Nigerian man walks with his head after getting high on drugs (Video)

A Nigerian man was spotted walking with his head after he allegedly got getting high on drugs, this is according to a viral Twitter video.

Nigerian man walks with his head after getting high on drugs (Video) lailasnews

In the trending video of a young Nigerian man that is said to be high on drugs can be seen behaving abnormally.

People gathered around the scene to look at him display his abnormal act. They later poured water on him after which he started walking with his head on the ground, putting his head and hands on the ground and started moving around.

The video was posted on Twitter by @Officialericjr1 who wrote;

Lets #SayNoToDrugs #SayNoToDrugAbuse We all love you.

Listen to what we say, watch our videos and be enlightened. I just pray this guy did not die.

Watch weird video below;

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  1. When you tell them to stay away from drugs they will not hear. This guy is just two minutes away from madness.

  2. I wonder what people benefits from these hard drugs n alcohols…. It diminishes the brain sense organs

  3. What a pity….people like this are not melt to be living with people….drunkers should be jailed…
    #Say no to drug

  4. They wont listen when you tell them to leave hard drugs, now look at this public disgrace. A big lesson to other guys out there

  5. I’m sure he has been warned several times to stop his drug abuse but he wouldn’t listen. Instead of thinking and planning ur future. May God deliver you.

  6. There’s no intervention, start with prevention.
    Illegal use of drugs is increasing day by day; both in children and adults.
    May God give us wisdom and strength to abstain from drug Abuse

  7. Hahaha… I really wonder what some youth gain from taking a substance that can destroy their brains. Please say no to drugs! It does more harm than good

  8. This is very funny but should not be taken lightly.. Drugs addiction have destroyed the majority of the youths in the country and I think the government should step up.

  9. I just wonder how people enjoy taking what makes them abnormal, what’s the gain in doing what your brain cannot Carry? I pray God restores him

  10. when u tell young people to leave drugs it’s like u don’t like them see d kind of disgraced his brought to himself say no to drugs

  11. The effect of drugs ain’t positive, abuse of things is not the solution with this I hope he learns his lesson

  12. Chai..and they will be warning you people to stop taking hard drugs buy you won’t listen..may God help you

  13. Hahaha very very high people will not help their life by fleeing from drugs I don’t even know what they gain by doing drugs please let’s say no to drugs

  14. That is too bad for him, now that he had learn in hard way, he we not involved him self in such kind of things again

  15. Bad thing is bad ooh.!!just look at him, somebody’s son is wasting all because of drug gush! I pray he survives this disgraceful act and this video shall played for him to watch and see what he did to himself, how he disgraced himself and his family…

  16. Weed no be for small pikin, if you eventually comes back to normal, I advice you don’t try it again. Say no to drug abuse

  17. What’s the gain in taking such types of drug. Why even waste money he could have used for food or something on such. I hope he learns his lesson. He should be arrested if he gets better so they can know who sells what he took

  18. Say no to drugs abuse, see as he is walking with his head, why not forsake drugs taken and do better things with your life.

  19. Drugs is killing them and yet they won’t stay away from it. This boy just turned himself into something else with his drug intake. Drug is a NO NO

  20. Will the world ever win the war against drugs abuse? Aren’t the powers that be, involved in this drug business itself? This might sound like a conspiracy theory, if we think again, maybe We’ll start asking viable questions.

  21. This is serious, I believe when he watch this video he will b shamed of him self and advise him self to stop drinking alcohol

  22. I have been laughing so hard hard after reading this. Why will someone taking something dangerous into his system all in the name of getting high… Hard drugs is not for our youths..#say_no_to_hard_drugs

  23. Despite decades of crusades against drug abuse, it still continues to be a vice our crippling the sanity or our society.
    Yet, we won’t abort the crusade until drug abuse is brought to an ending halt.

  24. What is the need for getting high? That thing u thing u can’t do until u get high why not try doing it with your clear eye? People are just destroying their selves with hard drugs

  25. These are some of the effect of drugs he’s lucky he did not run mad after the excessive use of the drugs

  26. hahahaha funny but not funny though…if they tell them dont do drugs they wont listen see your life…anyway God have mercy on you most kinda people needs our prayers to change its more or less demonic spirit they find it hard to stay off from because of friends and back company

  27. Well, say no to drug makes one behave abnormally.. He’s now a disgrace.. His family members would be ashamed.

  28. Lmao.. Walking with head fa? Didn’t know what to expect when I opened the article.. Drug abuse is very bad o..

  29. The manufacturers of all these hard drugs including alcohol always warns to drink responsibly. My adviser for this victim of hard drug is that he should stop drinking it for him not to be messing himself around again

  30. Say no to drugs. I don’t know what people see that makes them take drugs to the extent that they misbehave

  31. nawa ooooo…can you imagine this guy is just disgracing men all over the world what you are not use to leave it is not by force #saynotodrugsabuse

  32. This is good news,when you tell them to stop,they will not agree,this drugs things in Nigeria is too high,this is bad of people,so now he is walking with his hand,he hasn’t seen anything, this is too bad of him

  33. When you advice them to stop substance abuse they will call you old skool. Negodu, look at how this one just disgraced himself and his whole family on social media.

