Nigerian man stripped naked while being arrested by Police in South Africa

According to reports reaching, a Nigerian man was arrested forcefully and brutally by metropolitan police officers in South Africa over his driver’s license. The young Nigerian man was stopped by the police officers while driving and it was discovered he had no driver’s license.

Nigerian man stripped naked while being arrested by Police in South Africa Lailasnews

The South Africa police officers who found out the Nigerian man has no driver’s license allegedly stripped the man naked as he was bundled into their vehicle in the process of his forcefully arrest.

Despite the man’s screams and shouting, the police officers continued with the arrest and placed him in handcuffs.

The Eze Ndigbo in South Africa took to his Facebook page to post the below;

Nigeria government see what South African Government are doing to Nigeria in South Africa, n*ked him, heating him on his p*nis because of driving Licence of which his friend said he got. Black Africa are Selevery in South Africa, Exenophobia is better than slave. Why South African forces is very wicked towards Nigeria in South Africa why?

See photos below;

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Several Nigerians have been reacting to the arrest on social media;

First of black people we hate ourselves so I’m not surprise if a white person should do this they would say black life matter we have no love for ourselves God help us tho

The question is why is he naked? What happened to his clothes?

Driving without a drivers license is a crime …. resisting arrest is also a crime …. Nigerians need to learn how to do the things the right way … just because you used to get fake driving license in Nigeria or used to driving without a license makes it alright for you to do that in another man’s country … you can’t go to another man’s house and break his house laws …. i quote “if you do anyhow , You go see anyhow” … thank u



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