Nigerian man subjects his daughter to a boyfriend test

A lady on twitter shared screenshots of WhatsApp conversation of her friend, who was subjected to a boyfriend test by her father, the lady didn’t know she was chatting with her dad who asked her about her boyfriend and also asked her to send her account number so he could send her money which she refused before her dad disclosed his real identity.

Nigerian man subjects his daughter to a boyfriend test Lailasnews

The lady shared the details of the conversation on Twitter and wrote;

The funniest thing just happened😂. My friends dad just tested her to see if she really has a boyfriend or not😂😂 Nigerian parents tho😂😂

Read their conversation below,

See how some people reacted to their conversation on social media;

That thing you dey fyn, you go soon see am. I bet you this your daughter has up to four guys and extra three for substitute. You dey test grown up girl. #testus

Some bitter people here thinks its unreal because their parent dont have their time…take a chill and hope your kids have better parents.

Shebi when it’s time for her to marry, her father would marry her last last, some Nigerian parents and their mentality tho. Don’t tag me Biko, I am sleepinh

Ohhh my dad can so do this when am still very much young, he will call and pretend he is one of my toaster 😂😂😂 I love him so much

With good home training. Another babe for fall while some will rain curses

some girls actually don’t have a boyfriend. and many are beautiful. Sometimes you think something is wrong with them but then…

The girl had time to type plenty. I would have blocked the person long time ago

My kinda dad, I can surely do this to my daughter.

What do you think, did the man do the right thing to find out if her daughter has a boyfriend?



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