Nigerian man reveals why his friend started hating his wife after childbirth

A Nigerian man whose friend started hating his wife after childbirth, took to Twitter to reveal the reason behind the ‘hate’ and also advice other women.

Nigerian man reveals why his friend started hating his wife after childbirth lailasnews

According to the Nigerian man, his friend started hating his wife after childbirth because she got fat, had stretch marks and also a had a big tummy. @Goldpromotionz who asked ladies to stay in shape for their husbands, wrote;

A friend of mine once told me he began to hate his wife immediately she gave birth. He said when they married she was cute, nice shape, nice body and everything But immediate she got pregnant, she became fat, and when she gave birth her stomach was big, she had stretch marks

She started wearing wrapper all over the house, eating anyhow, he said he couldn’t even bring himself to sleep on the same bed with her. My advice to you ladies is try to stay in the shape your husband met you, somethings are huge turn offs for men

And even if they might not tell you, they would end up going outside to look for the younger ones to please themselves

Nigerian man reveals why his friend started hating his wife after childbirth  lailasnews 1


  1. That’s very true, women after giving birth turns their self to something else, especially that tying wrapper issue, please women always put your self in good shape…. It really matters..

  2. All wat your friend said is rubbish, because he must have know that wen woman get pregnant every things we change for her, stating from her body shape den also her character also we change, so he should have know all dis before getting marry to a lady

  3. It depends on the woman there are some that become lazy after childbirth and let themselves go while some keep exercising to make their body firm

  4. Its only natural for women to change after giving birth but at the same time i will implore all women to always look at their best even after giving birth

  5. Those are very true but that’s not enough reason to hate on a woman u once love . Stretch mark is body beauty . A wonder can’t do without this at a certain level in her life . Those excuses are not justified

  6. Hate? This reasons are not justified to hate your wife……do you really know the meaning of the word “hate”…..most of these sometimes even not her fault

  7. What has he done to help her come back to the shape? They both own the child she brought forth so why he is suddenly hating her…that means he married her for her physical looks alone…total rubbish i must say!

  8. He must have know that wen woman get pregnant every things we change for her, stating from her body shape den also her character also we change, so he should have know all dis before getting marry to a lady

  9. Some women are like that, once they get married, they no longer take care of themselves. But it’s not enough reason for a man to hate his wife. He should help her to get back to shape rather.

  10. Why hate your wife for such useless reasons, weren’t you awear of all the changes in a woman after child birth before you got married..

  11. Its good for ladies to maintain themselves after childbirth, but the issue of getting fat is normal for some people and its not the reason for a man to cheat

  12. this man was not prepare for marriage before he went into it that is the cause of his hatred for his wife.

  13. Women you heard him but its you guys that makes their body to look like that . so you need to endure.

  14. It is none of your friends business weather your wife gets fat after giving birth , your wife’s structure is for you first before any other person

  15. Your friend is crazy,,who made her like that,before she married her was she like that,why hating her,just call her politely and tell her what you don’t like about her new look now,instead on telling your friend about your wife and that you hate her

  16. Why hate her? Because of those reasons? They are never justifiable. Besides, if those were reasons you should hate her, you shouldn’t had gotten her pregnant then.

  17. This is a two way problem. First the married women when they get married allow themselves freely and feel they have arrived and never care to take care of there body to look attractive as they where when her husband met her. They start eating anyhow and the worst is the rapper own. Even to some, there husband will complain and they wouldn’t listen and do as they like. But that doesn’t give the husband the room to cheat on his wife too. I think some husband should apply more pressure on there wife’s to keep shape and fit or they will lose there interest on them. Also help to watch what they eat and support them in providing for they need to keep them young and beautiful like they like it.

  18. Dat man is not serious. Does she think dat the woman like those changes on her appearance. Especially the stretch marks on her belly. She just have to endure dem cos of joy of motherhood. Those are the things she saw as a woman. And thats what makes a woman. Most women tend to grow fat as they give birth no matter how they try to control it.

  19. I don’t think your friend is in his right mind to hate your own wife because she added weight after childbirth. His reason is not good enough for hating her

  20. This is rubbish…
    he don’t know when he was doing press up in d but about….
    Well how does his mum looks now
    The thing is after getting pregnant ehn most of us just go back to olden days lifestyle

  21. In most cases, a woman may not have full control of the changes that childbirth imposes on her body. But she should do her best to remain attractive to her husband. The husband too should show some understanding.

