Nigerian video vixen’s boyfriend reacts, says Wendy is alive and they’re trying to extort him

The Nigerian video vixen’s boyfriend, Best Jide who was in the news earlier today for allegedly using his girlfriend for rituals, has reacted and according to him Wendy is alive and  they’re trying to extort him.

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews

We reported earlier that the Nigerian video vixen reportedly bled to death yesterday, and according to chats shared, she reportedly called her Pastor after she woke up and discovered that she was bleeding. It was this Pastor that confirmed that Best had indeed used her. Wendy further told a friend in chats shared that this pastor told her to have a river bath within 3 days or risky losing her life. She however lost the battle.

The Nigerian video vixen’s boyfriend who reacted to this report, stated that Wendy is alive and they’re just trying to extort him. He wrote;

“You all are fools, she is alive; they are trying to collect money from me. Useless family.”

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews 1

Those close to Wendy also backed up Best Jide’s claim, as they disclosed that she faked her death because her boyfriend allegedly impregnated another girl.

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews 2

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews 3

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews 4

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews 5

Nigerian video vixen's boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him lailasnews 6


  1. Lol this is serious issue I don’t know who to believe bcos he pregnant another gal she now fake her death God have mercy

  2. That means one can no longer realy on media any more, killing who is still alive well I hope this news is valid too am happy for Wendy

  3. If she faked her own death then she should be arrested alongside her family and pay for defamation of his character

  4. If really she’s alive, then that’s a character deformation, she should be punished for such an expensive jokes. They are better ways of extorting money other than that.

  5. What kind of nonsense is this now?faking your own death for what na?Just to spoil someone name is very bad.So sorry Mr guy.

  6. This is interesting. Let’s see how the drama unfolds. But is true Wendy feigned her death then she should be arrested and made to face the law… What an expensive joke…

  7. I don’t even know which one to believe
    How can she fake her death to this extent?
    If she really did so, I fear that girl

  8. What kind of shit is that ? How can you fake your own death because of money and also tried to implicate someone . We live in a wicked world

  9. Chai! This lady must be a joker.. How can you fake your death because your guy impregnated someone else, he is not even your hubby yet..

  10. This is like a movie for someone to fake their death just to extort another. But if she is dead, we will know for sure with time. And if she is just faking it, I hope she knows its a useless joke

  11. May God help them both, whether Wendy is alive or not, the truth will surely be known sooner or later.

  12. This sound somehow to me, what a prank? Is this because of money or what? For someone to be fake her own death.

  13. There seems to be trust issues from both parties. it is very hard to discern whom to believe, but before drawing any conclusions on this matter, the truth should first be established.

  14. Thats so childish just because he impregnated another woman thats why you want to collect his money, may God help you.

  15. Why them make us think say the girl die after i don comment.. media and fake news make you all no allow shame they catch person here haba now. see nah plan work and the boy get sense to avoid her she is a foolish girl,

  16. Who’s lying between the two of them? The guy’s rude though, calling a whole family “useless”¡

  17. What is really happening, this case needs serious investigation cos we are talking about human being and not animal.

  18. If she is alive or not is not the major concern again….but you engaging in fetish means to get money is the question…so did she at any point bleed?

  19. Something is wrong somwhere..they are tarnishing this guys image(the boy friend)bcs he impregnated another girl! chai! see desperation…Will this method of faking her death make him remove the pregnancy? I dnt know what they are trying to do..we are watching…

  20. Let them keep their jokes to themselves, shes using death to misbehave, she would soon find what shes looking for if she does not prey against what she did.

  21. What kind of stupid joke is that with her own life?? Please bring her live, let everyone see.

  22. If she is still alive, why would they carry rumours that she is dead just to extort money from him, that’s pathetic on her personality, hope she is truly still alive

  23. U see why people don’t trust social media news. They seem not to verify news before posting. Pls always verify news on this blog

  24. May God help both of you, we don’t really know who is lying between you but faking your death because of anything is not the best, just becareful if truly you are still alive.

  25. What will people not do for fame??do u know u can be jailed for faking your death…it seems like u both know what u are doing

  26. You guys are playing expensive play here o. Why will you lie against yourself about death. Hmmm I have already said RIP I pray it won’t come to pass.

  27. Death is not something you joke around with. You never know who your enemies are and the opportunity they are looking for.

