Nigerian singer Koker blasts R.Kelly for celebrating birthday

Nigerian singer Koker who was previously signed to Chocolate City has called out American singer R.Kelly for celebrating his birthday despite his on-going sexual assault allegation.

Nigerian singer Koker blasts R.Kelly for celebrating birthday lailasnews
Nigerian singer Koker blasts R.Kelly for celebrating birthday

As Surviving R Kelly the docu-series that exposed the singer’s year of sexual assault continues to generate reactions, R Kelly himself seems unbothered by the allegations as he was seen partying on his 52nd birthday few days ago.

“It’s my motherfucking birthday and I don’t give a fuck what’s happening tonight” he said.

Reacting to his nonchalant attitude, Nigerian singer, Koker described him as insensitive saying,

R Kelly has to be totally insensitive to have celebrated his birthday at the night club despite the overwhelming evidence of these sexual assault allegations against him… I’m disgusted’.


  1. Nigeria singer koker is having a good experience in 2019 for his celebration or his birthday with international singer. Congratulations

  2. It’s definitely Kelly’s business to do as he pleases as far as he is not breaking any law.. please mind your own business

  3. That one concerns you. R Kelly all the way. It’s just allegations so he should put his life on hold for it? You are entitled to your own opinion Koker

  4. R Kelly cannot be ashamed because I’m not sure either he knows the implications of what he was doing. Instead for him to clear his name and reputation, he is there celebrating useless birthday. Continue

  5. The poke nosing always overstepping themselves. What a hell is your business? Celebrating self birthday is a choice. He was only accused not convicted.

  6. Why are you bothered is his birthday so give him breathing space is his business not yours. You guys should allow Kelly be he is not the first neither will he be the last.

  7. It’s his birthday for God sake. He can only be 52years once in a lifetime, so if he doesn’t celebrate it now, it’s gone

  8. The fact that r Kelly has an ongoing case doesn’t stop him from living his life, I think if he decides to celebrate his birthday it’s his cup of tea

  9. I would have preferred he stay on low key until the investigation is done to prove whether he is innocent or not

  10. No mater what he has to cheer himself up despite what’s going on around him. Celebrating his birthday is not bad

  11. Thanks for the information and I will be very grateful to here more from you it’s very vital keep it up

  12. That is his business and I think only him can handle it. Don’t take paracetamol on another person’s headache.

  13. What did you think for him to stay at home on his birthday that’s not acceptable birthday is once in a year it doesn’t matter what you people think let the court be the judge not you happy birthday R Kelly

  14. Mr koker are you trying to make yourself popular or what coz i dont see any reason why you should put you head in his business na your birthday

  15. I don’t think what is happening in R Kelly life really concerns koker, it’s Rkelly life not yours, he is an American, he is a Nigerian, so our culture is different, please try to always mind your business

  16. When has I become a crime for him to celebrate his birthday , koker blasting him is inappropriate

  17. Y some people are killing themselves for what did not concerns them,na ur money he uses for d celebration of his birthday

  18. So because he is in one scandal like that, he is not allowed to celebrate his birthday, Mr man he is not yet convicted, until then allow him to celebrate anything he chooses to

  19. Is like this guy is innocent,if not who in his or her right sense will throw a birthday party in a club after all these public disagree

  20. i dont understand how koker is disgusted about some ones life. if he cant change.the situation den he shouldnt talk pls. all this unproductive things are exshuasting jare

  21. I think R.kelly should just come out and give a public apology for his past mistake so that everyone will just let go and rest in peace.

  22. So cause of the allegations against him he shouldn’t celebrate his birthday though I know he’s guilty

  23. R kelly’s issue is just becoming complex,accusations and counter-accusations,this is getting interesting.

  24. Really disgusted.R.kelly really has no conscience. For him to be partying and celebrating his 52nd birthday with all the sexual abuse he committed. He should be prosecuted for his crimes

  25. He is still being acussed and the has not been said to have committed the crime, until there is investigation and he is guilt then we can blame him for now he is a free man

  26. r Kelly choose what is best for him,,nothing wrong in celebrating birthday?even if his death sentence is tomorrow he still the right to celebrate today


  28. Koker has a point here, take it or not. Just imagine, despite the serious issue at hand, he went on parting, haba

  29. Why is everyone blasting koker like this? He only said what he felt is right and r Kelly on the other hand chose to go his own way too

  30. Poking our nose on other people’s affair is a sign of irresponsibility. Everyone has the right to do whatever they feel like, knowing they will the consequences alone

  31. Can you because of allegations that hasn’t be confirmed refuse to make yourself happy? No,happiness is free.celebrate your born day jooor

  32. What do you expect him to do?, you can’t expect be crying on the day of his birthday and I don’t think judging R Kelly is the right thing to do.

  33. Wait o koker make him no celebrate him birthday because of the sex scandal he is still not been proven guilty of the crime yet pls allow to celebrate

  34. That is his choice and he celebrated it the way he wanted it, so I don’t know what is her business in someone private life and affairs

  35. Nigerian singers should mind their biz, overall celebrity life is the same both here and there

  36. I think It is right thing to do. He should suspend his birthday? for what? People should leave R kelly alone.

  37. Everybody with their own short comings. Are you a saint yourself? Who knows, He might be celebrating his last Birthday as a freeman.

