Nigerian screenwriter reveals why he denied a student his ‘A’

A Nigerian screenwriter, Mfoniso Isong, has revealed why he denied a student his well deserved ‘A’ in an examination.

Nigerian screenwriter reveals why he denied a student his 'A' lailasnews

Taking to his Facebook page, Mfoniso Isong, revealed that he denied the student his ‘A’ because he wanted him to sit up, and not go around bragging about how brilliant he is. See what he wrote below;

“Give am 70 na, a subtle, but still voice told me”

It was my good side, but i just decided to ignore it

Early last year, a lecturer friend asked me to help him mark some exam scripts

I jumped in and did exactly what was on my mind

So, there is this particular student that had 70, but I decided to give him 69

I felt happy and fulfilled. I mean, me think that if i give this dude 70, he will go and testify in church about how he prayed fervently and all of that. He will go on and brag how brilliant he has always been

See, I’m not that wicked, I just like people sitting up


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  1. That is how Nigerian lecturers are
    Very wicked from the core of their beign
    Marking poor students down & playing god

    A lecturer in the developed world will even award the poor student a 75% for impressing him!

  2. This is the typical wicked and cruel mind set that the average Naija lecturer has. So over bloated with self importance with the addition of a God complex.

  3. See your baseless and weak excuses!!! If the student merited the A, how is it your business? OK. OK. Assuming the student had 39.9% would you have been fair enough to give him 40% or just leave it at 39.9? One of the people that derive joy in others losses!!

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