Nigerian man reveals how a fraudulent woman gets herself chefs that has been cooking freely for her in two years

A strategy used to get free ideas from innocent people has been revealed online.

A Twitter user, ThatPHCBoy alerted people on how a woman puts out a call pretending she needs chefs on a business deals.

After getting requests and applications from innocent people who needs to take the job offer, they are called for interviews which involves cooking of food in large quantity, then promises to call them back if they are considered for the offer.

It was revealed she would never call back and repeat the process again which she has been doing for 2 years.

Thatphcboy wrote on Twitter:

So this woman pretends like she wants to hire a chef and then puts out a call. She receives applications and proceeds to shortlist them for interviews which involves cooking every meal possible in large volumes. She then promises to get back to you….rinse and repeat

This is how she get people to cook for free, she has been doing this for over 2 years.

She just doesn’t get back to them, she goes ahead to implement the best ideas for campaigns that she receives. A few months later she puts out the same call for brand manager.

Her brand is popular for perfumes and cosmetics.

The young man warned against fraud and urged people to always be aware of job offers they apply for as many people are victims of this fraudulent acts


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