Nigerian man recounts how he was raped by an Abuja based politician

A Nigerian man who noted that he has been in pain following his recent ordeal, took to Twitter to narrate how he was raped by a politician.

Nigerian man recounts how he was raped by an Abuja based politician lailasnews

According to the man, he is only taking the advice of a female friend who told him to put out his story on social media, and see if he can get justice. He further added that his ordeal began, after he linked up with a friend, who is the nephew of a Politician based in Abuja. Here is his rape story below;

So I guess because I’m a fine boy now I should pour acid on my face for being fine? What is my offence now? Why is this life so cruel and wicked, why am even on this earth in the first place? I know a lot of mean people would still come to bash and insult me even with the pains

I’m going through, I have searched for advice on how to handle this whole stuff but I guess I would go with a female friend of mine advice on putting, this up on social media and see how social media could help as she claimed social media has helped in serving justice for a lot of peeps. I wasn’t planing on casting like this but when someone dear to me life is involved I don’t think I give a fuck about my identity being hidden,as my life is not even worth living anymore. You Female shouldn’t be sad that men treat yall as ladies or less inferior in in anyway because there are a lot of advantage in that stuff.

Imagine a female victim of rape coming out to report her rape case she would be giving more listening ears, attention and care unlike guys. Most of the people that I told about my issue either don’t take me serious or laugh at me,one stupid tweep I asked to help post my story anonymously so I could get advice on the next step to take,was asking where I copied and pasted my story from,like how would I sit down to just type a story of how I was raped like what would I gain from doing that?

If it didn’t really happen, like am I supposed to have a good reputation after being raped, or would people hail me for being a victim of rape? I felt more pained and depressed after he said that, Do you know how shameless and hurt i feel talking about this whole stuff?

I won’t blame him would have obviously done the same or made gest of another guy that tells me these same story if I wasn’t the victim, i can’t even contain how hurt I am with words and the kinda pain I am going through.i didn’t want to cast like this, I didn’t want it to endup this way like me putting this online and all,but I’m really Running out of time… here is how my life switched to a tragedy movie in just few days…

I’m a recording artist that have been searching for a label since because of the expenses that comes with being a musician, I thought God finally answered my prayer by sending a friend who is also a nephew to a big politician in abj to me. Me and this guy were very close in my former school before the same uni decided to separate us. So I linked up with this friend of mine like some weeks ago at his crib on the island and he was telling us about how his uncle wants to start a label and even told him to scout for any talented artist he knows because he is close to this is uncle and his son.

He called his uncle and told his uncle about me and a friend of mine who is also a musician a very good rapper and his uncle concluded that we all should link up with him at an hotel in ikoyi the next week Sunday since he was coming to Lagos that week. (His uncle his based in abj but his label and studio he just opened is on the island here in Lagos) so we linked up the next week in that same hotel, me my other rapper friend and the nephew and that first day was so cool and fun.

His uncle took us with some of his body guard in two different benz to the record label company he just built,the studio was so on point and standard,we played our songs for him and he was so cool with it and everything about that whole day was so cool, we then concluded that me and my guy were going to come back that Friday to the hotel and from there leave for his studio to be the first to record in his new studio and sign a deal with his label that same Friday.

We dropped our numbers with his Pa one hefty bastard like that. Then on Tuesday of that same week this man called me and told me to come and meet him in that same hotel the next day but alone not with any of my friend, I asked why I was to come alone and he started ranting how he changed his mind and just wants to sign one artist first to give it a try and I had an advantage because I was finer, my head started swelling and that was how I went to the hotel the next day.

When I met him he was so cool again and he told me a lot, his body guards were in the sitting room, the setting of the hotel room we were in was like a one bedroom flat, five star hotel like that. we were gisting like we were age mates with the way he was gisting with me I was wandering if this man was really a politician and that rich, because he was so free with me.