  34. The FG has been trying to put an end to the abuse of drugs . I think the change will definitely start with you and I with public awareness . Say no to drugs

  35. This is a drug abuse, he should learn after this incident and stop the drug habit when he gets better for the sake of his health.

  36. Who give am the drug no be him use is hand to do it…. Lol I swear shayo na bastard he now started using is head to work

  37. He will not die, even in this our generation you hardly find one who doesn’t drug, such person is rare to find nowadays

  38. Let’s not say no to drugs, let them take as much as they can, am I the one suffered it now? He will soon walk with his back senseless human being.

  39. Drug can make a meek person to misbehave, so let’s live a drug free life. See what drugs has turned a grown up into.

  40. Types of science students, This is another science student, only God can save our brothers that have mixed chemicals for long.
    Please keep off drugs.

  41. They will never listen when advised to stay away from the abuse of drugs. Most of them think if they don’t do drugs they’ll be weaklings among their peers. They feel taking drugs is the best way to escape depression, not knowing its leading them into more depression. #SayNotoDrugAbuse and live a better and fulfilled life.

  42. Our youths should engage themselves in profitable ventures they can help them stay off wayward living.

  43. Say no to drugs! See what adult is doing now…this is shameful..he will regret when he is sober later…

  44. Say no to drugs abuse is what government should work more upon this day . drugs is now what nigerian youth now see as nomal things to do

  45. This still happens despite the talks and moves against drug abuse.
    Drug abuse has become a great menace and threat to the sanity of our dear nation, we must combat it with all seriousness and alacrity.
    That’s good for him anyway, very shameful.

  46. Doing drugs cannot be a physical thing. It is demonic, satanic and devilish. Drugs kills! Drug kills! If you want to feel good, drink Coca Cola Lol.

  47. Na so, you guys should leave him alone. He is still dinning with the spirits. When the drugs fade away, he will be back with his senses.

  48. Drugs abuse is affecting Nigeria youth negatively, how on earth will such guy think righteously? Youth say no to drug abuse.

  49. People should stop abusing drugs, taking drugs to high unnecessary is capable of killing, hope he doesn’t go mentally deranged after this experience

  50. What type of drug will make a normal man not normal…walking with his hands and head. I guessed it’s a Ghana weed

  51. Most mad men on the streets are not there because of only spiritual attacks but drug overdose. May God help them listen so their lives can be meaningful and useful.

  52. I really do not have much to say on this, if you can’t stop the abusing drugs go on enjoy it, till it sends you to your early grave

  53. Despite the awareness that is been done in so many places about the dangers of doing drugs, some people won’t take heed. I really pray that he doesn’t run mad or even loose his life as a result of the drugs he took. I really hope he survives it and learns from this experience and stay away from doing drugs

  54. Can you see your life now, they caution you saying No To Drugs Abuse or anything in line with it, is for our own good now, may this be a lesson for u and some that do have this hobbit if getting high in their mendular

  55. Hahahahahahahaaha!

    Who is saying behaving abnormally?


    For im mind, na we dey abnormal o.

    He’s now thinking he’s higher than the Most High.

    Nigerian youths and drugs! May God save our generation o!

  56. When I saw this post, I thought the title was just a figure of speech until I clicked and read it.
    This should not continue next year please.

  57. Despite the awareness people refuse to stay away from drug… This thing is killing faster than any diseases.

  58. That’s the effect of drugs abuse, despite the awareness on media but our young people refuse to say no to drug abuse

  59. People should learn to stop abusing drugs,many people are mad today because of drug abuse. I believe this will serve as a lesson to others.

  60. My first advice goes to our youths please avoid taken alcoholic drinks and others related to it,not only it affects you physically but also mentally and my second advice goes to the government please improve our drug trafficking agencies to help prevent the selling of on useful drug and drink. Maybe in that way we can overcome all this situation.

