Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles (Photos/Videos)

David Amoh from Anambra state said ”Christianity is a scam worse than slavery, Jesus and Mary are Nonsense” on Facebook as he tears and also burning bibles and other religious material.

He shared the video on his Facebook page which many people have found disturbing and troubling.

See some photos and video below;

Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles Lailasnews1Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles Lailasnews2Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles Lailasnews3Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles Lailasnews4


See some comments the video of burning bibles has generated on social media,

Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles Lailasnews2Nigerian man seen tearing and burning bibles Lailasnews7

@ kollington007

This guy has finally gone mad🙆🙆🙆




Some pple will say he’s a muslim now


lol none taken, enjoy the rest of your as well.


be wise. God cannot be mocked


Why are you igbo please 😢


God bless u,I didn’t just want to go far with words 😷



Saul do pass you and God Still used him greatly am very sure you will do great and might things for the kingdom of our lord Jesus …


bro, that’s not particularly true. Christianity isn’t more tolerant than Islam, it depends on the time you lived. Have you heard about The Inquisition which started as early as the 11th century, which escalated into the Roman, Spanish Inquisitions of the 15-16th century when heretics were burnt to death all in the name of Jesus Christ. I don’t know how much you know of the 12th century and also the modern day antisemitism. I can go on and on, but violence is a tenet of Christianity (that’s fact according to the bible itself). If you wish to emulate a religion devoid of any form of violence and intolerance, then there’s one you should reference, and it’s Jainism. Go look it up!!!


He does not have to loose his life, God forgive him cos he doesn’t know what he’s doing


Lol whats he saying ?


Obviously high on weed


Also burn the Quran publicly as you strong. This na Wayo, Christian will pray for forgiveness while the Muslims go just kill you. Peace and war religion.




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