Nigerian twitter user writes an open letter to Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu

A Nigerian lady identified on Twitter as Chef Obudu decided to show her displeasure regarding certain issues and seeks clarity as to whose name “said actions” are carried out.

Nigerian lady writes an open letter to Sanwo-Olu

She began her tweet by seeking for the best way to contact the governor of the State, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu. She also complained about the terrible traffic residents of Ajao Estate and other parts of lagos are subjected to.

In the lengthy post, she narrated the peril lagosians have to go through every single day as a result of traffic. And other concerns she raised in her letter.

Read her open letter below

@jidesanwoolu A bridge was opened and commissioned Around Canoe in Ajao Estate, increasing the number of cars that pass Through Ajao Estate from Ejigbo, ikotun etc but they refused to fix the roads and made it a one way road meaning it takes at least 2hrs on a good day to get out.

Every morning between 7am-12pm it’s literally a war zone getting out of the Estate, if you’ve a meeting at 12 and you leave your house at 7am you would still be late, if you leave at 5am you would be too early and some days we spend 4hrs in traffic!

Coming home from 5pm means you would be stuck in traffic in your estate till about 11pm! It is so bad that Lastma Officials have to come and divert traffic everyday at that particular time making the roads 2way so that the traffic is bearable, this is what we suffer.

We’ve made due with this and every morning from 7am-12pm And Evening from about 6pm-11pm Ajao Estate is basically a free way 2way zone as everyone is looking for the best way to get out or get home and the Lastma officials are aware of this and they help direct cars.

You came into power and according to your Lastma officials you gave them a target to catch 10cars a day in order for them to get a promotion Going by that rule and the knowledge that Ajao Estate is a free way zone at certain times due to the extent of traffic..

Your Officials from different zones came in that morning, with a targeted motive! To carry 10 cars each as their target for the day, so they hid at strategic spots and carried their targets. Knowing fully well the reason behind the one way practice but… Target Yesterday made it 1week since these cars were seized, no fine has been given! Initiallytgey said the cars have to be bought back at 200k each as a new law was passed (not publicly known) that one way is forfeiting your vehicle Now they are saying all the cars…would be crushed! Amongst the people caught is a young man who lost his dad and has been doing hire purchase on Uber, he has paid 1.8m on the car and has a balance of 300k to pay to complete ownership of the car and you want to crush his means of livelihood.

so that your officials can show that they are working and meeting their target, while being malicious and targeting zones they know have traffic problems and They direct 2way at certain times! You encourage youths not to go into crime but here is a young man forfeit the 1.9m he has paid on a car, still pay the 300k, and lose his car because the government crushed it due to doing something he does every morning to get out of a road we’ve appealed severally for the government to fix but gotten no attention? Is it fair?

I hope there has been a misunderstanding on your path and your officials have taken your message the wrong way and crushing over 20 cars is not the way you wish to start your administration as a governor because these people have been going to the office for 1 week They went to the office and waited from 8am-6pm in the even for directives of what to do from Kayode Odunuga, after which they were charged to mobile court where the lawyer explained that 1way was forfeiture of car and they could appeal and buy it back from govt They were sent from Lastma office Oshodi to bolade to pick up court order and start process of car retrieval via the Lastma legal department, on getting there was no light to type and print everyone was asked to pay 3k each to process the documents After they paid, they were told to come back on Monday (Bare in mind this is happening on Thursday), because the magistrate won’t be available and they have to rally round and beg him to sign it by Monday, if they can even reach him (I’m quoting as it was said)

On Monday, they came at 9am (as they were instructed) the officials didn’t resume till 10am, and they were not able to get anything done till about 2pm because the officials meant to handle the case were yet to resume office!

At 2pm they were sent back to the legal department and were not attended to till 5pm when they asked them to leave that the offices were closing for the day! Another work day wasted and people left stressed with 0 progress on the legal process. They’ve gone to mobile court, they have been given their verdict, they have been told to appeal, but yesterday they got there for the final verdict on the fine to pay and collect their cars back , they waited from morning till evening only to be told that…Someone has gone to take the story to Guardian life and because of that they would teach them a lesson and not give them the opportunity to buy their cars back, rather the cars would be crushed! And they should forget about the cars, next time they would keep shut,

Is this the a vindictive administration? If someone commits an offense and has gone through the legal process for a week, won’t you just allow them pay the fine of 200k and get their car back ? Given that the situation of things in the estate has been explained?

The Uber driver is devastated, he’s still in debts over the car and it’s going to get crushed? And he’s supposed to start from where? To pick up his life and start again? What is the hope for hustling youths in Nigeria when officials target them to meet targets!

I’m writing to you to appeal, I booked the Uber and he was on his way to pick me when they arrested him, he has called me this morning crying that the person he owes balance for the car has been pressuring him, he hasn’t worked for a week, this kind of desperation. is very dangerous and I can imagine the amount of young youths in this predicament who do not have a voice If this was a functioning society where we had good roads, I don’t think anyone would have decided to follow one way for the fun of it,I can send you pictures of how terrible these roads are, on that day I had a meeting 5mins way from my house, I left my house at 8am and got there 5mins to 10am. That is how bad it is here for us. I’m hoping you can intervene in this issue. Because they are using your name as the reason,

At this point Sir, I am pleading, the level of desperation I heard in his voice this morning, the frustration he has been through, the way he said “Nothing works in this country, what is the point?” Before he ended the call has me worried and scared to be honest There are up to 20cars currently in custody to be crushed, imagine what 20 frustrated people who have lost hope for a working Lagos can get up to? Please reconsider, give a fine. Let them pay it, this man is at most 23years old and trying to provide for his family.

even the fine of 200k he didn’t have it, I kept in touch with him because I was hoping I could help him out with the fine because to an extent I feel responsible for him but where do you want him to start if the car is taken from him. Mr Kayode Odunuga and The GM Mr Wale Musa said that we’re standing in the way of their promotions by appealing to them and you’re the only one whose attention they want to see they are working, please sir they are working!

I hope this gets your attention and you meant what you said when you said “When Lagos calls, Sanwo-Olu answers” I await your response and possible intervention. Thank you very much.


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