Nigerian Police allegedly asks lady for the receipt of her dog

An aggrieved Nigerian lady took to social media to narrate her encounter with the police after she was stopped at the checkpoint.

Nigerian Police asks lady for the receipt of her dog

According to the young lady, the police requested for the receipt of her dog after they didn’t see anything wrong with her car papers.

“Naaa these police people are mental

Is a police supposed to stop you for carrying dog in your car?

Is it anywhere in the books that say there’s a license for dogs?

This police man stops me on the road and was asking me for the receipt of my dog. That i stole the dog, I asked him to show me where in their police books it states that they should be asking for dog receipts.

Opened the rules I have and asked him to show me, maybe it’s a fine print I missed. And he kept quiet and let me go.

He didn’t see anything wrong with the car or my papers it’s dog he saw. Rubbish”, she tweeted.

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