Nigerian police officer spotted preaching in public bus

A Nigerian police officer has been hailed after doing an unexpected thing inside a bus. The officer took his time to preach to other passengers in the bus and he surely got their attention.

The policeman urged the passengers to repent and turn from their evil ways as he prayed for them.

Nigerian police officer spotted preaching in public bus lailasnews 5
Nigerian police officer spotted preaching in public bus

Damilola Osinubi-Dahunsi who lives in Abuja shared footage of the officer in action.

Facebook users who were also surprised by the viral videos of the policeman preaching, took to the platform to praise him, with some saying he should be the kind of person leading the “corrupt” Nigerian police force.

Olisaemeka Okonkwo wrote;
Here comes the new Nigeria we have long waited for, to God alone be all the glory. See more reactions below.
Some time ago, a policeman decided to visit the popular Alaba international market in Lagos, to preach to the traders.
The man did not seem to mind passersby as he did what he came to do, armed with his Bible and a gramophone.


    • Meaning, it’s not delightful an officer preached the gospel, bcoz he’s not a Muslim, let’s not fanatical

  1. Its really cool, after all preaching is not left for some particular set of people. Well done oga police.

  2. Thank you for great work of God, More Grace for the of father, this is people will need in country.weldone officer.

  3. Unbelievable, I hope Nigeria is changing for the better for a police officer to preach I believe God has something in-store for this country.

  4. praise God. Indeed revival is taking place gradually, but I pray God that this man will withstand persecution cause in a short while his corrupted and beguiled colleague will want him to compromise.

  5. Wee can’t judge him yet
    Because we have paint police black doesn’t mean everybody is like them

  6. I’m definitely astonished. He deserves commendations surely. If 70 percent of police men were like him, our police force will be one of the best around the globe.

  7. Wow what a splendid surprise…some police men actually love and respect God so much.keep it up,,you are doing a great job and is a good example to other police men.

  8. We want more of this. God bless the police man, keep it up,,you are doing a great job and is a good example to other police men.

  9. Police man preaching in a bus, thank God for this wonderful sacrifice… Nigeria is changing for better

  10. God bless him real good.Just because is a police officer does not mean he is corrupt or cant be a born again to preach the gospel.

  11. He is obeying the commandement, “go ye to all nations and preach the gospel” irrespective of your profession, keep it up.

  12. That is a good development a policeman preaching the gospel. The Lord Almighty will continue to strengthen him

  13. Wow so a police officer can do this, unbelievable that means this is a new beginning for the Nigeria Police Force.

  14. Lol, is hard to see a police man preaching, well is all good, let the gospel of Christ be spread amongst men

  15. this is people will need in country.weldone officer.. The Lord Almighty will continue to strengthen him

  16. Wow! This is what we have always been looking for and I pray that God will continue to change this country totally.

  17. This is unbelievable, well he was moved by the Spirit of God to proclaim goodnews to the poor, well done officer of the cross.

  18. There’s no one the good Lord cannot use to pass His message across. I hope he practices what he preaches

  19. Wow so thoughtful
    Really good
    Its really hard to see police man preaching
    God will surely bless you sir

  20. Thank God for the life of this officer and for the salvation of his soul, may God use him to touch other police officer to follow suit so that sanity will come to the Nigerian police

  21. Surprise if a police man can repent what of me and u even preach with his uniform may god take the glory

  22. This is wonderful, it’s very commendable. This is an example of the few Christians who put their earthly work in second place and their heavenly duties first.

  23. This is exactly the kin of policeman we need in Nigeria. I pray God locates him to the post of an IG this January b4 elections

  24. Not all the military man are bad but it just because if their training in the camp make most of them be like that

  25. Wao!!am short of words,keep it up . That is very good of are a good example,it’s good to live an impactful life

  26. There are good people even in the Nigeria Police. I join others to commend this officer. May God gave him more grace and take him to areas of influence in the force.

  27. How I love this!!! If every one can be preaching and teaching as this then the nation will be a better place!!!

  28. This is wonderful…I am challenged. I never heard of a police man on his uniform preaching the word of God. He must be a source of blessings

  29. For the police man to be so bold enough to preach in the public against corruption meant he has the fear of God in his life. People like these are needed to restructure Nigeria police force from its rottenness if given the opportunity.

  30. Wow! This is really inspiring. If a police officer can do these.I think The kingdom of God shall be filled with those people we look at and conclude they won’t make heaven

  31. Good job for the Police officer but he supposed to preach in nifty not in uniform so that it’s will not give a wrong inspiration

  32. Accolades to that police man, he has expressed his love for God not minding himself as a police officer, the gospel of Jesus Christ is life and trust


  34. This is what we all long for in This country, security officer can also preach repentance in the public

  35. This is wonderful am so happy to see this,I wish we will have a very good number of this men in police force

  36. That’s something to emulate and I hope the other uniform officers will learn something from him they may see him as a fool preaching with his uniform on he’s not ashamed of his work because he did not do something to be ashamed of keep it up officer

  37. If the Nigerian polices wil have good men a good percentage of the problem in this nation will be solved

  38. How I wish many of them can follow his foot steps. Hope Nigerians will make this one go viral as against the negative ones.

  39. Police man is also a human being, there is nothing wrong in him preaching the word of God. May God reward him for taking out time to do this.

  40. The gospel is not ment for only the minister to preach ,it is mentor for all children of God, provided you know what you are saying, a dinner can repent at any time and also preach the gospel, it’s is as the spirit leads, thanks to God for the police officer, the heavens are rejoicing over him

  41. Good to hear that police man preaching, people only knows police With bad qulity but thank God there good one.

  42. Wow amazing but we don’t meet such police men on the road or in a case I wonder where they are being well BT as u preach in the buses preach to ur fellow police men tioo

  43. Am impressed. That is really a good way for Nigeria… I think if we can see more of this kind of people. Nigeria will be a better place for us all

  44. This indeed calls for a very big celebration and to inform others who thinks uniforms is a life time course but not knowing that the word of God is our only life time course am happy for him he has just declare his position in Christ

  45. That is so exemplary and worthy of commendation. We all need God to be fulfilled in life. God bless you officer.

  46. This is to let you know that being a police officer should not stop you from being a practicing child of God. Well done office. God will increase your anointing

  47. This is good, it’s the kind of Nigeria we all pray for. A Nigeria where police officer will preach repentance rather than bribe.

  48. This is great. Naija police shouldn’t be known for bad things. For once let their name ring for something good

  49. that is a good work at least there is a good man in police.oga keep ur good work up,don’t allow the bad egg to corrupt u.

  50. Wow, seems God has actually called this policeman to preaches to people…. thank God for his life.

  51. If police people are like this man, they won’t be any trouble or false accusations and collection of bribes. God bless that police man for doing such thing in the bus

  52. Good people still exist, no matter where you find yourself, don’t critised people much maybe you see them doing evil thing for money no some people are not like that, I remember the time my Dad had issue with someone he paid the police man to kill my father but the police nan confess.

  53. A great call from the police man himself
    He shouldn’t relent because of what people say and ride on

  54. wonder shall never end police preaching what did he want to prove over there after preaching he will go and start doing there bad job again

  55. This is unbelievably true. But it’s a good example to the corrupt world and I hope the learn from the good virtues of this man’s act,

  56. That’s very good and bold of him for him to preach in a bus he must be a God fearing police officer may God continue to bless you and the works of your hands amen

  57. Christ commanded us to preach the gospel wherever we find ourselves so he Is doing the right thing if his intentions are pure

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