Nigerian outspoken atheist arrested for blasphemy, hasn’t been seen since

Mubarak Bala, president of the Humanist Affiliation of Nigeria, was arrested on the 28th of April after he made a post on Facebook, calling the Prophet Muhammad a terrorist.

Nigerian outspoken atheist arrested for blasphemy, hasn't been seen since lailasnews

He was arrested in Kano by the state police after being accused of violating anti-blasphemy legal guidelines, which may carry a loss of life sentence.

His wife, Amina Ahmed knew her husband was taking monumental dangers with a few of his Facebook posts criticizing Christianity and Islam in Nigeria.

She wished him to be free to consider no matter he wished. However she anxious the staunchly Muslim neighborhood he was born into would retaliate.

“It’s best to simply relax,” she remembers telling him. “They don’t care. They will simply kill you and nothing occurs.”

Nobel Prize-winning author Wole Soyinka wrote that Mr. Bala’s arrest was a part of a “plague of spiritual extremism” that has in current many years encroached on the harmonious Nigeria he grew up in.

Mr. Bala is believed to be the primary atheist arrested in Nigeria for blasphemy, however Muslims typically fall afoul of the blasphemy legal guidelines within the Islamic authorized system adopted 20 years in the past by the nation’s northern states.

This month, Yahaya Sharif Aminu, 22, a singer in Kano was discovered responsible of blasphemy and sentenced to loss of life for circulating a tune he had composed, which critics mentioned elevated a Senegalese imam above the Prophet Muhammad. He was arrested in March after protesters burned down his household house.

See some reactions to his arrest below;

@b0rderlying: Perhaps Nigerians that immigrate to the US do so well compared to other minority immigrant groups because they reject unyielding, dogmatic religious principles, whether they are overtly religious or not. In fact, many flee to escape the abandonment of reason and objectivity.

@SuleymanHeseno9: I think there’s no need for blasphemy, I mean it’s not worth it. we should just explain to them that these kind of cults ( religions ) are threat to the society, and only thing a religion leads people into is ignorance

@Bee84335803: As a Nigerian living in Nigeria I must say that this is a common practice especially in the North were you can’t be freely irreligious. Even the current genocides happening in the country usually have religious undertones. And the sad thing is that the parent religions in Nigeria are completely foreign. Before the 1400s no word was heard about Christianity or Islam and now we’re killing ourselves based off what started in another part of the world.

@ErinSakip: Religion was “introduced” to Africa and the rest of the world. Yet when someone does not accept it they could be killed for this. Nothing has changed for 2 thousand years. People are intolerant to other beliefs.

@ariyanmalik409: What is wrong with people I wonder…you are conscious beings but acting crazy. Why is it important to hurt other people’s feelings, I mean if they wanna believe anything let them. Obviously they did wrong by arresting this man but I think we shouldn’t hurt feelings of others.

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