Then he told me that he was leaving back for abj that Wednesday night (which was not the same thing he told us the first time we met)but that he has discussed with the AR that I was coming that Friday to his studio,and that he doesn’t want to cause any drift between me and my friend but he just wants to give one of us a chance first to see how it would work out,i understood his point, then he started asking about my sex life(I was wandering how my sex life concerned my music but I still replied)

I started gisting him on how I have met many girls and how many disturb me self even when I’m not interested, he he said he is not surprised that it was supposed to be a normal thing for me then he changed the the topic to if guys also tell me that I am a fine boy, told him that some guys use to whine me with it then he said that they are not whining me that he is attracted to me, wow I was shocked then I stood up immediately and started shouting and insulting him why he would say that kind of thing, the next thing he said was that I’m very rude and he would deal with me roughly since I don’t like the way he has been patient with me(I was so confused patient in what way?)

I became so scared and I went beside a lamp close to the bed, he called his guards in (4 of them) that was when I knew I was in for it. I threatened them not to come closer to me or else I will smash the lamp on their head before I knew it one of them spared me so hard On the floor, I was so weak and couldn’t even move they carried me on the bed and three of them pinned me down that I couldn’t even move. I was just crying I have never been so helpless in my life. Before I knew it they pulled of my joggers and my boxers half way and the bastard man penetrated my ass hole.

God I’ve never felt that kind of pain in my life after the bastard was done he threatened me that if I spoke about it to anyone that he was going to kill me and then he asked two of his guards to drop me on the mainland, I couldn’t even walk well I was I was so weak and tears were just dropping from my eyes. Alot of things were on my mind in the car, I was praying he didn’t even rape me for ritual purpose. My life changed since then.

The hyper playful me just became so dull, quiet, bitter, sad, I was always on drugs to get my mind of that whole issue. I tried using different apps to not think about it I try to go to friends place to not get depressed and just go out. Couldn’t even sleep most nights because of nightmares I started having. I tried telling a few friends of mine about the whole stuff but they didn’t help matters, they whined me with it stupid bants like I need to go and get pampers say my ass fit they leak.

It feels like the only friend I have now are drugs only these drugs understand me and helped ease my mind away from my trashy life. I tried moving on but this bastard man called me again with an unknown number he wasn’t the one that spoke is body guard did I think the phone was on speaker or so because I heard a voice that sounded like his, and the idiot that spoke to me started telling me trash that his boss wants to see me again when to see me again when else he comes to Lagos.

I insulted the man life and prayed for his son to get gang banged then that was when he proved his power. The next thing the man said was about my dad, he started telling me many things about my dad, like the car he drives, when he leaves for office, his position in his office, time he leaves for work, how many sisters I have and their names and many other things about my dad that only people that know my dad knows.

I was so weak I just mellowed I couldn’t even think straight I was so scared like why would this beast involve my dad in this whole stuff then he threatened me again that if I don’t come or if I put his boss name out that I won’t see my dad breath again and that I will lose my life to. I just started crying because I can’t imagine my dad dying because of me I’m not even worth it in anyway, I have wronged him in so many ways but he still acted like the best dad.

Now to the real reason why I am writing this, I know the bastard might get to see this if it trends, I have given some proof to my friends and they also know you. If anything happens to me or my dad or any of my family members, your name will go online and you will be shocked how much proof I have. Four of my friends from different places know who you are.

Please stay away from me or my number. I know a lot of people would see this and I know I’m going to get the bashing of my life and insults but i just pray nobody else gets to experience this kind of stuff. You might think you are hard and fully street to your bones,till fate and some ill situations humbles you. I’m going to post a video later explaining what really happened.

How can a father do this to someone’s son? Some of this politicians are very wicked. It is a cold world out here and Nigeria is like the worse country right now,the rich can get away with any crime while the poor and average get to suffer the evil committed by the rich You just ruined someone’s life for life and I hope you are glad and happy. I pray karma visits you soon, And I don’t mind forgetting a dagger in your face if I mistakenly see you again. I hope you see this. The End *till we meet again in hell

Nigerian man recounts how he was raped by an Abuja based politician lailasnews 1


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