  61. Say no to drugs, youths of this days, not ready to hustle, drug abuse has no gain, its just close to madness

  62. Hahahaha, the man is a useless human being…the should allow him to use his head and walk..sounds funny

  63. Drug abuse is dangerous. Say no to drug abuse. Help yourself stay away from drug you will live longer.

  64. Getting high on drugs is very bad, look at what this man is doing to his self in public.the drugs law enforcement agencies should look into this matter of illegal drugs .

  65. Next time he should go and take drugs. stay away from drugs boys will not hear; next he will raise his legs up while working.

  66. Drug abuse has become order ofnthe day, some men or boys will think they are strong noting knowing what will become of them once they take drugs, ….imagine someone walking with his head after taking drugs, may God help him o

  67. Say no to drugs because it has destroyed so many people with great ambition and turned them useless to themselves and the society

  68. This drug turned him automatically into an imbecile. This is a dangerous drug. I pray he gets over the great effect of the drug.IJN Amen

  69. People gathered around the scene to look at him display his abnormal act. They later poured water on him after which he started walking with his head on the ground, putting his head and hands on the ground and started moving around.

  70. So so funny he is so high that head and hands has become what he will use to work, please let say no to drug.

  71. Lol at these crazy being..
    Look at the way you want to useless ur life..
    Look at the effect of hard drug on you..
    You will just kill urself for nothing

  72. I don’t understand why people use their own money to punished themselves by taking drugs ,money which would have been use to invest on something better they rather prefer using it to punished themselves all in the name of being high.

  73. Sensami ganger, oya slow down on a weed diet. Takin too mch of it is actually a bad thing. I wonder wat they see in it

  74. I think it’s high time the government step up to their games with the plan to eradicate drug abuse, because we youths are the future of this great nation ,God bless Nigeria

  75. Drug abuse is another silent killer that is worse than Boko Haram, our government need to urgently address this insurgent too.

  76. #NOTODRUGS…..

  77. Tell them to free from drugs, they will not listen. Even the ones with light brain want to belong by taking drugs, thereby making themselves mad in the end

  78. Please say no to drug abuse because it always affects you one way or the other.Be warned please our youngs of today.

  79. What a life, some people think that getting high is what makes you belong especially among the youth. God help us.

  80. Lol,I don’t no why some people don’t use to reason, something that when you take it,it will be affecting you then why can’t you leave it for God sake.

  81. This is really bad.. Drug abuse has always been bad but people won’t abstain from it.. It has no gain at all.

  82. This is just the beginning, when u eat what you Dont know the effect just because you saw others doing it, brain strength are not the same , send him to phyc

  83. That’s what you get when you are addicted to drugs, if you are on drugs you need to change before its too late

  84. My mind tells me it may not just be drugs, I thing all these latest trends of yahoo Boys are involved. God help us

  85. God please do not allow him to die I just pray he will learn his lesson once he recovers. Please let’s say no to drugs abeg.

  86. Thats what he lead himself to, how come someone don’t know it’s level and just disgrace himself around even to his family, senseless guy.

  87. Good for him cause if they could have told him to stop he won’t have stop it, even he run mad that is his business

  88. Just look at how a grown up man like that is miss behaving… That is why we will say no to drug abuse

  89. Imagine the life of a person teken drugs and walking with head what a peaty and a nasty way of life God for give him

  90. The effects of hard drugs have always been preached, yet our youths prefer not to take heed. I pray he survives and learns from his experience.

  91. He just embarrassed himself because of drugs good for him hope he will learn his lesson from there when his fine say no to hard drugs

  92. Drug addiction is getting out of hand and majority our our youths are on either one drug or the other.

  93. I’m an advocate to #SayNoToDrugs, Drug abuse is really destroying the life of our youths in this country

  94. I don’t even know what they gain when they get drunk now he is a disgrace to himself and his families.

  95. Some of the drugs we take re harmful to our body be sure of the drugs you take before drinking may God have mercy on you.

  96. He that has ear let him hear, this is one is even more than hear, will I say he that has eyes let him see, all in the name of being high, high in one minute and madness in your entire life.

  97. That’s what happens to anybody that doesn’t know his limits in all these substances they take. Let’s see if he’ll learn from that when he gets back to normal.

  98. That’s the effect of drugs. When you tell them not to take drugs they will say no. But look at what drug has turned a man into

  99. Indeed the visible evidence of the effects of tramadol and codeine both combined together can produce something phenomenal and this is one of them disgraced humanity

  100. Drugs is very destructive to the system, so why will someone be invoved in it? This man has done so much havoc to his life.

  101. Say no to drug abuse
    And I don’t know why people are even sending the videos, it is not a thing of joy

  102. Lol
    Wrong caption
    It should have been Nigerian man walks on his head after getting high in cheap drugs


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