Nigerian woman and mother-in-law fight in Italy (Video)

A Nigerian woman in Italy and her mother-in-law were seen in a viral video fighting, as a man recorded the scene.

The man behind the camera happens to be the husband to the woman and son to the mother-in-law. He could be heard saying men should stay away from Benin women.

Nigerian woman and mother-in-law fight in Italy (Video)

The grandchildren, a little girl and her older brother, looked confused as they watched their mum and grandma fight. The little girl was in tears all through and kept asking her mum why grandma beat her.

The war of words between wife and mother-in-law got so bad that the wife accused her mother-in-law of belonging to “Ogboni” and killing her children.

The mother-in-law then threatened to kill the wife since she is accusing her of belonging to a cult.

At this point, the husband speaks up, warning men in Italy not to marry Benin women. He advised them to use his experience as a lesson.

The wife eventually called the police and they arrived at the end of the video.


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