Nigerian man reportedly bought fake plastic fish

A Nigerian Twitter user identified as Muhammad Salame‏ has taken to the social networking platform to rant about the fake plastic fish he bought that took forever to cook.

He shared photos of the iced-fish he bought, adding that he cooked it for hours but it refused to get done. The man then advised people to always buy from the local market. From all indication it looked as if he bought from a mall or so. posted the photos and wrote:

“Bought a frozen fish but it has been cooking forever and still not ready… Just then realised it’s a fake plastic fish. The bone is plastic and the flesh is form. Lesson: Always buy fresh from local market.”
In a similar occurrence in the year 2016, it was widely reported in Nigeria of the widespread of fake rice in the society.The fake rice is said to be plastic in nature and is always sticky as rubber when cooked. A lot of people were sensitized about the spread of the “plastic rice” in the country after the Nigeria Customs Service intercepted 2.5 tons of the fake plastic rice. The rice was branded as “Beat Tomato Rice’’ without any manufacture date.
According to
Plastic rice is often titled a fake rice. A few people know that this product is manufactured from broken rice. Producers often add other cereals to it. Moreover, rice made from plastic is often stimulated with micronutrients, vitamins A, B, and such minerals as zinc iron.The rice if subjected to cooking will feel gummy and it is actually tasteless in the mouth.


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