Nigerian man stops SARS officers from making illegal arrest (Video)

The moment a Nigerian man stopped SARS officers from illegally arresting some young men in Lagos yesterday, was captured on video.

According to a narration by a twitter user, the police officers had sighted the young men in the car and decided to stop them, despite not having a search warrant.

Nigerian man stops SARS officers from making illegal arrest (Video)

The good Samaritan would however not have any of that and demanded to know the reason why they wanted to arrest the guys. Of course, they couldn’t present any tangible warrant for their arrest.

Read how the event unfolded:

Now that we are back to #EndSARS once again, I think today is a perfect time to put this out there.My egbon @GbemiFizzyencountered these men of the @PoliceNGfrom Ogudu station & the following ensued.Watch the video carefully & I will tell you the back story!THREAD!

Check the time stamp on the video above and you’ll see that this happened yesterday and it was all caught on @GbemiFizzy’s dashcam.Thank God for him. He used his influence to save some young boys from the snare of Ogudu police officers. #EndSARS

This happened around toll-gate (7up area) in Lagos. The young men were heading to Lekki, when the blue Police bus started driving erratically, overtook the Camry and stopped abruptly to corner the car from moving further.

While the police officers were trying to effect the ILLEGAL arrest of the occupants of the Camry, they almost hit @GbemiFizzy’s car and that was what caught his attention.So, he decided to wade into the matter and make an inquest into the attempted arrest.

The @PoliceNGofficers immediately alighted from their bus and started barking at the occupants of the vehicle to alight from their car.The young men were already terrified and obviously targeted. They had been trailing them for a while.

Within a minute they had started harassing the young men before @GbemiFizzystepped in.When he requested to know what the boys had done wrong, they started asking him to park well, which he refused to, thereby creating traffic on the express.

So, Mr @GbemiFizzyparked right there in the middle of the road and alighted from his vehicle.Of course, trust Nigerian police officers when they see someone confidently challenging them when they’re on illegal duty. They wanted him to leave.

As you can hear from the audio in the video, the police officers could not say exactly what the young men in the Camry did wrong. They could not answer a simple question; “What did they do?” They had no business doing what they’re doing and they knew it.

After some seconds, one of them started requesting that@GbemiFizzyidentifies himself. He replied the officer point blank & confidently; “What has my identity got to do with this?”Still no response. They knew they had bitten more they could actually chew. Bastards!

When they figured that @GbemiFizzywas not going to backdown, they started appealing.You can hear them saying; “Oga sorry.” “Well done Sir.”Oh my God! I will give anything to be at that scene. Only problem be say I go scatter everything!




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