Nigerian soldiers say ‘they are using us to make money’ after Boko Haram killed 100 of their colleagues

Nigerians soldiers have taken to social media to narrate the sad condition they’ve been left in, just after 100 of their colleagues were killed by Boko Haram terrorists.

Nigerian soldiers complain bitterly after Boko Haram killed 100 of their colleagues lailasnews

While the Nigerian army, the Presidency and other media aides are yet to comment on the recent killings, however the Nigerian soldiers were heard saying that their superiors and politicians ‘were using them to make money’ in the video.

The distraught soldiers also complained about the obsolete weapons they are armed with, to fight against the insurgents who have a better weapon. Here is the video below;

This is coming a day after a disturbing footage of an attack by Boko Haram terrorists which left many people dead, was released online. The worst losses came when the terrorists, overran a military base in the village of Metele in the north-eastern state of Borno on Sunday.

The area is the centre of an insurgency waged by Boko Haram, which was founded nine years ago to bring strict Islamic law to swaths of Nigeria, and a second newer group linked to Islamic State. Nigeria’s military and government have repeatedly said they are on the point of defeating the militants. However, raids on military bases have continued over recent months, inflicting significant casualties. One assault on an army post on the border with Niger in September left 48 people dead.

An officer among the troops attacked at Metele told Reuters: “The insurgents took us unawares. We lost about 100 soldiers. It is a huge loss.

“We all [ran away] because we didn’t know where the bullets were coming from. They killed some of us who went to evacuate the bodies of the killed soldiers. We left our armour, tanks and weapons … The village is still under their control.”


  1. The government alone know why they haven’t equipped our soldiers well. Something fishy is afoot. May the souls of the dead soldiers find eternal peace.

  2. This issue of Boko Haram cant be resolve until they find the person who is sponsoring them,the person is close to be a very might politician,that why is hard to bring Boko Haram down

  3. What a huge loss! May God give them eternal rest.the Goverment have to do somthing about Boko Haram.afterall! They are not bigger than the government.

  4. This is just sad. And all those generals are just flexing with enormous money. This is injustice to the poor soldiers

  5. I can really feel the pains of the soldiers . They are humans too. They can’t just be risked . They are people’s children and they have their families too . I implore the FG yo provide more weapons for them to fight insurgencies

  6. Nothing can ever be maintained in nigeria. The soldiers who risk their lives for this country couldn’t even be well equiped . The leaders in this country are not even ashamed of somethings

  7. Just imagine that true they don’t care how many dies all they know is their pocket and their families only

  8. Yes i free with the soldier, because when the killing happened government dont even look into their matter as if they are not human beings

  9. Can you imagine, can’t the government deploy more soldiers with better weapons to go and help them, how will they when they are busy thinking about themselves.

  10. Nigerian soldiers should be well equipped with good and recent weapons when going to war, Nigeria needs them alive, rip to all the lost soldiers

  11. They should how gone there well prepared,, I don’t understand how soldiers of 100 will be cleared just like that,, don’t you guys go to training or you guys aren’t well equipped

  12. Soldiers should be taken proper care of cox the leave thier life and family and rick thiers for nigeria

  13. No one have come from the presidency ,our soldiers are not well equipped ,I wonder why they will be put in such an harms should be looked into

  14. Very sad one. I am looking forward to the time when there will be no war as promised in the Bible

  15. May God give them eternal rest.the Goverment have to do somthing about Boko Haram.afterall! They are not bigger than the government

  16. It’s really disheartening and appalling that in this age of advanced technology, the soldiers of a country called giant of Africa is politicised and still uses weapons of 80’s. Leaving the lives of citizens and their soldiers in the hands of their predictors.

  17. I think they need to take proper step on this boko stuff killing everyday I don’t even know want these our government are doing just wasting our soldier

  18. Why did they send them there without equipping them well, our military men are well trained,with good guns and other things they need,they can be able to defeat the terrorist.

  19. The government create groups to terrorize and send innocent soldiers to suffer and die for the wrongs they do

  20. If this is what the military people are saying then na hmmm. Anyways they are not God .he will intervene for us

  21. An average Nigerian is aware of this, as know what is going on underneath. Let Buhari continue deceiving himself that is fighting Boko Haram. God will judge

  22. I’m glad that our brave Soldiers have finally come to their senses to protest against the evil killings in their point of duties.

  23. This is so pathetic especially the issue of the weak weapons they are using cos the ones of Biko men’s are stronger than theirs

  24. This is treason… what is happening to our military..oh God help us..see the way people play politics with others life.

  25. Is only God that understands what our soldiers are passing through in the have of this people,,, putting them infront without good weapon or well paid,,, Good protect our soldiers

  26. The military should be well equipped to fight this war if not the lives and properties of these communities will continue to be in danger. It’s obvious that boko Haram is more equipped than the Nigerian military that’s why they keep winning. Let federal government deal with this issue once and for all.

  27. The government is not really doing well in the aspect of our soldiers. Had it been that the government gave our soldiers a strong weapon to fight this boko haram terrorist, we might have been making ahead forward, but it is unfortunate that our 100 soldier are gone and nothing has been done about it

  28. It is unfortunate that our 100 soldier are gone and nothing has been done about it. It will be well with our soldiers

  29. This present administration is a totality of failure, see our our gallants soldiers were killed they didn’t do anything for it

  30. these two groups boko haram and the soldiers are headed by nigerian government so they don’t say that they don’t know what they are facing or that nigerian government are sponsoring boko haram at the same time sponsoring soldiers so min then go and tell the masters that they are tired of being killed by the boko haram

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