  22. That a very silly reason instead of complaining he should take care of his wife and make her look beautiful again

  23. All what he’s saying is rubbish, does he think that woman likes her present shape, all those things on her body was as a result of child birth and not her own making, as her husband you tend to help her regain her former shape and not by maltreatment. If only men knew what child birth is they ll forever be grateful to God and their wife.

  24. If d man what d woman 2 remain in d same shape Dat he met her y did he got d gal pregnant he could have waited until when his ready 2 av a child cos after child birth ur as a woman ur body will never remain d same n is d men Dat cost it

  25. As much as he is somewhat right to not be *happy* with her new look it shouldn’t be something that inspires hate, and besides this shows he married her for her body and not for who she is.. Anyways he should help to help her get back in shape and the wife should try to work on herself

  26. That’s not enough reason to hate her. U see after giving birth a woman’s belly will be big. It takes time even months to go down and secondly, as a nursing mother, she will eat enough food so that the baby will always have breast milk to suck. He should reasonable and not hating her

  27. That is actually true but the fact still remains that it is not their fault that they becomes fats and has stretched lines on their body, it is the nature of some of them

  28. He should try and endure it. And women please see it if you try taking care of yourself especially after giving birth.

  29. It doesn’t matter that all woman are the same. But he should put more effort on her. So that other people will not be interact to their affairs.

  30. It’s so sad. that most women don’t know how happy men are wen they see their wife sexy and attractive

  31. This is aren’t nonsense cos it was that same man that makes his wife to loose her shape in the first place by impregnanting her. He should have just continue watching her like a statue. What rubbish?

  32. It is not easy for them to get back to the shape they are before marriage because they have gone through the process of child birth so is not easy on them

  33. They did not creat thair self like that,but mean why some ladys do pakage after birth but they need men support.

  34. Sometimes after giving birth they feel too lazy,on taking good care of themselves its up to the man,to help her and keep her in good shape

  35. Honestly some married women are the reason their husbands cheats..for the fact that u are married isnt a license to dirtiness

  36. True words man, Nigeria women should learn to always remain attractive even after childbirth, some women need to learn how to remain beautiful the same way they were before they got married

  37. this is not an excuse for a man to stop loving his wife..its mostly nat
    ural to add extra pounds after childbirth but belive losing weight is not easy ..if he loves his wife he would help her achieve weight loss.women should also try to keep in shape cos men are mostly attracted by what they see

  38. That’s the real truth, some ladies ones they got married, everything about them changed, which suppose not to be so, they should remain the same way they were when their husband approached them for marriage

  39. Hmmm oga, that stretch mark is as a child she bear for you, and her stomach becoming big may be as a result of the way she gave birth maybe cs, is not everyone that has slim body, even when they starve they still grow fat, though some women are something else , extremely dirty and unkempt

  40. The advice to other women is good. But i blame the man why can’t he seat the wife down and talk sense to her about her shape than telling a friend.

  41. The way you saw her and got married to her can still be rearrange if you’ve true love for her… her to your attention and let her know things she’s doing that makes you to hate her look and appearance…..she has become a Mum and is trying to make up and blend like a Mum…but you can still call her dear….

  42. But dat doesn’t make him to hate, is he not educated dat every woman changes when they are pregnant or has given birth.
    And said for d womans, if u are pregnant or has given birth it doesn’t make u to just stop taking good care of Ur body, u have to look good so dat strangers will not believe u hv given birth

  43. But dat reason doesn’t make him to hate his wife,is he not educated, dat every woman changes when they are pregnant or has given birth
    And as for woman u have to keep ur body clean and dress up not bcus u have given birth u will now started tieing wrappers

  44. That man is not well at all so dat means he don’t want his wife ti give birth, something is fishy somewhere

  45. This is the reason why we should be careful in choosing our spouses and even at that wives should exercise and keep themselves in shape for their husbands.

  46. He should know that when woman get pregnant everything will change for her, otherwise he should have know all dis before getting marry to a lady

  47. Rubbish. Meaning you married her for the shape and everything. If you couldn’t love your mum less,why love her less?? Rubbish

  48. This is hard-core truth. However, he should discuss the challenge with his wife and help her to be nice looking again.