  28. If she’s joking, itz too expensive, and if she dies for real, we will know with time

  29. Like seriously they shouldn’t take it likely with her ooo she should be dealt with what nonsense is that

  30. What is the meaning of all these stories? Who is then lying? They should please stop this nonsense on social media. How can she pretend to be dead because of money.

  31. This is madness…. this is complicated. It’s a pity that Wendy can do such a shameful thing as faking death… E be like say death dey hungry am

  32. Hmmm…I don’t get what is happening again..that she is alive and claiming to be dead

  33. Hymmm which one are we going to believe now?
    Dead or alive
    Wendy come and talk to people why you do that.

  34. The controversy doesn’t concern me but a credible person should come with something co Concrete to clear the hair

  35. Death is on it own you using your hand to call it.
    What happens to all the RIP sent to you today?
    Sister you need prayers more than ever now

  36. See how beautiful she looks. Chai, this is too much nah! Ritual, so they will now kill him abi? Thank God the guy get brain.

  37. How could she fake her death because her husband impregnated another lady. Such is life anyway

  38. If truly he is really alive and faked her death, should be severely punished to be made an example off to other women that tries to pull that stunt.

  39. She has to fake her own death just because her boyfriend impregnated another woman. That’s serious !

  40. Which one are we meant to believe. That Wendy is still alive or not.wendy if still alive do make appearance

  41. Seriously this guy needs to thank God very well if he’s able to finally confirm she’s alive o. And that girl Wendy needs to be taught some lessons.

  42. This really serious. Some ladies are just stupid!
    Why will yhu fake yhur own death because yhu wanna extort yhur boyfriend for money? If its actually true, then it makes no sense

  43. This story is getting complicated this one will see his state the other one will say is alive which one will we believe

  44. You see why we don’t have to believe every story, but if she faked he death that’s bad, if he git someone else prgnant. It’s his loss not yours so move on

  45. She acted so immaturedly if this is true and worse still broke the trust in the relationship completely.several ways of handling matter…sill shouldn’t have played dead

  46. What won’t we hear. Which should we believe now. Girlfriend or him. Let’s watch and see how things turn out.

  47. I see no reason why my fellow girl would want or kill herself because her boyfriend inpregnanted another girl,life is too sweet for that abeg

  48. Don’t even know what to say but anyways thank God she is alive.
    Just hope she knows what she is doing

  49. How do you come back from faking your own death? This world has turned upside down. Well time will tell whether his claim is true or not

  50. They need to arrest this babe o. Which kain yeye thing be this na. Just dey lie on top innocent man be a use he give person Belle. Women can wicked atimes

  51. What a childish attitude.Please what do they wants us to beleive in all this ? Anyway we wish them best.

  52. Well,where is Wendy?I can’t say anything until the police makes a formal declaration as regards her disappearance.

  53. Lets hear from the girl first to be sure she is not faking her own death. Because if she is then he should sue her for draging his name in the mud like that. What nonsense

  54. Imagine someone faking her death just to extort her boyfriend. Funny things happens in this country.

  55. What kind of life is that,why is he lying about her death…nothing you no go see in this Nigeria.

  56. What rubbish is she doing? Now if they make her pranks real now she will have more senses. Arrant nonsense

  57. This man no doubt has some level of insanity in this singer’s neighbour’s brain. He must be made to face the law for this evil act.

  58. If she faked her own death then she should be arrested alongside her family and pay for defamation of his character, this is nonsense.

  59. This girl and her family must be shameless to have told this lie because they want to extort money from the so called boy friend that went to impregnate another girl. The boy friend too is not faithful to the girl.

  60. If people can fake their own death to collect money from people it means wahala for this country. Waiting we no go hear for thus country

  61. If this story is true, they should just arrest that girl for impersonating
    What a wicked soul, xo she wanna useless that guy abi?

  62. my comment has every thing to do with this story they still remove am. I tire o.

    Mean while if she is trying to extort money from him why not ask him nicely. you dont have to extort just say borrow me small if he says no .. leave am alone. simple.

  63. How can she be playing with her death this is unacceptable they have to pay for destroying the reputation of his boy friend.

  64. Girls and their desperation…
    I knew something about that story was not right…

    All this Dem gals and their expensive tricks…
    That girl just lost the guy for life

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