

“You Can Do To Me Whatever You Like Cos I Am In Your Country” she said

She then reminded them of the numerous Ghanaians in Nigeria and no one is troubling them, neither making threats to their businesses.

Watch the video:

The attack on the woman and her business has been condemned on social media as Nigerians who believe the government of Nigeria has refused to address the issue, since the attack started, took to social media to express their anger

Who knows where they will end up tomorrow.. They are here selling adanko bitters and no one disturbs them while they are busy brutalizing my people over there. Bubu will never do anything about it” one user wrote on Instagram

Other reactions:

I am a Ghanaian and I am apologizing for what my country did. It’s so unfair, primitive and nasty. Those who did that anyway are people in Kumasi, take notice Kumasi. Apart from Kumasi this will hardly happen in any other part of the country. We are sorry

In recent weeks, Nigerians in Ghana have been under serious attacks by the citizens of the West African country who accused the Nigerians of coming into their country to perpetuate all sorts of crime and evils.


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