  49. That’s the problem of some woman. They did it thinking that its of no use to wear like a lady ,thinking that wearing sharp clothing is for young girls who never marry. Bad mentality

  50. That husband is not in his right senses for the fact that she added during pregnancy and while she gave birth is not what he should complain about,only the fact she ties wrapper and does not dress well is worth he should buttress on

  51. That man did not love his wife,why will he hate his wife ,not girlfriend but wife for that matter,I think something is wrong somewhere.

  52. Your friend lacks sense
    I’d there’s something about your wife you don’t like
    Why not tell her bout it and talk things through instead of staying mute and going out to discuss her with others

  53. Rubbish talk, stupidity of highest grade. Do you think it easy to carry live inside of you for 9months? People nowadays just come on social media to show there ignorance

  54. That’s rubbish. Who made the woman to change in size and added stretch marks to her body, is it no the man. She eats too much so as to have enough breast milk to breast feed the baby. She ties wrapped to fill a bit comfortable bcos it’s not so easy getting back to her old self. That friend of yours done have an excuse

  55. You should try to be a woman and then give birth and breastfeed a baby, then you can come back and say this rubbish, every woman’s body is not the same, some put to bed and stay in shape while some can’t.

  56. That the woman got fat or had stretch marks after child birth is not a enough reason for her husband to hate her. Is he married to the body or the woman. If he has any problem with the way the woman looks now he should open up and tell her.. We ladies are also meant learn from this.

  57. Is normal thing that men do . But if only women will try to take care of themselves even after childbirth , look attractive for your husband . Ladies ,take note this is an open secret

  58. The woman should also try to package herself and stop wearing rapper all around the compound,instead of her to look for bumb short

  59. Well spoken, but der is nothing wrong in talking to ur wife about it in a calm way, do d woman can careful wen it comes to maintenance of her body

  60. That’s true.. We men hate it wen women no longer take care of their body anymore… But I also think the man should have talk to her concerning her new look ,,,if possible, take her to the gym

  61. If you would hate her after childbirth then don’t marry her at all…. But you ladies should try to maintain yourselves

  62. Is true but that doesn’t make you hate your wife to the extend of divorce.. Remember she is not her fault…look for solution rather than have a negative thought about your wife.

  63. This man is not very wise o. What were u expecting after child birth. U better get ur self together and stay with ur wife.

  64. Good advice, women should maintain their good shape even after birth….. But that shouldn’t make the man hate his wife

  65. That is why it is good to marry not because of shape beauty and physical appearance only always marry for Love that can not be explained.

  66. Some women thinks that once they are married all their problem is over and they start dressing anyhow won’t be able to take care of their self again that’s very bad it gives guys the opportunity to start looking outside. Ladies beware.

  67. Is nice to stay in shape after putting to birth, my fellow ladies needs to control their eating habits immediately after breastfeeding because this is the only time you control it, as for me I do get fat whenever am pregnant but after breastfeeding my baby, I start watching my weight, I gather to slim down and take care of my tummy, after having two kids, I still look like I haven’t gotten married and people finds it hard to believe. My secret though my hubby told me if I get fat he will stop flexing me and start cheating. Lol

  68. My dear marriage is for better for worse, evey woman change after giving birth we can only control it if we can but we can change so u as a man still need to help her

  69. dis is really true I hope all women sees this….I don’t know y dey believe dat as soon as dey have given birth dey Ave finally become most welcome nd owner of d house thus dey stop looking beautiful for their husband nd puts d blames on d children

  70. I’m that person will try and upgrade his low mentality, before you grow to that point and get married you never knew it do happened like that.

  71. that is rubbish what concine his friend amibor. that guy is not a true friend o. please be very careful with him

  72. If he truly love the woman from the start that shouldn’t be enough reason to hate your his wife, because most women changes when they start giving birth

  73. Women should learn to take care of their body after child birth,cos there is that tendency that she will double in size

  74. Dats really bad 4 d man,because marriage is 4 better and For worse, in any situation they find themselve,they ve to embrace it with joy

  75. For crying out loud that is not an enough reason to start hating your own wife, love should be unconditional now

  76. He should let his wife know if he does not like her being fat and also assist her to keep her in shape. Women definately grows fat once they give birth but one can actauly Work it out to make her keep fit.

