Nigerian man at the verge of suicide cries out for help on Facebook

A Nigerian man identified as Abodunrin Olatunde Nathaniel has taken to Facebook to narrate his current ordeal with life and how it is driving him to commit suicide.

Nigerian man at the verge of suicide cries out for help on Facebook

In his post, he gave a narration of how he was robbed of a huge amount of cash, which was the property of a certain group he belonged to.

He was forced to look for means to repay the loan, which has not been easy for him, as this, he said, has robbed him of his own life.

Read his post:

The challenge I am currently passing through has almost torn me apart that I am almost fed up with life itself.

My ordeal started a few months ago after I fell victim of robbery attack from a group of four armed men just a stone throw from my workplace around Gowon Estate. That evening, as I left the bank and was to cross the road to the other side, I saw two guys also cross with me, they were not looking dangerous so I didn’t really care about them, I thought they were just normal guys trying to cross the road like me, at the other side of the road two guys were also seen standing but I didn’t know they were thieves

Just as I crossed the road and got to a particular corner, all of a sudden, I just found myself being surrounded by those four guys, I didn’t know they were together, they placed me at the Centre, brought out their knives and threatened to stab and leave me for dead if I don’t cooperate, they told me that it doesn’t cost them anything to kill me.

So at that point I just had to obey all their orders. That night, I was carrying some money that belonged to a group I belonged, I went to withdraw the money for them after they requested for it. They dispossessed me of that money and fled on bikes, they had an organized gang. I had to repay the money from my personal pocket.

Just some days after the robbery incidence, while on official assignment from my workplace, I narrowly escaped death when I boarded a commercial motorcycle to beat the hold up so that I can get to where I wanted to work very quickly. Initially I had boarded a motor vehicle, but because of the hold up, I alighted and boarded the motorcycle.

Myself, the rider and the other passenger who were total strangers to eachother had a terrible accident that day and I broke my hand. I spent just a week at home and resumed back to work with bandage the next week. I so much believe in hard work, so I didn’t want to constrain myself to a position. During that period I resorted to prayer because I knew some things were not right.

The debt repayment had made me become very broke, but being a very ambitious person that I am, coupled with my desires to be an achiever by working hard, I never wanted my previous predicaments to stop me from moving on, I went to the bank and took a loan to re-start the journey, I was introduced to an online business which promised heaven and earth with irresistible promises and proofs so I ventured into it, but in the end it yielded nothing, this time again, it wasn’t my money but the bank’s.

This disappointment changed my countenance and affected me emotionally and I really craved death at that time. Still in the midst of the shock, while I went for an open air revival and prayers, my new phone which I bought a week before I was robbed got stolen.

Dejected and horrified, I asked myself ”what is my offence” to the best of my knowledge, I didn’t think I deserved all these. I told God to search my heart and look at the things I had vowed to do with His blessings in my life, but it seems all my hopes along this line was dashed.

The situation climaxed when the bank started sending me overdue payment reminders and calls, something was speaking to me to go and kill myself, saying that is the only escape route, the impression was so much in my heart like a command, I didn’t want to because I knew the implication, but the thought kept coming over and over again, it was during this stong moments that I wrote my facebook post.

Currently I’m still troubled and depessed because of the debts, these are trying times for me I pray I overcome

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