  38. Is it or was his ( koker’s) birthday he celebrated? Busy body Joker. Can you come and kill yourself?

  39. you people should leave alone,he has almighty god to account to for the attrocities he has committed

  40. Don’t worry soon you will blast him for taking his bath, brushing his teeth and combing his hair. Niger!!

  41. He has every right to celebrate his birthday, he is still innocent until proven otherwise by the law agency until then, let him enjoy his life.

  42. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, whether sexual scandal or not. He should celebrate his birthday and not anyone criticising him

  43. Koker,you are not the one to tell him that, please just try and focus on your business, and release song for us

  44. That is his own birthday. and if he wishes to celebrate it anywhere he like, What is your own problem?.

  45. In any conditions one needs to celebrate himself.why blasting him for his happiness to celebrate another are a buffoon

  46. Being allerged doesn’t mean his life should hold.. He should celebrate his birthday if he wishes to

  47. Mother fucking peadophile, enjoy urself while it lasts, cos d next birthday will meet u behind bars

  48. Koker should concentrate on his music career and mind his business. R Kelly’s issue is non of his business.

  49. R Kelly is a very disgusting man. He obviously doesn’t care about anybody but himself and the allegations against him do not touch him. I pray he gets jailed

  50. We are talking about one of the greatest RnB singer to ever exist. He has the ryt to cekbrate and u found just keep quiet and try to make name for urself bcos R. Kelly has dobe. God bless Nigeria

  51. I don’t think R KELLY’s allegation is any of koker’s business, so why is he so concerned about that

  52. I wonder what is this guys(Koker) concerns about R.kelly being celebrating his during while sexual assault allegations against him…..won’t man be happy all because his facing challenges??

  53. I least expect this from Koker, if he is celebrating his birthday, the reason is best known to him. The fact that people are testifying against him doesn’t means it true. Let him do what he believes is right bro.

  54. Guy, how this one take concern you. Nigerian should learn how to mind their business so as not to cause trouble for themselves

  55. It’s his choice and life he has the right to do what he thinks will make him happy and moreover he has not been found quilty of the charge

  56. Koker should we call that INSENSITIVE… I will call it lack of self worth… It should not be a time of celebrations, instead a time to reflect on your past mistakes and life. And do have a rethink and new resolution and tender apologies to all.

  57. R Kelly celebrating his birthday has nothing to do with the scandal. Let him celebrate today because he doesn’t know what tomorrow holds for him

  58. He has the right to celebrate his birthday…jus becos he is accused of something does not mean he should not celebrate the privilege of life?

  59. R Kelly all the way. It’s just allegations so he should put his life on hold for it? You are entitled to your own opinion Koker

  60. I think everyone will seriously support this rally against r kelly because he is just proving he is such a pedophile after not proving his case when he had the chance

  61. It his birthday not urs, what’s you own with him guy, let the man enjoy himself after word anything can happen

  62. What Birthday is Kelly celebrating I think he’s a shameless man instead of finding a way of clearing himself from all allegations

  63. Happy birthday to R kelly, that is life of celebrity not any any one business, good luck to R kelly.

  64. Haha
    Yeah Koka
    You’re right
    Kelly’s insensitive
    You should know too
    ‘He don’t give a fuck bout what’s happening around’
    You just summarized it in one word

  65. So Re Kelly should go and die because of the sexual assault allegations abi,better mind your business and don’t judge people

  66. Birthday comes once in a life time so just because he has a case he should not celebrate abiiii mind your business Mr koker

  67. But it’s true ooo.There is an allegation against in that same club.He shouldn’t have done his birthday there at all

  68. That’s the spirit!!! No matter what he’s facing, for him to be alive at this very moment is God’s not human. He’s a year plus at least why not celebrating something that is divine. I’m not in support of what he has done but at least it’s his birthday.

  69. Koker is just doing notice me. He wants people to notice him through this tragedy that befall R kelly . Allow the law to take charge

  70. R. Kelly is in soup o, every women is just against him, I hope this allegation of sexual assault against R. Kelly settles once and for all

  71. R Kelly all the way. It’s just allegations so he should put his life on hold for it? You are entitled to your own opinion Koker

  72. I think Mr Kelly should’ve celebrated his birthday in a low key considering all the rumors flying around.

  73. Wetin concerned you! Biko nu leaves R Kelly Joor. So bcos he get case for ground then he know go celebrate he self. Just mind your biz and face your career Joor.

  74. So what if R Kelly celebrate his birthday? I believe he celebrated it because he is innocent of all this sexual lies levied against him,R Kelly pls go ahead and celebrate more birthdays

  75. Can you just imagine this one? Why won’t he celebrate his birthday? Please, better mind your business.

  76. Guy I think you better mind your business, how could you be accusing him of celebrating birthday because of the case been filled against him, I think you are very wrong guy.

  77. Its an allegation for God sake. Kokar mind ur own business. He has right to celebrate his birthday. Na him get him money ooo

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