Nigerian man narrates how he got dumped by his girlfriend because he did not agree to become a yahoo boy

A Nigerian man has narrated how his ex-girlfriend dumped him because he refused to be a yahoo boy.

According to the man on Twitter, his ex girlfriend bought him a laptop and modem for him to start “ yahoo” but after he refused, she dumped him.

The man with the username @ikhuoria_ on Twitter, said he thought his then girlfriend was bluffing when she threatened to end their relationship over his refusal to become a yahoo boy.

He said was surprised when she packed all her things out of his house including the birthday present she bought for him.

“I remembered when i was dating this girl she bought me a gift on my birthday, when I opened it i saw a laptop and a moderm. I was surprised when I saw them. I had to ask her who are they for? She told me the reasons she bought them for me is becos she’s not happy with my salary

and also I should start doing Yahoo (scam) I told her I can’t do it she said if I didn’t do it she will end the relationship. To my surprise, she packed all her things out of my house including the birthday present she bought for me.”


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