  77. My advice to you men, u guys should learn how to love and respect your wife cos is not easy to nurse and carry pregnancy. If there’s anything u don’t like in her, politely tell her and help her to work it out not to gossip her to your friends.

  78. I see nothing bad if woman as stretched mark after child birth.deffinately the Mark will surely be there nd her shape will change after birth.please don’t hate your wife because of the stress she pass through when she’s in labour

  79. That’s true ,woman should not free themselves after childbirth, they should try and hold theirselves

  80. This is very true, some women wen they get married they think that they have arrived nobody can take my husband not knowing they just started the jorney, i think we ladies should hid to this advice

  81. The man isn’t alright. He is really out of his mind to allow this go viral. If he doesn’t like it that way, he should help her watch weight

  82. They both own the child she brought forth so why he is suddenly hating her…that means he married her for her physical looks alone…total rubbish i must say!

  83. It depends on the kind of body she has
    And how you take care of her..
    She can still walk out Na..
    Funny husband

  84. It is not easy to still be in shape look curvy after bearing children most women are trying bt I think husbands should so understand that it may nt be possible for d wives to go back to how they were before child bearing, they too can help out where needed maybe by going with them to d gym nd giving words of encouragement. But women please nd please wearing wrapper round ur chaste because u are in ur house is a No No

  85. that your friend must be so stupid,after giving birth to your child you hate her,you are so heartless.there must be something wrong with that your friend.

  86. It is a good advice but sometimes it’s caused by nature, one can’t be exactly the way she was before child birth.

  87. The man is right, no matter the level of love, you’ll feel somehow when your wife goes out of shape after birth, I donated my sisters when they give birth, lol

  88. This is rubbish because she got fat , had stretch marks while carrying your child,lost her think women enjoy all the fat and the rest.

  89. If this is actually the reason why you hate her, then there was no love initially in as much as someone women don’t take care of themselves after child birth…but that’s not an actual reason to hate

  90. Imagine a good husband saying this kind of nonsense, he has forgotten that he made her look like that after giving birth to his children, was that how he met her in the first place…… Ladies beware of the kind of Men you re getting Married to!

  91. It’s not his fault now. If he had any idea what women pass through to make men proud fathers he will love and cherish her the more. If she had refused to carry ur child because she doesn’t wanna lose her shape, I hope that would have made u happy? Nonsense

  92. Its true, most nigerian women become negligent of dia look immediately dey get married den after child birth become worse.

  93. This man is not serious because if he want his woman to remain the same shape you should not have in pregnant her for the first place so she remain the same shape for you

  94. All those changes is not really her fault. You need to accept her, help her in exercises and diet and cream to help her regain herself. Every woman under go this changes

  95. Like seriously was this man ready for marriage? What about the vows he made on the alter “for better for worse, till death do us part” didn’t he know about marriage before getting into it…please OK he should park well

  96. That man must be drunk. You don’t expect a woman to remain the same way she was after giving birth.

  97. So true, some ladies really need to try staying in shape at least a little after childbirth at least to avoid their husbands looking outside.

  98. He shouldn’t have impregnated her na stupid man he doesn’t have any other things to discuss is his wife

  99. The friend is just being very childisherwood he is supposed to know that wen a woman gives birthim she changes physically …for God’s sake another human being came out of her …be considerate !!!!!!!

  100. Nothing should concern his friend with his wife, for the matter of fact women’s body changes after birth.

  101. That’s why ladies really need to know why a guy got attracted to you in the first place. For physical beauty or for inner beauty ? A man may marry you for physical beauty but will stay with you for inner beauty. But women sometimes gets over bloated after getting married. We men still want that your cute, curvy, and sumptuous that got us attracted to you in the first place.

  102. How can be hate her because her stomach is big and she has stretchmarks? This was as a result of motherhood, something that was imposed upon her by the very man who’s complaining! I understand that she should exercise and watch what she eats but that doesn’t justify you if you go out and cheat on her

  103. Please don’t hate her, she is your wife, she just gave birth, just give her sometime and she get back to her normal shape, it’s just a natural thing amongst ladies that just put to bed

  104. The poster and the friend must be very stupid… Hating your wife because her body changed because f child birth?

  105. This is through talk…our women should learn how to keep theirselves in other more specially after child birth it will help to keep the husband happy and closer.

  106. She loose her beauty just to give you a child, she bare the scares alone
    Men you should try and appreciate you woman

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